Ceiling Fans with Remotes: How to Fix Receiving Units

Ceiling Fans with Remotes: How to Fix Receiving Units

Hi, I’m John with FanDiego, the Ceiling Fan
Store and I want to spend a couple of minutes talking about one of our
frequently asked questions, probably the most frequently asked question
when it comes to replacing parts or repairing ceiling fans. And that
is a question of receiving units, the part that works with your remote
controls; there are a couple different kinds. The one I have in my hand
now is what we call a doughnut receiving unit. This goes into the bottom
cap, which is this part here. This is the bottom of your fan. So this slides
in here and connects to the top. Now these are generally going to be brand-specific.
If you have a fan where your remote control dims your light,
controls your speeds and reverses your fan, you might have something
like this. So if you need to replace it, you want to check to the bottom
of your fan if you have a bottom cap like this. Another type of receiver,
kind of a horseshoe style receiver here; this is used quite often in
Emerson type fans. This type of receiving unit fits up into the canopy; now
this is the canopy. You’ve got a standard down rod hanging down, so this
is the part that mounts to the ceiling and your horseshoe receiver fits up
in here. So if you have an Emerson fan, chances are you’re going to have
one of these kinds of receivers in it. A third type of receiving
unit is kind of a standard receiving unit like this. They can be black,
they can be green. This is more your universal type of receiving unit.
This type of receiver also fits up into the canopy here. You really can’t
use these on sloped ceilings oftentimes though, because the receiving
unit will break. So if you have issues with a receiver, one of the
first things you need to do is find out what kind you have. It’s also very
important to find out the brand. If you can find out the brand, then
oftentimes we can help you find a replacement or get something that’s going
to be comparable for you that will work with your fan. If you have any more
questions or if we can be of any help with any receiving unit issues, you
can check us out online at fandiego.com or visit one of our four showrooms
in southern California.

17 thoughts on “Ceiling Fans with Remotes: How to Fix Receiving Units

  1. This vid showed only different types of remotes. There was no explanation of how to fix anything. How 'bout a little "truth in advertising" in your vid title, FanDiego?

  2. I have three Hunter Fans all with remote controls. Over the past 3 years ALL of remotes have quit communicating with the fan. Lucky for me they were on so the fans are still turning. But I can't change the speed any longer, turn the lights on or off or reverse the fans. I have checked and replaced the batteries, the breakers are fine. I am thinking the receiver for the remote signal may be bad. Any ideas?

  3. I installed to Grand Lodge fans from Hunter in 2004. Since then, the donut shaped remote receiving units that are located in the fan housing have gone bad repeatedly. Hunter used to have a replacement they were happy to sell me for $50. I've replaced 4 or 5. Now, they don't offer that anymore. Unless I can find a way to repair the unit, my options are to replace the fans or purchase and install a universal wireless remote. That would be my first choice, but I haven't found any that will reverse the fan and these fans have no switch on them to do it manually. For that matter, they don't have any chains either. The remote must work to operate the lights and the fan. Any ideas?

  4. The title of this video "Ceiling Fans with Remotes: How to Fix Receiving Units", should be "How to waste time watching videos with misleading titles."

  5. Wow this video makes me hire little diego he sound so profecional explaining everything that i don't even imagine what will the explanation of the bill when he passing it to me about what he repaired if is as clear like in the video i guess i will be deeply fucked

  6. Now i understand his name was fuck diego not fan diego now i got it where the energy saving comes from je dont repair nothing so you save the energy to make a phone call to him good work and vid thanks fuck diego or is dumb diego? Ass diego oh shit i thought i got it right ooopss my bas sorry

  7. Very, very, very misleading advertisement. I checked their website and nothing to find about fixing fans. The only thing I found is how and why to clean fans, installation and choice to buy fans from them. Blog tab brought me to buying page. Send message icon is not acting at all. One of the links below their clip show many things but not related to fans. It stinks by rats and I would never go to such place.

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