Bronx House – Making a better life for everyone.

The Pre-K For All program really supports my daughter for kindergarten and for life. She loves going to the library, to the field trips… she learns a lot about the community. The staff is amazing. You know my daughter really likes her teachers. She gained a set of tools for life, reading and writing and socializing. Bronx House has done a wonderful thing for me. It gave me a reason to get up in the morning, get out, meet my friends, play the game, have a wonderful lunch, and then the day is gone, and it’s done, and you’ve had something to do that whole day. Those trips – everything. It’s a wonderful place for seniors to come. Bronx House makes my kids and my family better because I have an autistic child and I know that swimming is very important for him. That’s why we enrolled him here because every time we go here they’re very happy and then especially in the morning when I wake them up and they say oh pool…pool… So they know that they will go swimming, they really enjoy swimming here What I like about the Bronx House after school program is that we have co-counselors here, too, and that we go swimming every Wednesday. And then there’s dance where sometimes we have kids concerts and shows, and then you have music and then stuff, and then we have this lounge where you can get to play with board games. They help me with my homework and we can laugh about stuff, and we could play basketball downstairs in the gym. Bronx House Youth Sports has made our family’s life better because it get the kids out of the house… …exercise. I have two boys they’re both in basketball. My oldest has also done soccer and baseball or t-ball here at Bronx house. It gives them confidence. They’re learning how to play sports and it’s great! Gets them away from the TV. I absolutely recommend Bronx House to the families due to the staff that they have, that they are wonderful. They are caring and they want to provide a better future for the youth. Bronx House has made my life better for close to 15 years now. I’ve been a member here taking all different programs in the fitness department. I’ve taken Zumba classes, conditioning, kickboxing, boot camp, just about everything they’ve offered, and it’s made me healthier, stronger… it’s been a great outlet and balance between my family and personal life. The environment is very supportive and friendly, Made wonderful friends for over a decade now here that I consider family. So I very much look forward to coming here and making that fit into my schedule. My kids are members here for at least about four years, I’d say.They’re part of the performing arts program. They take ballet and tap upstairs, and then they also take the kids yoga class. Bronx House day camp makes my son’s life much better because of the day camp, he learned how to swim. He likes to be enjoying a hot summer day with his friends. He actually does a lot of fitness there. They also do a lot of outdoor activities. He cannot wait every year to go back to Bronx House Day Camp. When school’s over, I can’t wait to go to Bronx House! I love coming to Bronx House because it’s the place to be!

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