CEO Kim’s visit at JXR’s dorm [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.02.02]

CEO Kim’s visit at JXR’s dorm [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.02.02]

For CEO Kim, ESteem’s projects for the new year must have begun. How are things going? Busy? Yes. Lately, we started two new businesses. Bosses plan for employee benefits in the beginning of the year. Are you making any plans? We already provide perfect benefits. (I’m jealous…) She scares me. (Embarrassed) She is quite generous. She spends tens of thousands of dollars to buy clothes for employees. There are prizes worth ten thousand dollars. (Her costume for the company event) Things have always been like that for us. It was the same for our year-end party. We spent a total of $60,000 for the party. (Year-end party cost $60,000) The company can afford it, right? Sure, we always set aside… – That budget. / – You set it aside? We set it aside from the start. From what we hear, ESteem is truly a great company. Do you ever feel envious of other companies? I envy Boss Yang since his work involves body-building. Since it doesn’t cost anything? No, not that. (Guilty?) (One shot, two hit) You envy him, right? (Why am I crying while laughing?) I’m envious since his job involves body-building. People like us have to make time to go out for tasty meals or make time to exercise. You’re focusing on eating. Boss Yang can eat while working. Right. He can exercise while working. Want to trade jobs? I should think it over. (No thanks…) ESteem’s net worth is too high to trade… Yes, way too high. Let’s find out what’s happening in the new year at ESteem with footage of the daily life of their generous boss, CEO Kim. (Winter day, Seoul) (A prospective land-buyer?) A strong aura with leather trousers… They both look like models. (Powerful aura) Are they practicing? Yes, they probably are. Did you watch them practice? (Is she talking about models?) Take an interest in our work. (Minguk scolded from the start) Oh, dear. – Where are they going? / – Where is that? (Where are they going?) Entertainment? Entertainment… We support our models and artists in everything they want to do. Nowadays, they want to become idols. Vine Entertainment and ESteem created a joint company called ESVINE Entertainment. – You created another company? / – Yes. (CEO Kim’s new project for 2020) The company will produce idols. Idols… Oh, my. I’ll let my passion blaze. With idols. (All ablaze!) The agency with Jang Yoonju… – Is ESteem. / – Yes. “Speeker” is our management agency for influencers and artists. – With Kim Chungjae. / – Yes. We created another company called ESVINE. Gosh. That’s incredible. You’re running three entertainment agencies. (CEO Kim’s unplanned management) Yuri began modeling in 2015. He was doing well as a top model. He’s an ethnic Korean from Russia. As a member of Mensa, he has an incredibly high IQ. As for Baek Jin, he was a member of a world-famous b-boy crew. He writes music and lyrics. He can do it all. The two of them joined their talents together to release the single “Element.” (Visiting the new joint agency) – Hello. / – Hello. It’s so chilly. We haven’t seen them before. (Who are they?) Hello. I’ve been working at ESteem for ten years now. I’m Seong Hyejin, in charge of all finances at ESteem. I’ve been at ESteem for five years. I’m Lee Miryeong, the Model Team’s Managing Director. I oversee the overall management of Soo Joo, Irene, Noma and other fashion models. I’ve only worked in fashion, but for the first time ever, I’m now in charge of idol management. So suddenly? You appointed her to the post. Is that even possible? She’s the director of ESVINE. She appointed someone she can trust. Yes, exactly. It’s what we do with employees. We give them a promotion and then pressure them for results. – You do? / – Yes. We invest in them first, then we press for results. I think it’s wrong to judge their performance first and then give them a pay raise later. Do they ever refuse promotions? Quite often. – They know. / – They stay in their positions. Most of them say, “I don’t think I’m ready yet.” That’s so unusual. The same goes for our models. Jang Yoonju continues to release albums. – Albums? / – Yes. – Steadily. / – Yes, quite a few. – Jang Yoonju? / – Yes. She released several albums. Jang Yoonju’s albums don’t generate profit. What’s important is that they broaden her potential. – You trust the artists. / – Yes. We know that will enhance the quality of their other work, so we support it. (Boss Kim thinks of their long-term future) (Today’s report on JxR’s activities) (Let’s start the meeting, shall we?) The glasses make her grow sensitive. It’s been about a month since JxR’s debut, so here is a report on their activities. Their album was released on December 5th. The next day, on December 6th… (TV show appearances the next day) They began appearing on TV music shows. Really? Within two weeks of their debut, we had good news. JxR’s Yuri became the local ambassador of a luxury cosmetics brand. Really? Yes, for Dior. (Yuri, Dior’s local ambassador) Didn’t he debut only a month ago? Yes, it’s only been a month. But they caught on quickly. He was already a top model and now he’s an idol too. That appealed to the cosmetics brand. (Synergy of modeling and idol activities) You must’ve been pleased by the profit. Yes, indeed. (Achieved within a week of his debut) They debuted on December 5th. On December 11th, they had their first photo-wall shoot. It’s usually for super A-list idols… Yes, BLACKPINK, Kang Daniel, EXO, and other idols like that. But JxR’s Yuri was made a brand ambassador. I’m so busy and exhausted, CEO Kim. She wants your praise. (I did well as a newbie, didn’t I?) She’s openly listing her own achievements. That’s good news. (She’s not praising her!) (Sure, sure…) We need these things… Yes. To receive payment by June or July. (Pressured) They made successful appearances on the three network channel music shows. I want to take a look. (How did JxR do on stage?) (CEO Kim always monitoring) Let’s switch to full-screen mode. That’s from “Music Bank K-Chart.” Yes. They went on all the music shows. (Piercing gaze) They were complimented for their good eye-contact with the camera, despite being rookies. (Hoping for praises) It’s not an easy thing to do. (Will she win Boss Kim’s praise?) I don’t like their style. (Gosh) She’s pointing out their clothes. Yes, it’s important. In what way? The idols are from a fashion agency. But it doesn’t look that way. They look similar to any other ordinary idols. They need a signature look, but I’m disappointed not to see it. Also, their hairstyles… They both have stuffy hairstyles. They need better styling for their second single. – As idols from a fashion agency. / – Right. Network channels aren’t our only concern. The most important thing is YouTube. The biggest factor in BTS’s success was the YouTube content the members uploaded themselves. Set official upload dates, regular upload dates. Create English and Russian content too. They should hang out with legendary fashion icons. Let’s put them up for about 3 shows during fashion week. Choose a theme… There’s a pile of work instead of praise. She gave them about ten tasks in one minute. I’m sure the employees felt it too. Working with idols after doing only fashion, we could really feel tangible results. – Profits are on a different level. / – Immediate. Compared to our fashion business, it’s… – 10 to 100 times more profitable. / – Really? Yes, of course. You’ll be caught up it in for a while. Yes. Will you convert ESteem into an idol agency? – Perhaps she will. / – You can produce… Two or three teams like JxR. Tell Lee Hyunyi, “Thanks for your work.” (Good-bye, Hyunyi) Make ESteem an idol agency. Tell Jang Yoonju, “You can find another agency.” – Go on entertainment shows. / – “I’ll let you go.” (This is a setup!) If we have more content, profits will probably rise fast. Producing a lot of YouTube videos requires a large team. Do it. Go ahead. What’s the matter? (Finance director taken aback) I spoke with the JxR members. They wanted to start with travel-related content. Should we send them to New York? Jin and Yuri. (Let’s go, New York!) This wasn’t in our budget. It’s an unplanned expense. They said they wanted to film their music video abroad. That costs a lot. (CEO Kim, let’s film our video abroad) We could go to a place like Vladivostok. Vladivostok? You’d freeze to death. These unplanned situations… We should strike while the iron is hot. They’re getting a good response. She wants active investment. She can’t reveal details on the size of their investment. But from what I hear, it’s enough money to open a restaurant. It’s a big investment. Isn’t that an enormous sum? It’s even more than that. If they shoot their music video abroad… – The cost… / – Right. – It shoots up. / – It does. By hundreds of thousand dollars. But you’re making the investment? Even though the cost adds up, I trust it’ll lead to a profit… – Later on. / – If not? If not, we’ll analyze why not, fix the problem next time and build on that. Otherwise… – You don’t learn. / – You’ll give orders… And then go after the Managing Director. – Go after her? / – Yes. We didn’t use that expression until now. She’ll go after Managing Director Seong. Just estimate and ask for the budget. Should I? Please add a zero to the budget. She holds us responsible when it comes to settling accounts. – Right. That is… / – Yes. – Flustering, right? / – Yes. Looks like Managing Director Seong gets stressed by your unplanned spending, judging by her expression. Sure, she does. You’re aware of it yet… – You carry on? / – It’s her job. When I give them a task, Director Lee, who manages it, argues with Managing Director Seong, who administers finances. Expenses aren’t approved unless a business plan is made with profit forecasts. You know that but still give orders? You’re making them fight it out. That’s their job. Yes. Masterful. You wanted to hear that, right? (Give me lots of praise) Actually, our schedule for today includes a video shoot. Let’s go and give them pointers. – As subscribers. / – In person? Yes, as subscribers. – So suddenly? / – To tell them what we want. There she goes again. Always going without warning. – You look displeased. / – Not at all. Oh, well. She’s definitely displeased. (Not excited) (Practice room, crisis ahead) (JxR practicing unaware of the situation) (Yuri, Baek Jin) My sales booth is sponsoring a special talent show. (Baek Jin’s killer dance moves) That’s who it is. – A world-famous b-boy, right? / – Right. (Baek Jin’s killer dance moves) You started making sales… – After this, didn’t you? / – Yes. (Yuri’s helium voice) (Great to see them again) (Boss Kim visits without warning) – They aren’t happy. / – Hello. You can tell just by their backs. – Hello. / – What’s happening? He said, “What’s happening?” “What’s happening?” (I’m here!) “What’s happening?” is their first reaction. Oh, geez. I’d feel strange too. For them, it’s a scary smile. (Sorry we couldn’t stop her…) I want to see your YouTube video shoot. They won’t come close. She ran toward them like this. (Distance) They’re keeping their distance. (Typical distance between CEOs and artists) (Production Team members arrive) There you are. Hello. It’s the YouTube video team. Yes. I want to see the YouTube video shoot. (Tense) They’re getting nervous. (Today’s content, learning JxR’s dance moves) (I’m watching you) (Burning gaze) Why did I look like that? Your expression changes so much. When you shoot it, it’s like… She already dived in before they started. You’re not a YouTube expert. I’m not a video expert, but I’m an expert when it comes to Yuri and Baek Jin. I’m telling the production directors what to highlight. I’m following you… – On social media. / – Yes. – It’s quite extraordinary. / – Yes. She’s practically a celebrity. Indeed, she is. Will you start a personal YouTube channel too? There’s no reason why not. Really? She seems interested. “Boss in the Mirror” ruined her. (Embarrassed) It’ll be more interesting to have several versions. One showing only the feet… Then showing the arm movements. – As a weekly series. / – It’d be better… To leave that to the experts. The production director has her own plans. That’s my opinion. (Sure… Sure…) That makes it fun. Got it? (Structure changed by Boss Kim) (Emergency meeting) Did they change the structure? You jumped in before they got started? They were filming YouTube videos from only a single angle. (Sure… Sure…) (Video begins with last-minute changes) Greetings. Two, three… Hello, we’re JxR. We saw a dance cover of our song while watching YouTube videos. Right. To help you dance along easily… – We’ll… / – She’s creating pressure. (Scary…) Did she stare at them the whole time? Like that? (Piercing gaze) They were being wary. I wouldn’t do well either with her staring like that. (Interfering with the direction again) For these videos… Just work as the production director. (Sorry, sorry) You could have a repeated outfit. So that people can recognize the video… (Unplanned expenses for JxR) (Interfering again and again) She’s overflowing with ideas. (Frustrating…) Let’s make it a signature outfit and sell it. That’s a retail business. (Plus, celebrity merchandise) It’s not small-scale at all. An unplanned business venture? (Seven unplanned tasks added) – We need an online shop. / – What? An online shop. – An online shop? / – A JxR online shop. – E-commerce as well? / – Yes, e-commerce. She’s creating too much work. She’s running in again. (Interfering again, again, again) (How many times are you doing this?) She gets so involved. Incredible. I admire her passion. She has to share her ideas. She wants to tell them right away. In case she won’t remember. (Oh, what a headache) She spoke of those things in front of the artists. We can’t change what the CEO has said. Sometimes, we have to sort out those situations ourselves. Why did you speak to the artists instead of the employees there? When I tell the employees, I know they’ll put up a lot of objections. But when I speak to the artists first, the employees find a way to make it happen and bring the results. That’s a classic dictatorship, isn’t it? Instead of discussing it with them, you just give orders. No, that’s not the case. You know it’s tough on the employees. We decided to start an idol business. I’m just giving them a direction. They’ll make plans and carry it out. For the step, cross back. Repeat up to there. Show them the slow version. She’s coming over again. Just a moment. Sorry to interrupt. She’s coming over too often. Was I really like that? Sorry to interrupt. You could make this interesting by adding another person who doesn’t know the dance. (CEO’s direction added again) How about Minguk? Come here, Minguk. (You’re selected) How about Minguk? Come here, Minguk. (Summoning Minguk) Minguk is now a celebrity too. (The setting changed again…) (Why didn’t he refuse the CEO’s abrupt casting?) I was scared. He was scared of her. (Trembling) Why did you make Minguk join in? Those idols already have dance skills. So when they show feet positions, people like me can’t follow along. Start from here and move like this. (What is she doing?) It’d be better if CEO Kim joined in. From this position… (Step, step) Why are you dancing along, CEO Kim? You’ll get muscle cramps. (Think of your age…) (When JxR dances) (Boss Kim dances too) I think I’m better at it. (Then she should do it herself…) Did she want to join in herself? (Time to put the dance lesson together) Wow, doing good. (Doing well?) It’s a tough dance. (Self-satisfied) (Finally over!) That’s it. Well done. See? It’s more fun with Minguk. Better than just the two of us. A soulless response. – It’s better with him, right? / – Yes. It’s more fun. (Here you go) (Happy) Things that fans want to know about JxR… (Will she interfere with the interview too?) Is this my debut as a host? Yes, you’re the host. Host Kim Soyeon. This is scary. She’s joining in? She’ll be in the video? She has celebrity disease, for sure. She’ll start a personal channel soon. (Threatening the spot of lovely host Ms. Shim) (Boss Kim appears as a host) It’s her debut as a host. (Trembling) – I’ll start with the questions. / – Okay. (Host acting like a police investigator) Do you remember the first impressions you had of each other? Are you scolding them? I saw Yuri walking toward me. Like that. He always walks like that. (They’re having a fun chat) It’s because I had bad eyesight. Since Yuri’s debut in 2015… The host shouldn’t talk too much. – The host must listen. / – You should ask questions. Clearly, it looks like CEO Kim’s personal video with JxR as guests. CEO Kim is preaching. Seems like I spoke too much. Just stick to your own work. (Practical advice making her dizzy) Great advice. CEO Kim is talking too much. Yes, right from the start. It’s not her question and answer session. The host is talking too much. What was the happiest moment since your debut? The hour before our first single came out. We had a countdown in the car. We said, “We’re getting our debut!” We hugged. That’s how it was. We were like that too. – Right? / – Stop talking. We got excited about the release. She wants to talk about herself. (Time for Boss Kim again) She shouldn’t be like that. The mood is going downhill. Look at the production director’s face. She’s thinking, “I’ll edit this out.” Thinking, “I’ll cut this part out.” (Only person excited) Hosting the interview… I did just fine. You saw it. It ran smoothly. (Which part ran smoothly?) I think I have a talent for this. Oh, dear. You’ve been with JxR. Thank you and good-bye. CEO Kim was the only one talking. The end. All set. Okay, good. Now then… Should we check on their lodgings? – Sorry? / – Now? – So suddenly? / – Yes. I should see how they’re living. A surprise visit to their lodgings? Hey, guys. Did you tidy up your place today? Let’s visit your lodgings. Since I’m here today. (Startled) – I can take a look… / – They froze. Fill in supplies and get things organized. I should see how you’re living. She should’ve warned them. – Right now? / – Yes, let’s go now. – Let’s go. / – They can’t say no. Let’s go. Did you tidy up after breakfast? I don’t remember. When did you clean the bathroom? (Checking on lodging conditions) I don’t think we ever cleaned it. They’re acting like they’re students. (Nervous, what should we do…) (As for Boss Kim…) She likes to be neat, right? (Picking up litter from bushes) (Straightening chairs) You should push the chairs in. (Even straightening the table’s angle!) I don’t know what we have there. Oh, no. I’m guessing the idols’ lodgings won’t be tidy. Don’t worry, guys. (Full of worries) I’ll just see if you need anything. The foyer is tidy. (How are things at JxR’s place?) Welcome to JxR’s lodgings. It’s tidy. – It was. / – Really tidy. This is the living room. (Fan gift filled with love) This is where we play video games. – The gaming room. / – Yes. Gaming is a must. (Full of JxR’s cute treasures) (Who lives next to the living room?) This is where Yuri stays when he is in town. This is where I sleep. – Your room? / – Yes, it’s my room. (Untidy) (How will Boss Kim react…) (After seeing their lodgings?) (Super nervous) (Oh?) (How are things in the kitchen?) It’s like seeing my own kitchen. It feels like an internet cafe. Yes. (Shelves nearly empty…) The kitchen is the most important. I knew it. Director, come over here. I was expecting this. (Summoned by the boss, trembling) – Look. / – They had no food. They had no food? (A piece of leftover fruit) She likes to have plentiful food. They’re too busy to eat. Food will rot away. But still, it was so empty. I bet they usually eat out. Let’s buy some things to fill up this place. (Food and household supplies) Is there anything you want to eat? I want to eat meat. Steak. Idols always ask for meat. Do agency CEOs usually visit idol lodgings and such? I’ve never heard of it. Right. Did you ever visit models like that? Most of our models live with their parents. After coming of age, older models move out… Do you have lodgings for models? In New York, we do. – I see. / – There’s one in New York. But not in Korea. I’m worried you’ll buy food and visit again without warning, nagging at them for not eating it. She’ll say, “I’ll eat it myself.” She’ll finish it. (Raiding the fridge) (You caught me) Let’s go grocery shopping. – They can stay here. / – Yes. Get some rest here. – We’ll buy some food. / – Play video games. – Should we stay here? / – Yes. Get some rest. – See you soon. / – Sure. (Unplanned grocery run with Boss Kim) (Some time afterward…) Did we ask for too much food? Yes, I think so. (They were growing nervous…) Yuri. – You’re back? / – Back with groceries. (Boss Kim’s hands are full) What is that? (What’s all that?) They need fruit. She’s so generous. She bought meat. (Fragrant fruit) I’m in favor of the fruit. (Assorted fresh meat!) Nice meat. (Full of fresh food ingredients!) Unplanned spending of nearly $330. She’s quite awesome though. (Paid with Boss Kim’s personal credit card!) – Thank you. / – Sure. (A fridge must be packed full) She filled their fridge with food. Actually, idols often mention… – They don’t eat well. / – Eating instant noodles… That was a day’s worth of food. For that day. (A day’s worth of food!) Make sure they’re doing well. I’ll drop by now and then. Anyway, Jin and Yuri… – Good luck. / – Thank you. Aiming for a world tour in 2020. A world tour. She even wants a world tour? We’ll get going. – Thank you. / – Thank you. She’s awesome. Buying them food like that. – Take care. / – Good-bye. Idols dream is eating Korean beef. – They all say that. / – Really? (JxR suddenly excited) – They’re excited. / – They like it. Let’s see the fridge. Their parents entrusted them to us. It’s a maternal instinct. – Right. / – It’s maternal instinct… For me to want to see how they’re living. So I visited today. They were living quite well together. She often tells me to think further ahead. In today’s case, I didn’t think of checking on their lodgings, but she thought of it right away. CEO Kim is that good. (Glad she used her personal credit card) You’re hungry, right? – Yes, I’m hungry. / – Yes. Let’s eat. Let’s go. CEO Kim’s footage always ends at a Korean restaurant. (Today’s menu, Korean food again) Have a seat. We’ll have assorted pan-fried delicacies, grilled dried pollack, and fresh oysters. (Pan-fried delicacies) (Grilled dried pollack) A proper meal. (Fresh oysters) (Rich soybean paste stew) (A full table is ready) (A big bite) Where is that place? I want her list of restaurants. – Her “gourmet road.” / – So tasty. (Yum, yum) Yuri first came from Russia wanting to be an idol after seeing EXO. (EXO gave Yuri his idol dreams) Let me know when their TV schedules overlap. I’ll go with them. I’ll introduce them to EXO. We have to depart at 5 a.m. That’s fine. She doesn’t even sleep. Is it because she wants to see EXO? Are you close friends with EXO? ESteem works with SM Entertainment. I’ve seen them on personal occasions and had drinks with them. We’ll join you the next time. (Our idols, JxR, come first…) They’ll say you’re too fussy. She makes an epic fuss. A helicopter mom… A helicopter mom agency. (Someone please hold her back…) We created a new idol agency. (They started a new business) Since we started it, we should produce at least two new groups a year, right? (Doubting their ears) ESteem might become an idol agency. She is fixating on it. Like spring-summer, autumn-winter fashion cycles, we need two groups per year. Idols aren’t like clothes. Other agencies train idols for three to five years. We’re a fashion company. We should follow our fashion cycle. So I’ve been thinking… We should get a practice room. Next to our building. Is there a budget for that? She wants to build a practice room? They aren’t genies. They can’t grant all of your wishes. You need a budget for everything. So many plans in a single day… (Twelve unplanned projects) She should set up another agency alone. If that’s her dream, of course, there should be a practice room. So many models besides Yuri want to become idols. – Both boys and girls? / – Yes. Back in the day, they became models to become actors… – In most cases. / – A set course. Nowadays, more models want to become idols rather than actors. Right. I’m sure there are hidden treasures among them like Yuri. Without an exclusive practice room… – We can’t find out. / – Right. We need professional trainers too. If we’re lucky, we might grow to become an agency like SM Entertainment. Doesn’t ESteem work with SM Entertainment? Yes, it does. Do you receive advice about the entertainment business from Lee Sooman or other executives? We’re just drinking buddies. – Drinking buddies? / – As collaborators? You trade advice on drinking orders? They are so busy. – Close colleagues. / – Yes. We need a recording studio too. – A recording studio? / – That too? Practicing requires a recording studio. Recording studios are expensive. Several hundred thousand dollars, at least. (Angered by the unplanned spending) But it’s absolutely necessary. I mean it. Gosh, a recording studio too? We already finalized the budget for our idol project. These are unplanned expenses. It’s troubling. It can go into the budget for a girl group. Now she wants a girl group. We can outsource those things. This is a testing period, a time for trial and error. Then you can outsource the CEO too. (Troubled 200%) (Managing Directors growing weary) Isn’t it usually the opposite? Finance directors come up with ideas… – But CEOs say there’s no money. / – Right. – Isn’t that normal? / – It is. Normally, that’s the case. But here, the CEO spends and the finance director grows troubled. You’re right. It’s quite unusual. Do you realize it’s strange too? I do realize it. But I have such great employees. When I launch different projects, she sorts everything out so neatly. (Sorting out Boss Kim’s disasters) Anyway, great work today. Sure. To our next idols, as well as Yuri and Baek Jin’s world tour… (Avoiding her gaze) (Sure, sure…) Cheers! They probably can’t eat comfortably. (Her feelings about the CEO’s grand plans) I was forcing a laugh. We’re still starting out, but she’s already talking about the next idol group. I was forcing a laugh. (Me too) Will you cry at home? I might cry. (ESteem will be busy with unplanned work) Ms. Shim, you like to tell Boss Yang to spend money more freely. How do you feel about CEO Kim, who wants to spend her whole budget? That’s why she’s a success. Really? (Ms. Shim’s favorite disciple) You shouldn’t be like Boss Yang. – You shouldn’t? / – No. She worries me for spending too much, he worries me for spending too little. I wish they could be mixed, half and half. What’s your spending style? Those bosses have goals for this world and will continue to pursue success. – But I’m on death’s doorstep. / – Gosh. Don’t say that, Ms. Shim. That’s why I’ll focus on the work I’m given. I’ll work hard until the day I die. She says so for a reason. What is it? She no longer sets goals for business expansion or profit. – She doesn’t? / – There’s only one goal. – For 2020. / – Yes? The Grand Prize at the KBS Entertainment Awards. She’s waiting for that day. She’ll jump over the middle. (Ms. Shim’s hidden desire for honors) She doesn’t want other prizes for Best Entertainer or an Achievement Award. She wants the Grand Prize. So you crave awards rather than business success? I’d be glad to receive them. (Grand Prize is mine)

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  13. You can outsource on other things but what they as a company needs first and foremost is a good team of choreographers and producers. BTS became successful because of many factors but two things that have been consisten are their high quality dance routines and their music. They should hire a creative team before going for recording studios and such. Their music, dance and mv are completely generic. Not discrediting their talent, but you need more than just talent and style to be an idol and actually do good. They should focus on better musical content and production more than anything if they want the idol thing to succeed. But then it's my opinion as a kpop fan of five years.

  14. OMG……!! I don't expect to meet EXOL here 🤭 thank you for loving EXO ❤️
    Best of luck 💪
    I will support you 😍👍
    Aanyone artis group name and IG please 🤗

  15. She ain’t wrong tho when a learning dance steps from dancers to non dancers, it’s nice to see a non dancer in the video, it gives non dancers motivation to try it.

  16. I need everyone who is watching to REALIZE this is what KPOP is. its an INDUSTRY. its about the bottom line. its MONEY and PROFIT. the CEO is out here saying things like this openly and I like it because this is what KPOP is, like all your oppas and unnies are under the same environment. All Idols exist to get money for the company. Remember that. the love and frienship and between idols themselves and between idols and fans come LATER.

  17. She's a considerate CEO that wants to not only aim their profits, but she's doing any possible means to get Yuri and Jin known in Korea and possibly worldwide. Honestly, idk what's the outcome, but I'm looking forward for an update of these 2 idols. 😊

  18. 8:20…. i was busy listening the ceo talking then for some reason i keep hearing 'Into the UnKn0WN AAAAHHHHAAAHHH'😂😂😂😂

  19. She can’t just produce idols like a factory she needs to realise the best way is to spend time develop the artists she already has

  20. I AM SO GLAD THAT URI BAEK JIN AND YURI GOT TO MEET THIS KIND OF CEO aww thankyou sm for treating them the way they deserved to

  21. i think she should hire someone who's more aware on how idols should be promoted bc her team is under qualified in that sense bc they're used to models. although idols may bring in more profit, their promotion tactics are different too. up until now, they're relying on their modelling success, but that wont last in the long run if they want to be truly respected as idols/artists. they need better producers for their mv's and songs. the boys are talented, but there's more to promoting idols than just spending money on them. BUT her willingness to spend money on them is amazing and should be praised bc not many see their idols as investment or value their idols creative input.

  22. but ceo kim u should'nt saying the biggest factor in BTS success is bcs sns or youtube , u should know abt this if they doesn't have talent and good quality of music that gp wouldn't look for them via youtube or other SNS , just saying.
    It's good you learn idol strategies from them so your idols can be successful as well.

  23. If i'm in Korea, surely i will apply job in Esteem working under CEO Kim. Esteem totally my type, you work hard but also play hard. The CEO give the pressure but also the trust, and reward if you achieved the goals.

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  25. I'm acc ngl it makes me mad about how they keep talking about them, like the way of how they want to make money. plus if they get big, the things she said about bts in the future, there'll be friction between the two fandoms and they'll use the youtube video part as a receipt of them trying to be like bts i really hope the CEO can let them be and let them grow on their own if they want to make youtube videos, etc the boys are idols not JUST models i hope they can remember that. i know some might swarm me about what i said about the fandoms but i can already see it coming and i said what i said y'all can get mad all you want.

  26. I love the fact that she doesn't care about money, she has a lot of ideas and if they don't work she will find the problem and fix it.

  27. 25:19 it's so nice of her to say that. Parents had entrusted their child to the company and so the maternal instict kicks in.

  28. No one notice it, and I know it's out of topic, but as a Buddy I am, and just started following JxR.. Isn't that Gfriend old dorm?? Just saying cause the interior and the room is familiar to me, and also the double bunk bed on Yuri room just proof me that it's used to be the maknaes room 😂😂

  29. I hope Oui's Ceo is not like her 😂….JXR fighting!!!
    ⚠️Reminder to the CEO…..Baek jin & yuri are human….not a product…u cant get the good result if u treat them like a robot

  30. They might not be successful yet but she’s an awesome CEO! She has big plans for them and she treats them super well. She’s not afraid to try and dream big that’s why she got the success she has today. Some may not like her way but deep down we all know she’s a capable woman that’s why these employees are willing to work for as long as 10 years under her

  31. Baek jin is popular in producex101. I think the promotions were not enough since many people didnt even get to know them. I hope they promote them via tv shows other than music shows. And also as the CEO mentioned their styles are to be changed, especially "Hairstyle".

  32. Why does she only mention Yuri. Like she was saying "Talents like Yuri" but not including Jin and also when she came back from buying stuff for them she only called out Yuri and such…

  33. JxR are super talented but they need better music or concepts that fits them better. Element was too generic and forgettable to me.i’m glad she gave good ideas. The Russian content nice! Yuri speaking Russian is the best.

  34. 9:34 Omg they used Mamamoo’s MV for Starry Night as an example 😭😍 thank you for noticing my girls

  35. She has many good ideas i think she's just a little to eager and needs to step a back a bit it. When new groups become too forceful they can kind of seem desperate for attention as well.

  36. being an idol is not easy even i didn’t know jxr till i watch this vid i think they should more focusing on jxr to hv more fans rather creating a new one

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