Ceiling fan repair: how to replace a motor capacitor

Ceiling fan repair: how to replace a motor capacitor

Hi viewers, here’s this fan on high speed. It’s spinning more like medium. Now, this is medium. It’s slower than what low is supposed to
be. Now, this is low. It would stall on that speed. Now, this is off. It’s still spinning, so it means that it’s
not the bearing problem that’s slowing it down. It’s probably a capacitor problem. This is actually my relative’s house, and
they’re going to replace this fan, and I get to keep it and I’ll replace the
capacitor. I’ll start by shorting out the old capacitor,
by pulling the fan chain, with light chain on and circuit
breaker off. Now, capacitor is shorted out. Time to locate the capacitor. This fan has capacitor easily found in switch housing, and it’s clearly
swollen. Capacitor can also be found in other parts
of the fan. Some fans have 2 capacitors, in which one
2-wire capacitor is for start windings and other with more
than 2 wires is for speeds other than high. If high speed works well and other speeds
don’t, it’s the speed capacitor that needs replacing. If high speed doesn’t work well, it’s
the start capacitor that needs replacing. Some fans have speed capacitor in switch housing and start capacitor in motor housing. Some multi-speed fans has only 1 2-wire capacitor and uses winding taps to change the speeds. The 2 white wire you see are actually connected together so they’re basically the same wire. If only certain speeds work, it must be pull
chain or motor issue. If only high speed works, you can easily put in wall or remote control and you can use low or medium again. Back to replacing the capacitor on this fan, it’s time to take the old capacitor out. But first make a note where capacitor wires
go to. Now, it’s time to take the capacitor wires
out of chain switch. Let’s start by taking the chain switch out so wires can be reached more easily. In some case, you need a plier to start unscrewing the chain nut out of the switch. Wires can usually be removed from chain switch just by having a paperclip inserted in wire
hole. 2 of the capacitor wires are connected to
nut that I don’t have special tool to remove, so I’ll have to cut these 2 wires. And I stripped these 2 wires and they’re ready for new capacitor wires. Now, these 2 wires are connected with wire
nuts, and it’s time to put 2 other wires in the
chain switch. Again, the wires can usually be removed/inserted
in chain switch just by having paperclip inserted in
wire hole. The new capacitor is successfully installed, and it’s time to put the fan back together. You can just hand tighten the chain nut, you don’t need pliers to tighten it. Now, the fan is ready, and it’s time to test it with a brand new capacitor. Yep, here it is again installed in my testing
room this time and the fan spins fast again with a brand
new capacitor. It’s been spinning slow for over 10 years until they ended up replacing this fan. I already made a video of this fan on all
3 speeds with 5 blades, 4 blades, and 2 blades with a new
capacitor, which can be found on my separate video of
this fan. Thanks for watching, and remember to comment,
rate, and subscribe!

34 thoughts on “Ceiling fan repair: how to replace a motor capacitor

  1. I remembered back over 5 years ago, my dad went to order me a new capacitor for my late 80's Encon Monarch fan (where it previously had a capacitor that started to get bad back in mid-to-late 2009).

  2. You replied to me on the Casablanco site… The model # is 59093. Nobody at Casablanca could tell me how to get into this model and unscrew the lightbulb, can you?

  3. I only have one speed; I replaced the capacitor attached to the switch with no change in results. Do I understand correctly that the two-wire capacitor also needs to be replaced? Also, why did you "short out" the original capacitor. Thanks for your help!

  4. My fan has always ran on a medium speed, when I press the "4" button on the remote. I had to run a wire from the carport, about 20'-25' away and I've wondered if the wire is too heavy a gauge or that's the fastest it's going to turn. The one in the bedroom turns fast and that's why I think this one is slow.

  5. I got a new capacitor for my oscillating fan but both the wires are black but the wires on the fan are grey and black….does it matter what orientation the wires are?

  6. This is a great video. I replaced my 4 wire capacitor ( grey, grey, green, brown ) with a new one BUT the fan does not rotate as fast as it used to ( although the 3 speeds are discernible now ). Although the specs on both the old and new capacitor is the same, the size of the new capacitor is smaller. could that be the issue?

  7. Bought new capacitor. Fixed it onto the fan. The blade doesn't move. When I pushed it moves slowly. Basically it won't run on it s own

  8. Great video, thank you for making! I have an older Hunter ceiling light/fan model 21978. The fan stopped working at all. I replaced the switch capacitor, but still is not working. Slight hum when turn on. There is another smaller 2 wire capacitor in the housing that doesn't appear to be blown, but I'm wondering if I need to replace that one as well? Any suggestions?

  9. Any idea what capacitor I need to replace on my 52” Hunter fan? The light works. The fan does not. It turns but only as if it’s on a low speed, barely gives off any air at full speed.

  10. Hi, my fan problem is med and low speed is much slower than before. High speed is ok. Replaced capacitor with same rating still same issue. Swapped capacitor with another working fan still can't solve it. What else can be the problem ?

  11. Hi. How do I disassemble a Westinghouse ceiling fan to get to the capacitor? The fan model is: 30" Turbo Swift 78301 black and what could be capacitor spec for this fan?

    Thank you.

    God bless, Proverbs 31

  12. My pull chain switch broke inside the housing and the position is off. Can you tell me how do i bypass the connection?

  13. Do you have to short out the capacitor even if the ceiling fan is not on the ceiling and unwired from house wires?

  14. The 3 in one ceiling fan capacitor is melted and fan will not turn on either of the 3 speeds. Ratings are 4.5ufx280v Red wire, 6ufx250v Brown wire, 5ufx250v Purple wire with 2 gray wires on the other side. Will a replacement capacitor with a rating of 4.5ufx300v Red wire work? The other 2 ratings are the same.

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