Boss in the Mirror | 사장님 귀는 당나귀 귀 EP.40 Part. 1 [SUB : ENG, THA/2020.02.09]

We reveal the frustrations of bosses in Korea for 2020. Boss… – In the Mirror! / – In the Mirror! (Boss in the Mirror) Our show premiered on last year’s Seollal and now greets you in 2020, celebrating… – Its second Seollal. / – Indeed. Please greet our viewers for Seollal. Viewers of Boss in the Mirror… Thank you so much for watching our show. We wish you many blessings in the new year. Thank you. (May you be free of frustrations in 2020) The hosts dressed up together in hanbok, which is usually Ms. Shim’s signature look. Hyunmoo looks like a groom, a newlywed groom. He looks dapper. He should get married. – He should hurry. / – How about me? You should get married too. You look lovely. – Do I look like a bride? / – Sure, you do. With that hat… You know, you have a slightly wide face. (Sook regrets asking) Why, Ms. Shim… I thought we were growing closer. But again… Well, there we go. Wearing the hat makes your face look slender. The hat has a slimming effect? It rhymed in Korean… She’s speaking in rhymes. Ms. Park, the goddess of sales… – Made these hanbok for us. / – Yes. Ms. Shim thinks that only the famous people on the show got sponsored hanbok. So the bosses weren’t famous enough. You have to join this panel to get hanbok. That’s right. They need more time for self-reflection. They have a long way to go. You must join us on this side to get hanbok. (Self-reflection will get you hanbok) In time for Seollal, we’re joined by a tremendous boss. I’m Lu Chinglai, a chef of Chinese cuisine. (Master of fancy Chinese cuisine) (Korea’s top chef of Chinese cuisine) I’ve been a chef for 46 years. (Master chef for half a century) A 46-year chef… I’m told your employees have a single complaint. Everything else is fine. – It drives them crazy. / – Only one thing. They’re tormented by your dad jokes. Why do your jokes torment them? I have no idea. There’s a red sauce called doubanjiang. Chilli bean sauce, I’m sure you all know it. I like to “chill out” so I use “chili” bean sauce. You “chill out” using “chili” bean sauce? With dad jokes that bad, employees would prefer to be scolded. Can’t they chuckle along? (Frustration fills the set immediately…) We should send our film crew to his restaurant sometime. Looks like I need self-reflection too. (Coming soon, Chef Lu’s frustrations) We’re receiving reports that raise doubts about Ms. Shim’s self-reflection. Can you guess what they’re about? – Not at all. / – But you told us… You finished your self-reflection. Indeed. That’s what I thought. (How bizarre…) Just in time for Seollal, we checked again on Ms. Shim, who is highly driven to self-reflection. Let’s see the footage. (Will she be as frustrating as ever?) (Super boss who intimidates employees) Why are they being so presumptuous instead of following the recipe? (Transformed into a super host!) You can eat your fill of twisted breadsticks. Stop harping on money. (As an active host) There were outstanding nominees. (Rookie Award within five weeks as host!) (Her Rookie Award made us forget…) (Ms. Shim is a food researcher) (Devoted to traditional Korean food) (She doesn’t just cook) Seeing her footage after such a long time… – Makes me hungry. / – Yes. It’s been a while. (Everything happens here!) (What will happen today?) Is that her company motto? It seems so. Hyunmoo, please read it for us. It means, “Without thinking far ahead…” Yes. “One cannot achieve great things.” Basically saying that you should see the big picture. (Pleased) (Good motto for the New Year) There’s her trophy. Perhaps she carries it around. (Rookie Award, Shim Youngsoon) It must be heavy. Wherever she goes, the trophy follows. Yes. But it’s too big to fit in a handbag. (Ms. Shim’s food research center) We haven’t seen them in a while. Indeed, it’s been a while. It’s Chef Maehwa. Yes. (Is it a special occasion?) Everyone is wearing hanbok. We held a kick-off meeting for the new year, 2020. It was Ms. Shim’s wish, so we all wore hanbok. Do all of your employees have to wear hanbok? For the kick-off meeting? Not until this year. Yes. But now, any year could be my last… There she goes again today. So as long as I’m alive… I want us to uphold tradition by wearing hanbok for the new year’s kick-off meeting. It’s a good idea. It’s lovely. – Yes, it’s lovely. / – Those employees… Who usually wear ordinary clothes look as pretty as flowers in hanbok. Sales figures for 2019 and sales targets for 2020… She’s lovely in hanbok. (Beauty of hanbok) She should write with a brush. (Don’t be mistaken, this is a food research center) (A rather serious mood…) There she is. Ms. Shim has arrived. (Bursting into laughter) Did she bring her trophy? (With her Rookie Award trophy) She’s showing off. She’s worthy of the Grand Prize in entertainment. Congratulations. I had to show it to the employees. It was their first time seeing it. Happy New Year. – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. Let’s stand here for a minute. Everyone else can sit down. Since it’s the New Year, please give us a few words of guidance. It’s so funny she brought her trophy. I was told that your hard work in 2019 allowed our company to grow. As for me, I worked hard in my job and received this award at age 80. (Bragging at the start of her address) She’s right. Whenever I go on TV, I’ll be counting on you to pray that I won’t misspeak, that I won’t be criticized by viewers, that I can prompt laughter, so that next year… I mean this year, I can win the Grand Prize in entertainment. (Doubting their ears) So I can win the Grand Prize in entertainment. (Startled by her ambitious plans) – We had our doubts… / – As expected. She has big dreams. She’ll skip the awards in between, winning Grand Prize right away. I don’t care whether I skip them or not as long as I win something. To win again this year… But she specified the Grand Prize in the footage. (Dreaming of the Grand Prize in 2020) (Trophy in the interview) I should do well, of course. But winning the Grand Prize will depend on the effort made by the two other hosts. She doesn’t want us to win with her. But it matters how hard we work… She wants our help to win the prize herself. If this show becomes really popular, reaching 30% viewer ratings or higher… It’d be mean not to give me the Grand Prize. Don’t you think so? Grand Prize of the KBS Entertainment Awards… (KBS Entertainment Awards 2020) – They edited the footage. / – Thank you. (We hope you’ll win this year!) (Picturing it makes her happy!) I was so happy in 2019. I think 2020 will be an even happier year. So work hard. As the saying goes, slackers don’t deserve to eat. It lets you know that cooking for others is the worthiest profession. Being president isn’t worthy at all. – Understood? / – Yes. Cheers to 2020! Cheers! (That ended the kick-off meeting) (Employees gather in the office) – Come in. / – The mood feels different… With all of them dressed in hanbok. Everyone, please come in. (Come in) (Why did they gather after the kick-off meeting?) Ms. Shim promised New Year’s cash gift to those who give New Year’s bow. So I dashed to the office to give her a bow. They’re fighting to give her a bow. We’ll bow to you first. (Ms. Shim’s daughters bow first) (Please receive our bow, mother) We should bow to Ms. Shim today. We should. We can get New Year’s cash gift. Even if we have to pause the shoot. (Pleased) (Bowing their heads properly afterward) (We have to bow our heads too) Nurture your children well this year and serve your husbands well. (Sharing words of blessing in return) May the research center flourish too. I hope you will bring joy to many people in this new year of 2020. Thank you. I wish you many blessings this year. Along with good health. Yes, sure. There’s no follow-up action. Shouldn’t she hand out cash gifts? She cut the flow with her response. (Only I get to give words of blessing) (The two daughters give her cash gifts) Here you are. They give her cash gifts. You expect me to give cash gifts at my age? We should call off the bow. We should focus on the shoot. We should focus. No bows. We should watch the footage. (Goodness) Did you fill it with enough bills? (Elders don’t usually receive New Year’s cash gifts) It’s our family tradition. When we bow to elders on holidays, whoever earns money gives a cash gift to their parents as they bow. Whoever has a job gives a cash gift as they give a New Year’s bow. That makes sense. – Make it short. / – Now, everyone… Let’s start with married employees. But it doesn’t apply to employees. – It doesn’t. / – For employees… She should give cash gifts. Family traditions are fine… – But not with employees. / – Right. (Will the employees get New Year’s cash gifts?) What a lovely sight. (Huh?) Is she bowing twice? What’s going on? – A second bow? / – She shouldn’t. – That’s wrong! / – Stand up. She’ll be scolded. You should bow your head. – She didn’t bow her head. / – Good. Then you can sit down. – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. Thank you. Seeing everyone in hanbok is such a lovely sight. You should visit your parents wearing hanbok, saying, “Thank you for birthing me.” Give them a deep bow, not a normal bow. Raise your hands and give them a deep bow. (Long speech) She won’t cut it short. (Droning on) (Sudden lecture mode) Is she about to throw up? (She hasn’t changed) She’s getting dizzy. (Passion still aflame) Tell them, “Thank you for birthing and raising me.” – That’s your human duty. / – She getting angry. Suddenly, she’s angry. You’re not beasts. How dare you be so careless… People don’t change easily. (Is her self-reflection really over?) Are all adults sinners or what? It’s time for words of blessing. (Goodness, mother…) (Time for scoldings instead of blessings?) Understood? – Yes. / – Yes. You’ve worked so hard during the past year. You aren’t like homemakers of the past since you also hold jobs. It comes with such hardship. – Playing them hot and cold. / – But… That is life. Why hold a job if you’d rather not work? – A second burst of anger. / – Why is she angry? This is part two now. Stop worrying, “What should I cook for dinner?” “What should I cook for breakfast tomorrow?” What a pointless question! Just prepare whatever you cook best and serve a warm meal. Families should eat whatever the mother cooks. Even young pups refuse to eat what they don’t like. Is this a scolding or a blessing? – It’s her third burst of anger. / – Really? (Does anyone know why she is angry?) She has never-ending anger. (Legs growing numb…) Her legs are growing numb. What a funny expression. (I’m reaching my limit too…) Their legs are growing numb. (Embarrassed) Chef Lu, I’ve never seen you laugh so hard. What’s so funny? I’m sorry to say this, Ms. Shim, but you’re talking too long about things young folks hate to hear. I get so many negative comments online. So the production crew edited everything out. That’s the pared-down version? They probably cut out everything that might raise criticism. It’s shocking to know it was longer. (Ms. Shim, boss of frustration) Now please stand up. Well done. They can’t stand. A few are about to collapse. (Finally over…) – Please go one by one. / – She prepared it. The New Year’s cash gift. Hurry up and receive your gift. You asked for $10 each, right? Yes. I liked your modest request, so I’m giving out $50 each instead. She prepared the envelopes. Giving is such a pleasure. – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. Another group bowing to receive the gift… (What is she doing?) Who is that? You gave a man’s bow? Do it again. Start. That’s good. (Senior Staff Taeyeon, learning how to bow) – A normal bow since she’s single. / – Good. Stand up slowly. Bow your head. Good. What an ordeal to receive a bow. – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. – I hope she won’t tell them… / – Be healthy. To get married and such. I heard you have a girlfriend. No, I don’t. – You don’t? / – They broke up. – They did? / – Really? (Oh, dear) (Silence… Oh, dear…) (What is Ms. Shim’s advice?) Why did you break up? (Oh, no…) Rough language in the new year can drive away evil spirits. Isn’t she overdoing it? She wants him to move on quickly. (The scolding is worse than heartbreak) Chef Lu, you can press the button. – You can. / – Whatever seems amiss… Laughing brought tears to my eyes. (Tears from hearing her rough language) To avoid hearing that, people shouldn’t break up. (To avoid harsh language, don’t break up) You should be careful. (Flinch) (Lengthy words of blessing are over…) At least he gets $50 after getting chewed out. (Handing out New Year’s cash gifts) (Thank you) Now then… I’ll cook rice cake soup. Enjoy it before you go. – Yes. / – Yes, thank you. Let’s go. (Kick-off meetings at ordinary companies) (Serve ready-made food…) (But Ms. Shim’s company cooks the food!) (Slicing sticks of rice cake) Their rice cake soup must be delicious. (Based on Ms. Shim’s other food) (It’s sure to taste great) (High hopes) They don’t have to work today. They’re already sitting at the table… – Waiting. / – What are you doing? You’re trying to eat without working? – You said you’d cook. / – My goodness. – But… / – You should make dumplings. What about the dumplings? – Dumpling soup? / – They’re making dumplings? We have to make dumplings. Stop grumbling and come here. We need to have dumplings. She told them so sweetly, “I’ll cook rice cake soup. Enjoy it.” The cash gift was their daily pay. (Daily wage paid beforehand) We got cash gifts. They’re cooking their own meal. They don’t need a daily wage. (For a moment, I was happy…) Why do we eat dumplings on Seollal? Do you know why? To symbolize bags of blessings? For longevity? We need blessings. Dumplings are bags of blessings. (Ms. Shim’s traditional dumpling recipe) – Ready-made ones are too large. / – Yes. You get full after eating one dumpling. So I wanted to show them how to make proper dumplings. Everyone made dumplings for the meal? That’s right. It must take a long time. I’m sure they’ll taste great, but the meal will be delayed. (Ingredients for the filling are diced and mixed) (Traditional dumpling-making lesson) You have to make pleats. Make them like this. Press down in 5mm width. (Make seven to eight pleats) One centimeter is too wide. Press down like this, less than one centimeter. She pleats first before adding the filling. Where’s the teaspoon? (Add just enough filling for the dumpling wrap) Go like this… Add the filling. (Press the pleats against the other side) Press the center against this part. (Super focused) And then… Once it is folded… Leave small openings in the corners. (Leave openings to let in broth) It’s tastier when the broth seeps in. Here’s a lovely dumpling. How different are those from Chinese dumplings? Are they similar? I’ve never seen that method before, making the pleats first and then folding the center together. I see. But there are so many types of dumplings. Chinese dumplings come in many varieties. It’s hard to generalize them. (Employees begin to make dumplings) (Busy, busy) (Employees moving without a moment to rest) (As if they opened a dumpling factory) Slackers don’t deserve to eat. (If you don’t work, don’t eat!) (All focused on making New Year’s dumplings) (Dumplings pile up) (Already heaped up) With several employees, it’s done fast. Such pretty shapes. They are all experts, so they work fast. It’s different from making them at home. (Going straight to the steam pot!) We make our dumplings too. We have a New Year’s draw. Whoever finds a coin in their dumplings gets a small cash gift, although it’s not a large prize. – A coin? / – Yes, a coin. – A coin inside? / – It’s a tradition, right? Yes, it’s a tradition. (Dumpling with a coin, a Chinese tradition) This is a rare sight you can’t see at other company kick-off meetings. The top executives are making dumplings. It’ll taste awesome. It sure will. Ms. Shim? How is it like to be a TV host? Are you enjoying it? Yes, it’s fun. I’m actually an incredibly senior member, but they keep calling me a newbie. It’s absurd. I think that remark is directed at us. I just bear with it since it’s true I’m a newbie. Which seat do you prefer? Me? The top seat, of course. Not the seat for newbies. Jeon Hyunmoo’s seat? Right. Hyunmoo’s seat? (Shocked) (Not like this…) (But like this?) Should we switch places next week? Would you like to sit there next week? – But… / – Yes. I’m not sure I can compete against a seasoned host, so I’d feel pressured in that seat. Would you like this seat? My seat is perfect. – Right there? / – Very well. The newbie should stay there. Once I get a year of experience, I’ll take your seat. Oh, no. – She improves fast. / – How scary. – She’s a fast learner. / – That’s scary. If she wins the Grand Prize, give her the seat. – Sure. / – You should. We’ll sit on those stairs. We’ll crouch down on those stairs. (What’ll be their fate?) I should chase him out and get that seat. – He’s much younger. / – Her true feelings. But since my days are limited, it’s very difficult. As for CEO Kim, she should stop drinking. Why does she drink so much? She’s not in the alcohol business, why does she collect alcohol? As for the Yang fellow… – Boss Yang? / – As for him… Why is he such a cheapskate? Why earn money if you won’t spend it? Eating only instant noodles like that could make him fall ill. It’s because he’s so stingy that the girl who eats so well keeps eating nonstop. Ms. Shim, it seems like… You talk behind our backs quite a bit. Yes. I did indeed. You already slew two people. Gosh. But I do approve of one thing, the fact that he’s a dutiful son. She praises what is praiseworthy. (Full credit to Boss Yang’s filial devotion) What other young man buys his parents a house? Others would sell their parents’ house instead. That one thing about Boss Yang is admirable. Besides, people in sports tend to be quite loyal. – Ms. Shim? / – What? Should I add rice cakes to the broth? Why are you interrupting an elder? (What happened to her self-reflection?) Ms. Shim, you haven’t changed. The rice cakes might get soggy, so should we set the table first? Set the table. She should join the bosses’ panel again. – The first seat, right? / – Right. I’m not leaving. You won’t return to that side? I won’t. Let’s get the table wiped and set the table. Ms. Shim’s recipe for rice cake soup requires beef bone broth boiled the day before and brisket broth boiled the next day… – For an hour and a half. / – Looks delicious. By mixing them in equal amounts, you get a rich broth that isn’t too heavy. (Rice cakes parboiled beforehand) Clear broth… Such high quality. It’s cooked by top executives. (Brisket, green onions, mushrooms added to the broth) (Cooking rice cakes separately keeps their texture intact) – Looks tasty. / – Rice cakes are boiled ahead… And added to the broth later. (Rice cake soup finished) (By adding dumplings steamed separately) It’s as if they’re preparing for a photo shoot. It’s the best version. A New Year’s dish everyone should have. (Ms. Shim’s rice cake soup is finished!) Is there a rice cake soup in Chinese cuisine? I was born in Korea, so I tend to cook a fusion of Korean and Chinese cuisine. I see. Wonton soup originates from the southern region of China. Chinese cuisine has similar soup dishes. (Seollal meal) (Grilled to golden perfection) (Assorted pan-fried delicacies) Those fritters don’t even look fattening. (Savory aroma) – Stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables. / – Gosh. (Stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables) (A dish loved by people of all ages) They prepared a feast. With braised short ribs… (Braised short ribs) That looks so delicious. (Today’s main dish, rice cake soup) (Cooked with the boss and employees’ care) What a special kick-off meeting. (Special meal to mark the New Year) Let’s give thanks for the meal and eat. – Thank you for the meal. / – Thank you. That’s top-quality Korean food. It didn’t taste that good to me. It didn’t? No. (Biting the dumpling) But you’re eating so well. (Mismatching words and action) (A big mouthful of the dumpling) (Cleansing the palate with kimchi) Kimchi is the best pairing for that. Right. (Slurps) (Employees all eating well) (Big bite) Are you sure it didn’t taste good? (Not tasty at all) She ate a plateful of glass noodles in one bite. (Employees eating everything well) (Good to see everyone eating well) How did Ms. Shim change for the better after appearing on Boss in the Mirror? That’s such a tough question. She claims she finished her self-reflection. I’m probably less scary than before. I probably softened up in their minds. – No one is agreeing. / – No answers. No one is answering. Boss in the Mirror gave me… The chance for serious self-reflection. None of the employees agree, do they? – Not even a nod. / – No. You’ve become like my own offspring. I say that all the time. (Conclusion, I’m a good boss) It’s because… Perhaps you should start listening. (Please let the employees talk…) You should work on that. In that case… Say what you wish to say. I won’t get angry now. Go ahead. (Clearing his throat) No one will speak up. (Don’t make eye contact…) Who will dare to speak up? Maehwa, voice any complaints you have. Chef Maehwa, you can do it. – Me? / – Yes. Voice your complaint. (Tell Ms. Shim anything) (Cheers to Chef Maehwa) I was glad to go on a trip… That part was nice. (Trip described as a “fun picnic”) (Employees forced to dig up vegetables) They harvested vegetables until sunset. I wanted healing, not work… We had to dig up vegetables for so long. That was the toughest moment, digging them up for some 3 to 4 hours. (How will she respond after agreeing to listen?) I said this earlier, right? (Nervous) Don’t eat if you won’t work. It’s best not to talk. She spoke in vain. I… I only said it because you asked. At least she didn’t get angry. – She didn’t. / – No. She kept that promise. Now then! Who has the most complaints? No one will speak up. Why don’t you go next, Manager Lee? We cook and eat tasty food. But it’s tough to cook during trips in unfamiliar places. So what? When we travel far… You want me to buy meals? We can experience different things locally… And try the local food? (Getting a good feeling…) A good idea, right? Right. She should accept it. Too much greed can lead to sin. (A sinner committing high treason) She didn’t get angry, but she isn’t accepting anything. But honestly, when you travel to Andong, you should eat Andong-style braised chicken. Right, you should. But she travels there and makes them cook Andong-style braised chicken. (Forced laugh) – Without ingredients. / – It’s like… Traveling to Pyeongyang and cooking Pyeongyang-style cold noodles myself. What do you make of that? Why would anyone do that? I can understand what Ms. Shim is saying. But times have changed, so when I travel with employees, I usually start by buying a local meal. It seems… He has a lot to learn. (To Ms. Shim, he’s a young pup) – You said you won’t get angry. / – You’re reformed. I won’t get angry. (Cooling down her anger) – She’s cooling her anger. / – Go on. Go on. After one complaint… (Ms. Shim’s anger exploding) Saying, “Go on if you dare.” (Everyone laughing) I’ll give it a try. When the employees say, “I wish we could do things this way…” (When the employees make suggestions) Try saying, “I see.” Nothing else. (I agree) Trying just once… – Anyway. / – What do you think? When you grow older… Try saying, “I see.” Director Jang has changed. Ms. Shim is ignoring her. (I can’t hear you) I merely say things out of concern. Listening to that is your duty as a child as your duty as employees. We should say, “I see.” Let’s say it all together. – I see. / – I see. (Employees’ self-reflection would end sooner…) I always finish my prayers by asking, “Please help me speak less.” (But why don’t you?) You pray for that? May your prayer be answered. I’ve been praying for that for over a decade. The prayer hasn’t been answered. (Prayer unanswered for 10 years) Even an omnipotent God can’t answer every prayer. Some things are just too tough. (The dumplings they made together) (Are distributed as New Year’s gifts!) A New Year’s gift. Thank you. Take them home. It’s cold, so they won’t spoil. (Happy after working hard!) Despite what I said, I accepted everything. I didn’t join Boss in the Mirror for nothing. In 2020… I vow to be a wiser, a more merciful person. I shall change my ways. Really? Good work. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (Fun Seollal with Ms. Shim and her employees) Seeing the footage makes me doubt Ms. Shim’s self-reflection. Let’s try testing her. What kind of test? Let’s take turns telling Ms. Shim something that made us upset or something we’d like her to change. Yes. – Let’s tell her. / – Okay. Ms. Shim shouldn’t respond… With rough language. She should simply say, “I see.” Oh, is that so? “Is that so” sounds sarcastic. – Say, “I see.” / – “I see.” – Let’s start with Boss Yang. / – Me? – Yes. / – Me? You speak bluntly with biting remarks. Do you acknowledge that? Yes, I acknowledge it. Ms. Shim, please try to smile. (Clenched jaw) She’s clenching her teeth. Next is CEO Kim. As for me… I will continue to drink this year. What a smart aleck. (“I see” game ends in failure) – Say, “I see.” / – After all I’ve said… – Ms. Shim? / – Ms. Shim. This is just a game, Ms. Shim. Just say, “I see.” Say, “I see.” I won’t. (Over my dead body) She has to stop drinking. As for me, Ms. Shim… Instead of getting married… I’ll just travel and have fun. Stop that nonsense! (Refusal to marry makes her explode) – Say, “I see.” / – That’s nonsense. Just say, “I see.” – I won’t. / – I’ll marry before I turn 60. Good heavens… The last two weren’t even complaints. They simply shared how they want to live. Why are you getting so angry? We failed. CEO Kim and I failed. Very well. This man knows all of Korea’s all-you-can-eat restaurants. He’s the big investor of all-you-can-eat restaurants. It’s time to see Boss Yang’s footage. Every week, we are flooded with phone calls, as viewers call to ask about the places where Boss Yang ate. – Indeed. / – Asking, “Where is that place?” When I eat at those places, most people say, “Why do you eat so much? Why are you so shameless?” – Yes. / – Right. But the store owners are quite happy about it. They think, “It must be so tasty.” Right. – It’s good for promotion too. / – Yes. But there’s so much footage where you eat without any sense of taste. Let’s see which all-you-can-eat restaurant he raided this week. Let’s see the footage. (Let’s check it out now) (Another peaceful day at the muscle house) (Boss Yang resting in a corner of the gym) (Murmuring) (Stirring) Instructor Yang? – What’s that? / – Good morning. What’s that? (Ta-da) She goes above and beyond. (Like a queen from the past) Why are you wearing that in the gym? Didn’t anyone see you? They all saw me. No one said anything? It’s appropriate for Seollal. (Santa-girl look for Christmas) She likes to dress up. (Rainbow look for her workout) (Traditional-dancer look at Jeongdongjin) (Faithful to thematic concepts) Dongeun makes me aware of special occasions. It’s a fun way to live. Don’t you think it’s getting excessive? Getting fancier too. Maybe all her earnings go into clothes. All custom-made, right? (Custom-made clothes) She has such pretty manners. I only wish she didn’t eat so much. – The overeating… / – If I had a son… I’d want her as a daughter-in-law. I dressed in hanbok to give you… – A New Year’s bow. / – No need for that. – I should. / – No. No, no. He doesn’t want to give a cash gift. – Not Stingy Yang. / – Go away. Hey! (Director Dongeun gathers employees) Good morning. (Who are these surprised looking two?) (Last week’s interview for new hires) (Hired by dancing in a suit) (New hire, Actor Yoon Jun) (Experienced fitness competitor) (New hire, Kim Eunju) (New members of the muscle crew) (What did they think of Dongeun’s hanbok?) Can she wear it while working? She can’t. This isn’t the Joseon era. I wondered if we should’ve worn it too. Had we known, we would’ve prepared something. (Still learning the ropes here) Come here so we can give Instructor Yang a New Year’s bow. What’s going on? – She gathered them? / – Come over here. Let’s stand in line… What are you doing? She wants a New Year’s cash gift. One, two, three. Happy New Year. (In the end, he received a New Year’s bow) Happy New Year. Dongeun isn’t that much younger than me. She turned 40 this year. She shouldn’t bow to me. You’re still older. (Embarrassed) – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. (Male employees also bowing) – It’s still meaningful. / – She’s so cute. Jeongtae and Seongsu… Give your parents a call. – Yes. / – It’s Seollal. The others greeted their parents at home. You two should greet your parents too. (From Changwon, from Geoje) Everyone, sit down. Their parents live in the provinces. It didn’t feel right to receive their bow before they greeted their parents. It’s a holiday, so I wanted them to call their parents. I wanted to say hello as well. Wish them a happy New Year. (Seongsu calls his mother) Are you well? – How about you? / – I’m fine. Hello, ma’am. Hello, Instructor Yang. Happy New Year. Happy New Year to you too. Are you in good health? She can see how her son is doing while watching Boss in the Mirror. She must be happy. I’m told they all enjoy it. – Sure, to see their son on TV. / – Yes. It’s a big deal in a country town. (Proud) I’m sorry Seongsu isn’t home for the holiday. Sometime soon… I hope to visit you in person. – Thank you. / – Sure. – Why visit? / – Please look after Seongsu. Yes, I will. She isn’t encouraging him to visit. No, she isn’t. She simply said, “Look after Seongsu.” You want to visit her raw fish restaurant, right? To eat raw fish? It’s not just a restaurant. She also goes out to sea on a boat. You want to borrow the boat? Yes. That’s why I want to visit. Look like he’ll visit soon. (He might go once it grows warmer) Stay healthy. Happy New Year. – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. – Stay healthy. / – Happy New Year. I love you, mom. I love you too. (A gruff son’s confession of his feeling) I’ll call you again. (Son’s greeting sent by phone) (Now, Jeongtae’s turn) It’s Jeongtae’s turn. Jeongtae! Dad. Are you well? I’m fine. (Father and son speaking like friends) Good morning. Hello, sir. Dad, this is Instructor Yang. Happy New Year. Happy New Year to you. You’re a carbon copy of Jeongtae. Indeed. They look so similar. – Instructor Yang? / – Yes. – When you exercise… / – Yes. You need a lot of protein. Yes. Please spend generously when you eat out with employees. He saw everything on TV. (Muscle crew is cheering) (Flustered by the father’s blunt request) – Instructor Yang? / – Yes. If you need money, I’ll sell my rice field to help you pay for it. He must’ve felt so bad for Jeongtae to make such a comment… Since they always eat instant noodles. You can tell by the phone calls. Their parents are really fond of me. But they’re making blunt requests. Not really. Asking you to provide more protein. You can tell they want me to visit sometime. – No one said so. / – Huh? No one asked you to visit. You get a feeling by talking over the phone. He might sell his rice field. That’s how much he likes me. He’d even sell his rice field for me. Is he hearing things? He puts such a different spin on it. He does. – Instructor Yang? / – Yes. If you need money, I’ll sell my rice field to help you pay for it. No need for that, sir. Jeongtae must’ve been talking nonsense to you. He isn’t hitting him, is he? (Spanking with love) Have a happy New Year and stay healthy. I’ll visit you soon. – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. – How nice. / – An awesome dad. Boss Yang was being thoughtful. He wanted them to greet their parents first… – Before giving him a bow. / – Of course. He was being considerate. Their parents should come first, not me. We thought you made them call their parents to avoid giving cash gifts in return. That probably played a part. That might be the main reason. Since it’s the new year, let’s work hard. The competition is around the corner. Let’s work hard in the new year. – Yes, sir. / – Yes. On that note, I’ll give you a specially prepared gift. He prepared a cash gift? (Stingy Yang brought cash gifts?) Really? – He changed. / – I was generous. For this, I went big. (Eyes shining) (What a great workplace) (What got into Stingy Yang?) (He brought… Lottery tickets!) – What is that? / – Lottery tickets. Lottery tickets? Worth a dollar each? (Lottery tickets as New Year’s gifts?) Worth two dollars each. I never expected it. I thought he bought train tickets to let us visit our hometowns. I thought they were train tickets. I never expected lottery tickets. The moment I got the lottery tickets… It thought, “Does this count as a cash gift?” I thought it was a bit cheap. (Cheap boss) He’s quite blunt. He nicknamed me “Beggar Yang.” But I realized, if I get a winning ticket, I wouldn’t look back. I could just quit. I thought, “What if I win?” – I had hopes. / – Indeed. I had high hopes. The lottery ticket costs two dollars. You can win up to $2 million. (If you get two identical pictures) (You get the amount written on the right) If Jeongtae were to win the $2 million prize… Would you ask for a share? – A clean share? / – I wouldn’t. – You wouldn’t? / – No. It would all belong to Jeongtae? It all belongs to Jeongtae. You don’t need him to buy a meal? But we’d have a talk. You’d have a talk? – Why? / – To congratulate him. He’d leave before that. Since it might be dangerous, I’d advise him not tell too many other people. You’re the greatest danger. (First person to avoid after winning) Scratch yours, Seongsu. (Checking results on the spot) They’re scratching them on the spot. Since they might win. This way, they can’t escape. (The results?) What did you get? They’re all duds. (Next, Miru’s turn) Whoa, he got one! He got one. He won? (Moving faster than anyone) He’s fast. (Moving fast toward the prize) The highest prize is $2 million. (Same picture) It’s the same. Gosh! He got the same picture. (All nervous) (How much is the prize?) It’s $2. (Sad) At least it covers the cost. – It cost $2. / – I was startled. – I got one! / – You did? (Here we go again) (Second dash toward the prize) $4! (Yoon Jun won $4) (Muscle crew’s fortunes rising) We’re getting higher amounts. Will I get the first prize? It’s climbing up. If you win, you’ll stop showing up to work. Or you’d say today, “I’ll be right back” and leave immediately. (Power defense) A big prize will make things awkward. Keep an eye on him. He might say it’s a dud and take it with him. I got one. I got one, but I’ll check the other ones too. (Jeongtae, show your hand) (Getting up) He’s leaving. – He’s leaving. / – What’s going on? – He won. / – No, I didn’t. – He won. / – Thank you for everything. He won. They aren’t buying it. He probably won $4. – He won. / – $10? – What? / – $10? Earlier, you said you won’t take a share. Right. (Lottery ticket given by Stingy Yang) He made that clear. He’s acting suspiciously. (Did he win big?) Right. For real. – For real? / – No shares. (Third dash toward the prize) Don’t lock the door. You shouldn’t lock the door. Right. (Shoes left behind in a hurry…) (Steely defense with his whole body) You said it all belonged to Jeongtae. I just wanted to take a look. Besides, people who pick things up or buy things usually get a commission of 10% or 20%. Until the case goes to court… We should try to reach a settlement. Half and half. We’ll split it half and half. He would accept that. I thought it was a bit cheap. (Stingy Yang as usual) Who got winning tickets? You got the highest amount, right? $4 and $2 each for you two. How much did Jeongtae win? I got the highest amount. How about you, Jeongtae? Take a look. (Finally, Jeongtae’s lottery ticket revealed) (Curious) (Let’s see…) I’ll work hard. A $1 million dud. It’s a $1 million dud. Very well. – Anyway… / – I’ll just work. (Dream of quitting vanishes) Let’s get a good start to the new year. Life is filled with good deeds and meaningful work. Let’s go do something like that. Okay. Get changed and ready to go. – Okay. / – Now. Get ready. Visiting another all-you-can-eat restaurant? (What did he mean by “someplace good?”) I expected a volunteer clean-up. I thought we’d be dragged along… To some kind of workout. That’s what I expected. I expected an amusement park. (So innocent) (Senior employees burst into laughter) You have a lot to learn about Boss Yang. He goes to unexpected places. (While the employees are getting ready) (Boss Yang is busy in the corner) I got one. Still scratching lottery tickets? He’s scratching them alone? (Scratching hard) Without any employees watching… A big, burly guy hiding for that? (Reverent meeting with lottery tickets) He’s doing it alone without employees watching. He’s doing it alone on purpose. To avoid sharing the prize money. These things should be done in secret. The others didn’t get privacy. You can do it openly with your employees… – Watching. / – But if I win… That creates a headache. He is thorough. (Looking around) He bought a few more. (Something from his pocket…) It’s practically a book. (Boss Yang dreams of winning a fortune) It’s a dud. I thought it was a bit cheap. (Worse than we thought…) (His dream ends in a dud) It’s a dud. What a pitiful man. She says it’s pitiful. You don’t buy them regularly, do you? I buy them every week. – Every week? / – Really? Yes. That’s an addiction. He’s in trouble. (Boss Yang and muscle crew on the move) Isn’t it nice to go on a trip? Yes, it’s great. This year, we’re going on a special trip. I like special trips even more. Good. Where are we going? We’ll work as volunteers to deliver coal briquettes. That’s meaningful. (Wow!) (Spreading warmth to neighbors) (By delivering coal briquettes in winter) Didn’t you volunteer too, Sook? Yes, I did too. – Wasn’t it yesterday? / – Yes. – With Sandara Park. / – Yes. I volunteered with Sandara Park. It’s physically tough work. – It is. / – However… It’s meaningful. Yes, it is. You feel touched when you get home. That’s right. (Muscle crew in Baeksa Village) There are still places like this? Incredible. – Hello. / – Hello. They’re waiting. We’ll start by giving you volunteer gear over here. (They must change before volunteering) Let me introduce myself. I’m Kim Jaehyeon from Seoul Coal Briquette Bank. – Nice to meet you. / – Hello. Today you’ve arrived at Baeksa Village, Junggye-dong. Baeksa Village was founded in 1967 when government redevelopment plans led to the forced relocation of families. Some 1,200 families had to relocate to this village. As of now, some 400 families remain in residence. Unfortunately, this village will be redeveloped next year, so they’ll be forced to relocate again. It’s a place of sorrow. So today’s coal briquette delivery might be the last one made to the elders of Baeksa Village. Today’s delivery will be very meaningful. – The singer Sean… / – Yes. The largest A-frame here is meant to carry 8 coal briquettes. But the singer Sean carries 15 coal briquettes when he volunteers. What’s more… – He carries another two in both hands… / – In his hands. To make his deliveries. Boss Yang, will you be carrying 3 in each hand? Today? – Of course. / – Well… (Flustered) He’ll probably carry more. More than that? I’ll look forward to it. Of course. He’s a fitness instructor. – A fitness trainer. / – Indeed. You said Sean volunteers here, right? Yes, very often. When he volunteers, how many people come with him? Mostly 50 volunteers but sometimes 100. How many briquettes do they deliver? Mostly 3,000 to 4,000. Delivering 3,000 to 4,000 with 100 people. – Yes. / – If you do the math… 1,000 briquettes are delivered… By 20 to 30 people. It’s game over. We win. (Suddenly, it’s a game?) We’ll beat them with six people. – 1,000 briquettes? / – Yes. (Muscle crew will deliver 1,000) We’ll beat them, no matter what. It’s like battling for a title. (Battling for a title while volunteering?) Why does it have to be a battle? We shouldn’t deliver the same amount as other ordinary volunteers. That’s a meaningful battle. But for six people to deliver 1,000, that’s really incredible. We’ll crush Sean’s record! (Not the production crew’s intention) Cheers! (Sudden battle mode) Cheers! He’s really competitive. I doubled down and worked hard. You’ll deliver 1,000 briquettes, 200 each to five families for your volunteer delivery today. Yes. I’ll load this much. Women usually carry three to four at a time. Three briquettes weigh over 10kg. As for the men, the ones who carry a lot load up to 10 or even 12. That’s the normal load. May I load up to eight? – Yes. / – I’ll load eight. Just a moment. How is the weight? – It’s heavy. / – Are you alright? It’s all loaded. – It feels alright. / – You can go now. – Here I go! / – Go! (Female employees carry 6 each, nearly 21kg) Load twice as many. Should I load twice as many? No, that’s alright. This will be a warm-up. They’re carrying a lot. (Loading 8, plus 2 in secret) I’ve loaded eight. It feels like ten. (Muscle crew carrying 46 total) – Let’s go. / – Off we go. Please show them the way. (Unpaved road with uphills) (My muscles trained for this day) (Muscle crew starts donating their talent) I’m worried they might fall off. – Right. / – I’m nervous. I’m glad I only got eight. More would’ve been tough. How can Sean carry 16? How many was it? He carries 19. He carries 19 at a time. Carrying 19, that’s amazing. We’ll start climbing uphill. (Slope appears) Please climb up the left. – It’s heavier… / – Than you expected, right? Right. We can skip our lower body workout tomorrow. (Volunteer work serving as a workout) (Two birds with one stone) It’s quite a steep slope. We should go up in a line. Go straight ahead. Hello. They’ll finish in no time. (Delivery of 46 briquettes complete) (Piled up) I’ll carry ten. (Practice is over, adding more) I’ll carry ten. You can load more. We usually don’t load as many. This is the maximum. Will he carry 15? I’ll go like this. (Ordinary people carry 3 to 4) They usually load 3 to 4. This is no joke. (10 briquettes, 36.5kg) Director Dongeun has eight. (8 briquettes, nearly 30kg) I’m feeling the burn in my thighs. They’re carrying twice as many. It’s surprisingly tough. The road isn’t level. Right. It goes uphill. The road is bumpy. The load starts shaking if you aren’t steady. I feared it’d fall and break, so I couldn’t go fast. There are places without stairs. You have to climb steep slopes. (Heavier breathing) (They’re out of breath already) (Right then) (Robot Dongeun arrives) She’s carrying so many. – Here’s the A.I. robot. / – How many are those? She has 9. – Nine? / – Yes. She never looks tired even while doing such work. Step aside, will you? Sure. How many are you carrying? I have 15. Wow, he’s strong. (I’ll get going…) Aren’t you tired? I’m fine. You look the same as on TV. Yes, since it’s me on TV. I’m carrying nine. Wow. – Let’s finish fast and go eat. / – Okay. Sounds good. (Robot Dongeun doesn’t get short of breath) She’s amazing. She’s carrying ten. She’s incredible. (Perfect form that doesn’t waver) (Muscle crew spreading warmth as volunteers) They work as much as they eat. (600 briquettes to go) They’ll finish soon. They delivered 400 to two houses in 30 minutes. When stored for a year, the briquettes… – Burn strongly… / – Yes. Don’t break easily, and don’t smell as much. When brand new briquettes are burned right away, they smell of gas, they’re heavy, they don’t burn as well or as strongly. So that’s why people used to store 100 or 200 briquettes at a time. That’s why they’re piled up. (That’s why it’s piled up in storage) (Panting) (Boss Yang looking exhausted…) Oh, there are stairs… (Fitness trainer who doesn’t like tough work…) There are stairs… It’s not feeling any lighter. Are you unloading them one at a time? (Why does he dislike physical labor?) Boss Yang, you have a visitor. – A visitor? / – Yes. I’m not expecting anyone. – Boss Yang? / – What is it? The person you’re battling showed up. – Who is it? / – Which person? Go take a look. I’m not battling anyone. – Hello. / – Hello. Oh, my. It’s Sean! (Sean, singer) The singer Sean drew attention by donating $51,500 in total. (Angel of donations, Sean, arrives) I heard six people were delivering 1,000. We can handle it just fine. Then I can leave. Good-bye. (Just kidding) The master of coal briquette delivery, what a surprise to see you. It was amazing. I’ve seen TV reports and news articles about his frequent volunteer activities. It was amazing to see him in person. He is amazing. Sean’s winter schedule revolves around… – Regular volunteer days. / – Right. He invites fellow celebrities and other people to join by sharing his schedule. So many celebrities have joined him as volunteers. Sean volunteers there all the time. He was incredible. Since it’s tough for six people to deliver 1,000 briquettes, they called him for help. He came right away really fast. He might be in better shape. He runs marathons regularly. He probably exercises more than Boss Yang. Two year’s worth of workouts in a day… (His specialty, working out verbally) – Come this way. / – Yes. I’ll load it right away. You don’t have to do it yourself. Boss Yang, you said… – You can beat Sean. / – Who said that? You did, Boss Yang. Who can beat that man… You should carry 19 briquettes. No one can beat him. You said you’d crush him. What do you mean, crush? We’ll crush Sean’s record! He said, “We’ll crush Sean.” You should carry 19 briquettes. I’ll get going. But why does this feel heavier than 15 briquettes? It’s strange. (Off with 15 briquettes, nearly 55kg) Do you come often? Today is my 108th time. Right. He’s a regular volunteer. – I’ll start loading. / – Yes. (Sean starts his delivery) I loaded 15 on the frame. I’ll give you two for each hand. I’m glad to see the “angel of donations.” (Now let’s go) He goes like that. He’s amazing. (Sean taking big steps) He’s really fast too. (Steady form with 19 briquettes, nearly 70kg) (I’ll go first) – Look at his speed. / – Great speed. As an athlete, he’s different. He’s not an athlete. He’s a singer. – He’s a singer. / – A singer? A singer who volunteers often. (Professional singer, volunteers a lot) He’s the athlete. (I’m the athlete… Indeed…) You’re here already? (Boss Yang left 3 minutes sooner) Why did you arrive so soon? It must be heavy. Gosh, that man… (There’s a waiting line) (Jeongtae works faster) You said you’d crush him. (Sean runs back) He’s running. Wow. (Moving almost magically fast) Why are you running? Just walk back. You should learn to wait. Running is dangerous here. I’m used to it. Don’t run. You should walk. You might hurt yourself. (Robot Sean on the move again) He always goes like that. (Going straight forward) (Moving with ease without swerving) He’s amazing. He’s getting exercise too. (Robot Sean running) Good. Run back. – A battle of pride. / – Right. (Robot Sean’s amazing stamina) Incredible. He moved so fluently. The know-how seemed ingrained in his body. The footage isn’t sped up. – He’s actually running. / – Right. (Only robot Dongeun can compete against him…) (Thanks to Sean) (They finish deliveries to the third house) (Piled up) (I must take some kind of action)

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