Boss in the Mirror | 사장님 귀는 당나귀 귀 EP.40 Part. 2 [SUB : ENG, THA/2020.02.09]

(Handcart appears suddenly) We had to show him something too. (Handcart moved by 6 to 7 people) That’s tough. It’s tough to push that uphill. Those 50 briquettes weigh 182kg. – Nearly 200kg? / – Yes. Pull from the back. It’s never been done by only 3 people. We might not have as much endurance, but we have more than enough strength. We can show him our strength… – This way. / – You’re… As strong as Sean? After all, we’re fitness trainers. That’s right. So the three of you can push a cart normally pushed by 6 to 7 people? Sure we can. This is fine. It’s normally done by 6 to 7 people. This is just fine. The cart is usually loaded with 50 briquettes. When it’s pushed uphill, it’s normally pushed by 6 people. But to have 6 people pushing the cart seemed too inefficient. I wanted to show them our way of volunteering… – And delivering briquettes. / – He is bragging. Start running. – Run. / – We have to pull this way. (If this succeeds, I’ll be the first) Great speed. (Toughest position, the front) Isn’t Boss Yang just pretending to push? Aren’t his hands on there for show? He is barely keeping up. (Looks like he’s struggling) Isn’t Sean doing all the work? Sean is pulling the whole thing. The people in front are pulling it. Take a look. He’s barely keeping pace. You can’t pull that from the front. It’s impossible with that rope. All done. We’ll turn it sideways to stop here. Wow. You’re so strong. (Trying it with Seongsu to break the record) (Teeth clenched) Go! (Like watching an Olympic sport) Go! (Spurred on by muscle crew’s cheers) (Thinking of the neighbors) They’re doing well. He’s pushing. He’s using his strength. (They’re waiting for us) (Will they succeed) Go, go, go! (Keep going!) (Panting) Okay, right here. (Two men deliver 50 briquettes, a new record) The people cheering for them spurred them on. – Hey… / – Let’s unload. (I think my muscles melted away) (Who’s the new record for?) He has to be no. 1. In everything he does. Whatever it is. In our world, only no. 1 is remembered. This is the most entertaining footage I’ve seen so far. He has sunken eyes. (A side effect of the new record?) You aged so suddenly. Are you alright? (Instant aging) Why did he age on screen? You should exercise regularly. Binge workouts have an aging effect. I was exhausted. – My eyes wouldn’t stay open. / – They’re sunken. His cheeks are hollow. (So exhausted) His face got contoured. My stomach hurts from laughing. Gosh, I was so exhausted. (Reminded of the day’s exhaustion) For the first time ever, we pulled that cart with only two people. We felt a sense of greatness. We were short of breath. It was just the right amount of shortness of breath. He must’ve collapsed after that. He seems woozy. It’s surprisingly fun. Instead of just delivering it, I wanted a sense of achievement. Since it’s pulled by 6 to 7 people, I said, “Let’s try it, just you and me.” Those things are tough but fun. (Physical strain converted into fun) I find happiness in those things. It’s great, really great. It’s fun. But it’s shocking to see a fitness boss exhausted with sunken eyes after that, sleep talking through an interview. (Boss Yang’s desire to set new records) (Allowed them to finish early) – When we were young… / – All done! Our homes had a coal briquette room. (A tough but meaningful day) Back then, that was the usual winter prep. The thought that I could help someone stay warm made it a meaningful time. It was meaningful to help others in need. It was like a gift from Boss Yang. I felt so thankful. It was the first time I took the lead by volunteering with my employees. I was thankful to them for joining the volunteer work. I’m proud of our good work. I wish to have another chance to volunteer again in the future. His eyes are barely open. Is he alright? Isn’t he sleep talking? He can hardly open his eyes. Saying, “We worked… As volunteers…” Do you even remember that interview? Sure, I do. (You worked hard) A praiseworthy deed. Thank you. (Donating $800 for 1,000 briquettes) One, two, three. (First time donating their talent) They did such a good deed. (Where did they go afterward?) Come in. It’s warm inside. Is it another all-you-can-eat restaurant? (What is this place?) It’s a grill restaurant. It must be a cheap place. Dongeun, sit over there. (Boss Yang assigns her a seat) (What’s the matter with him?) When Dongeun sits by me I grill without being able to eat. When Dongeun sits by me, I don’t get to eat much meat. (Dongeun only eats meat) She eats all the grilled meat. (She eats the fastest) I was determined to eat a lot today, so I made her sit at a different table. (Hahaha) I’m glad I did so. He has his reasons. Dongeun must be avoided. – I’m hungry. / – I bet you are. Last week, the high-end spicy rice cakes were a financial bombshell. How much was the total? It’s $170.60. ($170 worth of spicy rice cakes?) We went out to eat spicy rice cakes… But it was the highest total ever. For spicy rice cakes, all-you-can-eat places are the best. (I like all-you-can-eat places) I’m buying you an expensive meal. (Back to an all-you-can-eat restaurant) How do you always find all-you-can-eat restaurants? Is this an all-you-can-eat restaurant? How did you know that? (It’d be strange not to know) (Signs read “all-you-can-eat”) Thanks to Boss Yang, now I know there are so many types of all-you-can-eat places. I thought it was only for meat. Each restaurant is unique. It’s never the same. You have to control your pattern. How much was that place? It was $13 per person. For galbi? The meat tasted great. (Grim reaper of all-you-can-eat restaurants) Eat your fill. (As expected) (I’ll eat my fill) Bring the food. (Let’s eat unlimited meat!) Oh, it’s self-service. (Charging toward the meat) Let’s take marinated galbi first. (Different types of meat) They’re pork ribs, right? It’s pork. Director, should we start with galbi? We can’t eat as much if we start with marinated galbi. She’s the expert eater. It’s better to start with non-marinated. Start with this non-marinated meat, then move on to the slightly marinated meat. (Boss Yang, the master) They have so many varieties here at the self-service salad bar. You’re taking too many pickled radish wraps. I like pickled radish wraps. Did she empty the entire container? (Heap of onions) (Hope they won’t run out of food…) There’ll be no food left. (Table set in no time) The charcoal smells great. I’m great at grilling meat. (New hire making his appeal) Wow. (Yay, meat) I had a part-time job at a grill restaurant. Really? (Neatly placed) I’m sitting in the right seat. I’ll make sure it’s tasty. (Proud part-time griller) Dongeun… You weren’t smiling earlier while working. But now your face has brightened up. – You’re giddy. / – Yes. (Before and after meat deposit) (Grilled to perfection) It’s making me crave meat. (Happiest when eating meat) (Thongs instead of chopsticks) (So nice to not have Dongeun next to me) (Chomp, chomp) My week isn’t complete until I see Beggar Yang. (All busy eating) (Yoon Jun is busy grilling) (He grills, she eats) Dongeun, this piece… Here it is. Here it is. Look at that. (Grilling and honing social skills) Yoon Jun… Poor you, sitting over there. – Grilling nonstop… / – I… – Meat disappearing instantly. / – Dongeun… Only cares about eating. She doesn’t care about others grilling. (Focused only on the meat) She keeps eating like that. You’ll have to grill nonstop. (Hired by Boss Yang after his passionate dance) (Passionate grilling) Chef Lu, it’s your first time watching the muscle crew eat, right? – Yes. / – What do you think so far? They’re fitness trainers, and they delivered coal briquettes earlier, so I’m guessing they’ll eat a lot. You can’t tell yet, can you? – On how much they eat. / – Not really. – Just wait. / – You can look forward to it. Do you go to all-you-can-eat places often? No, I don’t. Only after meeting Boss Yang… So it’s a new world for you. Wherever we go in Korea, we find the local all-you-can-eat restaurant. We only travel if they have one there. Do we have nearly 1,000 more to visit? Sure. We have a long way to go. It doesn’t seem like an all-you-can-eat restaurant. This is good-quality meat, isn’t it? He’s a wise man. He wants them to eat plenty of meat, so he naturally chooses places where they can eat cheaply and plentifully. It’s a problem if she leaves. That’s right. So he still has to feed her. It’s a good idea. He deserves to be the boss. She’s praising you a lot… – After your volunteer work. / – Indeed. I should volunteer more often. It doesn’t seem like an all-you-can-eat restaurant. This is good-quality meat, isn’t it? It’s tasty. It is, right? (Tastes great after their volunteer work) It’s a huge piece. She’s so happy. (King-sized piece) – She isn’t cutting it. / – It’s hot. (Huge piece in one bite) She should cut it… Wow. That’s four to five small pieces. (Shock, horror) (Pupils quivering) His pupils quivered. (Dongeun… You’re amazing…) (She ate the whole thing) Can you eat this piece as a whole? You can’t, can you? It’s too big. No, you can’t. (Super-sized) There’s a way to eat that. How do you eat it? Gloves? Out of nowhere? Gloves again? (Dongeun’s “it” item appears) I’ll make a wrap. Her coat is coming off. Here we go. She’s buckling down to eat. The coat is off. The game is on. It starts when the gloves go on. (Wearing gloves right away) She won’t eat it whole, will she? (Wrapping picked radish and meat) That looks tasty. Will she eat that whole? Goodness. (Entering her mouth) (Shock) Incredible. I’m surprised. (Intrigued) Is that a hamburger or what? It looks like a Mexican taco. (New pickled radish burger) Looks tasty. (Meat) (Director Dongeun loves meat) To celebrate Seollal, CEO Kim promised to buy dinner after the shoot. Yes. The first thing she asked is… What? “Where is Dongeun?” She checked to see if she was here. (Checking Dongeun’s attendance) Breaking news from KBS. (After news of the dinner party aired) Dongeun received news of our dinner party at a grill restaurant… Yes. She is on her way to the KBS Annex. – It’s tragic news. / – CEO Kim? CEO Kim? Dongeun will join our dinner party. Dinner will be CEO Kim’s treat. CEO Kim, how are you now? Your hair is disheveled. Will you be alright? Is it true? She’s really on her way. CEO Kim, tell us how you feel. I should call Minguk and ask him to find an all-you-can-eat restaurant. You’ll change the location? It’s too late. I heard that reservations have already been made. You’ll have to hurry. – She arrived. / – Today… You’re in trouble, CEO Kim. – She arrived. / – Gosh, what a surprise. (Shock) Director Dongeun has arrived. She came so soon. She came so fast. – I heard you’ll be eating meat. / – Minguk… Give her three cup noodles first. – That won’t be enough. / – Did you take a cab? (Joined them after hearing news of dinner) Dongeun, where did you learn how to eat like that? I’m interested in health foods. – Health foods? / – But she eats instant noodles. (Pickled radish with meat equals health food) When she shows up, restaurants lose money. The business is threatened. That’s a good idea. (New way to eat meat) (King-sized pickled radish wrap) I never thought of using gloves. This is what I call a big piece. (Competing over meat?) (Summoning Beggar Yang) (Extra large size) It’s Beggar Yang. Almost a beast, isn’t he? You looked like a true beggar. (Beggar bursting into laughter) (What’s up with this crew?) (National-treasure worthy beggar) The footage on the left is the best. That footage is the best of Beggar Yang. Save the competition for later. Why compete with employees over meat? Good heavens. (Competitive at all times, all places) You’re just like Dongeun. You like to have a mouthful of food. When I only eat small bites, it doesn’t feel like I’m eating properly. I like to have my mouth completely filled. That’s really shocking. (Mouth too full) (Shock visual) Today, he was eating like a beastly servant. It was like a man in primitive times. He ate like a Stone Age man. Right. They probably ate like that in the Stone Age. Let’s get a soda. Soda? You can’t eat as much if you drink soda. We can get a free soda. – Really? Oh, it’s a promotion. / – What’s that? They provide free soda. We can get free soda if we upload photos on social media. Hurry and upload them. Goodness. (Unlimited refill, it’s tasty) (Photos uploaded on social media) They uploaded them. It looks like high-quality meat. It is high-quality. Looks like fresh meat. Yes, it was so delicious. They uploaded photos and got the soda. Thank you. Who wants grape soda? Give it to me. You said drinking it will only make you full. Yes. (Tastes better because it’s free) He cleared his throat with that. Sir? (Yoon Jun calls the owner) I’d like a bowl of cold noodles. Will he pay for it separately? (It probably costs extra…) Cold noodles aren’t included. Isn’t that right? It’s an extra order. They didn’t train him properly. I was caught off guard, startled by his sudden order. Since he’s a new hire. Yes. I’d like a bowl of cold noodles. (Thoughtlessly ordered cold noodles) Cold noodles? He got wide-eyed. He’s checking the price. (The time has come) He should’ve asked before ordering. (Icy mood) Who said you could order cold noodles? It’s not like he ordered sweet and sour pork. (Pupils dilated to the max) He looks scary. I was startled. He’s angry for real. Are you reenacting the movie “Silmido?” (“Galbido,” I ordered cold noodles…) (Why did you order cold noodles?) (How dare you?) (Frozen) My goodness… (Startled by the new hire’s behavior) You didn’t train him properly? Blaming faulty training… (Jeongtae gets blamed) Should I cancel the order? It’s probably on its way. The social media uploads could’ve paid for cold noodles instead of those free sodas. You could’ve saved the $7.50 instead of drinking sodas, using it to order the $4 cold noodles. They’ll get upset stomachs. For the price of those sodas, we could’ve had two bowls of cold noodles. We shouldn’t have had the soda we usually don’t drink, those unhealthy drinks. You’re saying that now? The restaurant should earn money too. (Buttons being pressed everywhere) It was too expensive for you. Gosh, how frustrating. Chef Lu? Oh, what the heck! Everyone pressed the button. (All frustrated) Boss Yang set a record for 2020, making everyone press the button. Congratulations. You could’ve saved the $7.50 instead of drinking sodas, using it to order the $4 cold noodles. We could’ve used that money, drinking water instead. Why did you get the soda? – He’s really angry. / – Call your friends. Tell them to upload photos on social media and then show them. Call your friends now. Asking friends who aren’t even there to upload photos on social media? I once got scolded for ordering $1 rice. I’d like a bowl of rice. (Jeongtae ordered rice) He paid for it himself, right? – Paid separately. / – I paid for it personally. How does that make me look? It’s embarrassing. Yet he looked relieved. (Chewed out for $1 rice) The cold noodles cost $4. So he got chewed out a lot. So I shouldn’t order side dishes like cold noodles next time? He can pay for it separately. (Of course not) They didn’t train him properly. You need Boss Yang’s permission. (Cold noodles earned with difficulty) The cold noodles cost $4? Yes, it cost $4. That’s affordable. (Jeongtae orders it too) The cold noodles as dessert. (Boss Yang ordered what they wanted…) (Eating noodles, not meat) They’re all eating well. (Still eating meat) (Only meat) (Does Dongeun have a limit?) She eats them when they’re hot. Do you get big eaters at your Chinese restaurant? There are big eaters. But recently, rarely as customers. I see. How many bowls of spicy seafood noodles can you eat? I can probably eat six or seven bowls. There’s a lot of seafood inside. – Such a big eater. / – He means… Six to seven bowls alone. Yes, alone. How about with Dongeun? We’d eat around 15 bowls. That’s quite a feat. (Incredible customers) Chef Lu, don’t you invite close friends to your restaurant now and then? Yes, now and then. Thank you. It’s always possible once we grow closer. Once you grow closer? So it’s on condition. Yes, since I only met him today. Will you grow closer or not? We’ve grown close. He gave me his business card. He gave everyone his business card. Doesn’t that mean we’re close? That was a good meal. Did you eat well? – Yes. / – Yes, thank you for the meal. We worked as volunteers today and had a great meal. Now let’s head out. Thank you for the meal. – Did you enjoy it? / – Yes. The total for six adults is $78. That’s cheap. You ordered three cold noodles, one soybean paste stew, and one spicy cold noodles. – You ordered all that? / – The total is $96. Why did you order so much? – When he ordered it… / – It was already ruined. I started craving it too. If no one ate it, he wouldn’t have. Of course not. When one person eats cold noodles everyone else is bound to follow. I’d like a bowl of spicy cold noodles. – Spicy cold noodles? / – Yes. There were two orders of cold noodles. I wondered whether I should hold out or not. In the end, I ordered spicy cold noodles. (Two bites) (Egg) (Cleared in two bites) Thank you for the meal. – Did you enjoy it? / – Yes. The total for six adults is $78. You ordered three cold noodles, one soybean paste stew, and one spicy cold noodles. The total is $96. So that’s an extra $18. Yes, that’s right. – $18. / – Why are you making a fuss? – He wants the others to hear. / – Less than $100. (Six adults ate for less than $100) Thanks for the meal. Good-bye. (All-you-can-eat restaurants are the best) Thanks for the meal. Five months after joining the show, thanks to your volunteer work, we finally saw you exercise. (Boss Yang exercising) Was it the first time? Yes, the first time. Oh, right. We never saw him sweat. But really… – It felt refreshing. / – Boss Yang… You still look tired. Are you alright? I’m fine. I’m doing much better now. I could barely open my eyes that day. Your face got haggard. Fit for a “haggling” trainer. What? (Dad joke slipped in) (Hahaha) (Hahaha) CEO Kim likes those dad jokes. She likes corny jokes. I didn’t even catch that. After I said his face got “haggard,” he said it’s fit for a “haggling” trainer. We’ll continue to keep our eyes on Boss Yang’s self-reflection and his battles for titles. Thank you. (Continued in 2020) (In front of CEO Kim’s company building) (What are the cranes doing there?) We wanted to layer artwork over existing buildings, reenacting the atmosphere of the old town of Brooklyn. I’m Subsub, an illustrator. I’m Cha Incheol, an art director. Hello. I’m Kim Sedong. I’m DHL. It stands for Deokhyeong Lee. Warned or not, we should’ve done it. (Wary) (ESteem’s special artwork) (Will they finish the installation?) (Tune in next week)

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