BREAKING: Pelosi’s FURIOUS As Kevin McCarthy PREDICTS Dems Will LOSE House(REPORT)!!!

BREAKING: Pelosi’s FURIOUS As Kevin McCarthy PREDICTS Dems Will LOSE House(REPORT)!!!

BREAKING: Pelosi’s FURIOUS As Kevin McCarthy PREDICTS Dems Will LOSE House House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy boldly
predicted Friday that, Democrats will lose the majority in the House of Representatives
this cycle with Bernie Sanders at the top of their ticket, because, they focused entirely
on impeachment instead of working on issues, and the party has surrendered to the socialists. McCarthy weighed in on the warnings from within
the Democratic Party that, a Sanders nomination could endanger their hold on the House under
Nancy Pelosi. McCarthy would be in line for the speakership
should the chamber flip — and he eagerly played up those internal party tensions. McCarthy was asked if the Democrats nominate
Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders will they lose the House. McCarthy said, “that lies with the American
public. I think they’re going to lose the House
because, they made a promise to the American public that they would be different, that
they would work with the other side, that they would work on issues, and in the moment
in time when they had an opportunity, they squandered it. They selected their committee chairs based
upon impeachment. They focused the entire time based upon impeachment,
and they failed. That’s why there’s an internal civil war
not just inside Congress itself.” “The Democrats have surrendered to the socialists. There is a reason why Bernie Sanders is going
to become their nominee, and that’s because this is no longer the Democratic Party — this
is a socialist Democratic Party. With AOC, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Ilan Omar — they
don’t call themselves Democrats. They call themselves socialist Democrats.” McCarthy said that, ”President Trump allies
hammered the message that, his administration and campaign are fighting for America against
socialism, represented by Democratic figures like Sanders. This is where the party has gone. … That’s why they’re going to lose the
majority. McCarthy touted the accomplishments of the
Trump administration, saying that with four more years of President Trump the next century
would be ours.” When asked whether he believed Sanders would
be the Democratic nominee, McCarthy said, ”He is a figure that best represents the
current state of the party. The Democrats are going to nominate who they
think best represents them. And I think, as today’s socialist Democratic
Party, Bernie is their person who represents them best.” McCarthy said, many Democrats have expressed
displeasure with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff. He pointed to the defection of Rep. Jeff Van
Drew from the Democratic Party to the GOP as an example of the Democrats’ displeasure
with Democratic leadership. McCarthy said, “I mean I talk to many Democrats
who come to me, who are very upset with the speaker and with Adam Schiff that Adam Schiff
lied to them as well, started with the fruit from the poisonous tree, that he was a failure
from the beginning. There’s no better sign than seeing that
they actually lost a member of their own party move to the Republican Party.” “Now that has happened in the past, but not
from the basis of moving from the majority to the minority. It’s usually moving from the minority to
the majority, and so yeah, that’s a big indication of why they would lose, because
they have not accomplished what they promised. They did not focus on it, and they lied to
the American public.” As far as Sanders is concerned, McCarthy imagined
what the senator’s cabinet would look like based on those who are supporting him. He wondered whether it would be comprised
of members of the so-called squad – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar. McCarthy said, “Now Bernie Sanders think
about what would be his cabinet. AOC, Tlaib, Omar. They are those who are backing him. Those are the ones who gave Bernie Sanders
a rise in the polls. That’s just another indication that this
is not the Democratic Party we know of the past. This is a new socialist Democratic Party,
and those aren’t my words. That’s what AOC calls herself, same as Bernie
Sanders, and that’s probably where they’re going to end up in the nomination.” Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist
is leading the Democratic presidential primary field in the delegate count and national polling,
prompting warnings from party members and especially his nomination rivals that he could
hurt the party down ballot if nominated. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg
told MSNBC that, “Sanders will flip the House back to the Republicans.” Mayor Pete Buttigieg warned that, ”Sanders’
potential nomination would damage Democrats across the board in November. I’ll tell you exactly what it adds up to. It adds up to four more years of Donald Trump,
Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House, and the inability to get the Senate into Democratic
hands. The time has come for us to stop acting like
the presidency is the only office that matters. Not only is this a way to get Donald Trump
reelected, we got a House to worry about. We got a Senate to worry about.” Sanders, however argues that, his message
of government-funded health care for all and drastically expanded benefits covering education,
and more resonates with much of the country. Sen. Elizabeth Warren too argues that such
a progressive message is widely popular, while making the case that she’s the better choice
to accomplish it. The liberal media are terrified of the truth,
especially when it leads to uncomfortable questions about their own leftist worldview. Democrats pulled off a huge upset in the House
in the 2018 midterm elections, flipping 40 previously GOP-held House seats, and allowing
Democrats to both pursue important legislative initiatives and impeach Trump. But as Sen. Bernie Sanders gains momentum
in the race to win the Democratic nomination for president, some Democrats fear his unprecedented
candidacy could end up hurting Senate, House, and state legislative candidates all the way
down the ballot. To put it simply, it’s far too early to decisively
declare whether or not a Sanders candidacy would be a killer for down-ballot Democrats,
and cost them control of entire legislative chambers. While Sanders seems in the strongest position
at the moment, only three states accounting for about 3% of delegates have voted in the
Democratic nomination process so far, meaning his nomination isn’t close to being guarateed
yet. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the minority
leader Senator Chuck Schumer hear constant warnings from allies about congressional losses
in November, if the party nominates Bernie Sanders for president. Democratic House members share their Sanders
fears on text-messaging chains. Bill Clinton, in calls with old friends, vents
about the party getting wiped out in the general election. Others in the party view Mr. Sanders as such
an existential threat that they see stopping him from winning the nomination as less risky
than a public convention fight. Many feared that putting Mr. Sanders on the
top of the ticket could cost Democrats the political gains of the Trump era, a period
when the party won control of the House, took governor’s mansions in deep red states and
flipped statehouses across the country. Representative Josh Gottheimer of New Jerse
said, “Bernie seems to have declared war on the Democratic Party — and it’s caused
panic in the House ranks.” Speaker Nancy Pelosi facing deep alarm among
moderate Democrats who worry that, Senator Bernie Sanders will win their party’s presidential
nomination only to cost them control of the House, has begun distancing her caucus from
the race for the White House in an effort to insulate her rank and file, and preserve
the party’s majority. At a closed-door meeting, Speaker Nancy Pelosi
urged Democrats to keep our eye on the ball, and focus on winning their own seats and defeating
the president, and she mocked President Trump’s skin color: The ball has an orange face. But amid the laughter, Pelosi must manage
the anxieties — and political calculations of the 40 or so House Democrats known as front-liners
who flipped Republican seats in 2018, many of them in districts won by Mr. Trump. She is playing the dual role of den mother
and general, trying to assuage her members’ fears and keep them focused on their own races,
all while staying assiduously neutral in the presidential contest. A string of Democrats said in interviews that
they believed Mr. Sanders would be disastrous as a nominee, and that Pelosi was well aware
of their feelings. Pelosi told reporters, “My responsibility
is to make sure that those we elected last time return to Congress, keep the majority
and add to our numbers. The presidential is its own race, and contrary
to what you may be hearing or writing, we are all unified. Whoever the nominee is of our party, we will
wholeheartedly support.” She said Democrats would win again with a
message of a bold progressive agenda that is mainstream and nonmenacing. But she brushed aside a question about whether
Mr. Sanders’s agenda fit that description and has given little hint, even to her closest
aides and allies of whom she favors in the presidential race — or whether she favors
anyone at all. When Ms. Pelosi was asked if she felt comfortable
with Mr. Sanders as the nominee, she offered a succinct reply: “Yes.” Mr. Sanders’s progressive backers have grabbed
onto the comments as perhaps the best argument for uneasy colleagues. Representative Mark Pocan, a vocal supporter
of Mr. Sanders, said in an interview that, “Nancy sent a pretty clear message yesterday
of unity, saying she is comfortable with Bernie being the nominee. People should be comfortable if Nancy is. I think a few may just be overthinking or
not thinking.” Republicans have already begun working hard
to convince voters that, there is no distinction between Mr. Sanders and Democratic members
of Congress, despite the fact that fewer than 10 House Democrats have endorsed the Vermont
senator, and many have long records of disagreement with him.

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  1. I do not support a "SINGLE DEMOCRAT" candidates ideas for "America". could not find a single issue that I could say warrants that I "respect" a single Democrat Candidate for President, but, I must admit, that after watching the Congressional hearings over the past two years closely, I do not respect a "Single Democrat Congressperson" in the entire CONGRESS whom I "respect".

    The "Entire Democrat Congress" has consistently demanded that "Republican's Break Ranks" to vote with "DEMOCRATS" like "Mitt Romney" did, yet the "DEMOCRATS" did not support the President on "major issues" of concern to: WE THE PEOPLE".

    I will again vote for President Trump in 2020 and shall concentrate my efforts to convince "Everyone" to vote against "Every single Democrat" out of office in 2020 by simply voting the "REPUBLICAN PARTY LINE".


    While "No-one" knows what the "FUTURE HOLDS", President Trump is TRYING where the Previous DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT and "EIGHT YEARS" did not even yield and "ATTEMPT" to do "Anything".

    TRUMP 2020 and beyond: FOR AMERICA!

  2. We want Trump, get it? America is not a socialist country… ask the American Indian how it worked out for us. Once they get low on money they will cull us out.

  3. Get used to saying president Bernie Sanders. Because it's going to happen. No matter what your little robotic voice says.

  4. You drive to work in your car, every day on socialism. If your house catches fire in the fireman show up, socialism. Public Schools, socialism. Y'all are surrounded by it. Trump giving billions of dollars in tax breaks to major corporations, corporate socialism. Don't know why you vote against your own best interest. The man is not going to help you, you have to stand up and fight to help yourself. And that's what Bernie Sanders movement is doing.

  5. They lost the house 6 months ago…
    35+ yrs before you see another Democrat in office. We the People always prevails.👍🇺🇸
    Thanks to our PRESIDENT

  6. Why no Republican member of the Congress press for charges against evil whore Pelosi for ripping President Trump's SOTU Speech…?
    > Why Lindsey Graham is silent about it? And he fails badly for not impeaching Adam Schiff, Pelosi and Nadler…?
    > Lindsey Graham is redundant in the Senate.

  7. I absolutely hate robot voices. I thought I unsubbed already. It's too bad because you have good headlines, just get a freaking human to read it. Done here.

  8. McCarthy is correct. The left is so sick with TDS that impeach was their only goal in the past four years. Too bad democrats or should I say socialist!

  9. Nasty Pelosi Shifty Schiff and Chucky Schumer are a poor miserable losers and receive a six figure salary off of hard earned taxpayers money for creating a political circus as they are getting paid overtime for this charade, Nasty Pelosi Shifty Schiff and Chucky Schumer have had more terms in office than any president ever and they are wasting taxpayers money for doing absolutely nothing and it's about time they retire from office 🧐
    No more forty to fifty year and more terms four to eight that's all !!!

  10. No matter what political parties you vote for or which side you are on left or right democratic or republican, they are all one and the same, a massive mind control political system and none of you are really aware of what is really happening with your government or the corruption that has seeped into your government.
    The deep state cabal illuminati secret shadow government democrats have a socialist communist agenda behind all of them, as a totalitarian fascist corpocracy.
    You are all being played by the elitist ruling class, big corporations and big oil industries the wealthiest people are ruling you the common people and the poor, you are their slaves, prisoners and cattle, you are nothing but pawns in their game of massive mind control.
    What you aren't even aware of is that your government has been compromised taken over from within all government agencies and institutions and all military agencies and conglomerates have been taken over by the deep state cabal illuminati secret shadow bilderburg government agencies which are the United Nations NATO forces FEEMA new world order headquarters, Washington DC district of Columbia, the Pentagon, NSA, TSA, KBR, CFR, SSP, CIA, DIA, FBI, NASA, Trilateral comission, DARPA, the Federal central reserve bank cartels Rothschilds and all Federal agencies are secret shadow government agencies, the committee of 300, the bilderburg group, the Jesuits, the Vatican, the free Masons, Skull and Bones, the Ashkenazi Zionist and Alkazarian mafia zealots who American soldiers fight perpetual wars for and many other secret shadow bilderburg government agencies you don't know that even exist, 5G weaponized cellphone tower's,HAARP technology, chemtrails and geoengineering and all television mind control programming networks and news media sources, this Rogue secret shadow government has it's own navy army marines and Airforce, it's own Secret Space Program and has infiltrated all levels of government and military and educational institutions and is being played out right before your eyes and none of you are even aware of it.
    The secret shadow bilderburg government agencies are taking away your freedom little by little and is so subtle that none of you noticed. They are attacking you from all sides beginning with senseless perpetual wars, school and church shootings, the twin towers attacks, taking away your social security, raising your medical expenses, instilling fear of disease pandemics and global warming, making education too expensive for college students, taxing everything to keep you poor, creating military law enforcement agencies, and imposing socialism as an alternative to the political parties you already have which have a communist agenda behind them.
    You people are totally asleep and have been totally dumbed down and complacent to the dangers that are taking over the United States which hasn't been a country since 1871 but a business Corporation when the elitist ruling class cabal illuminati secret shadow government incorporated America as a business, and you are all nothing but collateral for the debts owed by presidential spending and perpetual wars as your government owes over 28 trillion dollars and counting that is impossible to pay back, so it is you slaves that are put up as collateral, this is what your social security number, driver's license and birth certificate are, the mark of the beast, and you still can't see it can you ? 🧐

  11. I hope this evil witch hag is so peesed she pops her permanent impeachment wedgie !!My kingdom to see her sweeping the floors of the House—with her own personal BROOM !!!

  12. Fk.nancy this whore knows theres nothing they did but try to undo the2016,Trump win the world knows they did nothing but try to hide Obama's and killarys crimes setting up Trump

  13. Ironic'
    What do you call a party that says it's there to "help the little guy" by enslaving them with handouts?
    That same party endorses elitist Blomberg. He had 4 commercials, all of which were centered on:
    1. Removing Trump from office (continuation of coup)
    2. More handouts
    3. Using corona virus so as not to waste an opportunity.

    When will these elitists learn that throwing money at something proves how inept they are?

  14. There are two parties just like there are two races Americans and non-Americans which one are they? Americans whole tradition is built on never excepting socialism as a matter fact fighting it at every turn and getting into a fight with people that talk Hitler and Bernie’s case it’s Castro

  15. Oh ohh. She's madd. I guess she'll start preying for someone again. God save us from the she-devil predator!!!

  16. Bernie Sanders is a communist that means you work and Bernie will take, and Bernie wants to rewrite the Constitution he wants to take away the people's freedom and Nancy Pelosi is a raging alcoholic that is why her husband is divorcing her and she is toxic for this country all she has done is cause chaos and divide the country for 3 years just look at her District they have to have poop control Nancy Pelosi is a disaster for this country and she needs to be forced to resign she is unstable incompetent, it goes much deeper than socialism they are full-blown communist‼️

  17. McCarthy is correct. The dems have jumped the shark. The only way they can win anything is cheating. Beware boxes of suddenly located uncounted votes, dead voters, and illegals.

  18. If the Republicans win the House back… They had better start investigating the criminals, HRC, A0C, SHITF, NOBAMA, etc. They better!

  19. End the Federal Reserve bring back to the constitutional government, by the people for the people. This is our government. They are our slaves / servants.

  20. Wacky nancy is HISTORY….bad history. Evil history. The drug dealing mafia queen Pelosi and her socialist democratic squad of terrorists will ensure a defeat simply because we are in a non SOCIALUST country and prefer a President that will fight for the USA and people not AGAINST IT. DEMOCRATS ARE LOSERS LOSERS LOSERS…. THE SQUAD OF TERRORIST sharia law radical racist anti Semitic evil hateful bitches will soon be in prison or deported back to Somalia where she can preach her bullshit and propaganda and lies. AMERICANS DON'T WANT WHORES LIARS COCK SUCKERS AND CORRUPT SOCIALUST TRASH AS PRESIDENT. GO TRUMP GO DRAIN THE SWAMP CREATURES AND IMPRISON AND OR HANG THEM ALL FOR TREASON.


  22. Congress will loose the house !!! we are voting them demons out!!!!!! we don't want NO more of this with these corrupt do nothing demonrats !!!!!!!!! pack your bags!!!!!! pig!!!!licee!!!!!

  23. It shouldn't matter to pelosi because she has good intelligent and sane people running against
    her and the American Voters was watching the State of the Union Speech by President Trump when she commuted a felony and tore up historical government documents because she is not sane or very intelligent!!! She should be tried and be put in jail but she is a crazy democrat and they seem to control the justice system so she wont be tried!!!

  24. Is there anything pelosi doesn't get mad about. What ever trump does or says she has the opposite opinion. Pelosi you are not Trump's boss. Shut your mouth


  26. I hope to God Trump comes in. These kids don't know what SOCIALISM is and what it will do to our Country. Stop sending your Children to Colleges that indoctrinate your children. Learn a Trade, you make more money.

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