Designer Color Combinations for A Soothing Home Interior

A beautiful video in 4K (Ultra HD). The theme is modern color combinations with a soothing effect. Here, you’ll discover more than fifty designer color schemes that can help you to create a serene home décor. A beautiful living room with the walls in “Warm Red”, the carpet in a dusty gray, white furniture and decorative pillows and curtains in matching colors. Look at this beautiful living room with walls in “Gauntlet Gray” with a sofa in “Inuit Gray”, another sofa in “Dusk Gray”; The rug and the carpets are in “Steel Gray”. Walls in “Warm Sand” color, rug in “Pale Coral” and the sofa in “New Chestnut”. Superb small living room color palette with dusty gray walls, soft blue sofa, taupe color carpet and pastel purple armchairs. Living room with pale blue-gray walls and blue sofa. Superb bedroom design in blue, gray and white hues with bed spread in gray chevron pattern. Magnificent living room décor with a bi-color combination. Here, in this image, although the headboard and the accent wall is in dark gray the overall effect is a calm and serene bedroom. A similar bedroom décor with the previous one. Charming bedroom design with a fabulous color scheme; each color is in a perfect harmony with the overall décor. Elegant home interior with white walls, traditional furniture in gray hues and beige; gray porcelain tile flooring and brown drapes. Two charming bedroom décor in soothing nuances. Small open space with white walls, soft gray living room sofas, glossy taupe kitchen cabinets and blue dining chairs. Lovely bedroom in a calm and peaceful color palette. Two beautiful living rooms in modern color palettes. Elegant master bedrooms décor ideas with modern color palette and soft purple and blue gray color accents. Compact living room with an elegant look in gray hues and white with the rug in chevron lines pattern. Master bedroom with a feminine look in gray and white; A dusty pink headboard break the uniformity. Living room with an incredible color combination that come together to create a beautiful décor. More creative and inspiring ideas in this video. Just look at this beautiful living room in purple and gray. Thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe. Background soundtracks: 1. Give My All to You – waykap 2. Maybe We Can Still Be Friends – Sture Zetterberg 3. The Rest of Me – Zyke ROYALTY FREE MUSIC by EPIDEMIC SOUND

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