Boss in the Mirror | 사장님 귀는 당나귀 귀 EP.39 Part. 2 [SUB : ENG, THA/2020.02.02]

Boss in the Mirror | 사장님 귀는 당나귀 귀 EP.39 Part. 2 [SUB : ENG, THA/2020.02.02]

I’m treating this as an audition. I found myself preparing for it. Really? You have something ready? – Show us. / – Yes. (His secret card, it’s dancing) H.O.T. (H.O.T.’s “Warrior’s Descendant”) (But they’re hiring a fitness trainer…) What is he doing on the rooftop? What’s going on? (What’s happening…) In past interviews for fitness trainers, I’ve rarely seen applicants in suits. Too many applicants think fitness trainers can show up to interviews dressed casually. Some applicants come in slippers. – In sweatsuits. / – Or in shorts. – In sleeveless tops. / – Yes. Those applicants don’t take this type of work seriously. They consider it temporary, thinking, “I can quit anytime.” That’s how they think. But this applicant was very earnest… That’s all good, but how is dancing relevant? (Hahaha) He has good showmanship, which is a strength. He’ll provide lively energy. Guys like him make the best… – Fitness trainers. / – Really? They’re the best. CEO Kim, you must’ve held so many interviews as the chief of an idol agency. You have more than 100 employees. What do you think of this applicant who prepared that routine? (Laughing again) I love it. – It’s good, right? / – I see how earnest he is. This is so funny. But he’s in good shape physically. (Please hire me) (Desperate to work) (Care and effort) – It’s so abrupt. / – It’s hilarious. But it looks like he practiced hard. He’s doing well. He’s dancing well. I’m not sure it’s relevant to the gym. – It is. / – He’s trying so hard. He’s desperate. (You’re trying so hard) She’s trying to keep a straight face. If I were Boss Yang, I’d hire him. – You would? / – Really? You’d hire him? – He’ll entertain customers. / – Right. Even just a few dance steps makes him look cute. The customers will be pleased. (Passionate dance is over) It was too good for this rooftop. – It was. / – You need a stage. It was a proper performance. Do you have questions or anything you’d like to know? Do you provide meals? They do indeed. He’s catching his breath as he asks if meals are provided, which makes this even sadder. We don’t have set meal times. You can eat whenever you’re hungry. I see. The monthly salary includes meal expenses. Are there employee benefits? Employee benefits? There are several benefits. You can exercise during working hours. When you exercise, I become your trainer. When I eat, everyone eats together. (He’ll experience unlimited refills) Good job with the interview. Wait a moment, and we’ll discuss results. Good job. Thank you. (Good job) He’d be good at aerobic exercises. Based on his dancing. He has good lung capacity. But it doesn’t matter how fit they are. I can transform their bodies in six months. Would I be hired as a fitness trainer… – If I applied? / – Yes. Really? With a body like this? When you say, “I want to be a trainer,” it means you want to start working out. I’ll be all talk no action, just like you. Who will be all talk? Me. No, no. I’ll go, “Hurry. Now lift!” I’m not all talk and no action. What about the footage we’ve seen? That was all talk and no action. (Hahaha) It’s not making sense. He confessed immediately. (Weak under pressure) (Interview location) (Who will Boss Yang choose?) He wants to outsource things that are bothersome… Phone consultations and registrations at the front desk are quite important. She’s almost too good for our gym. (Skilled applicant appeals to Boss Yang) I sensed how earnest he was. He prepared so hard for this. (Who will pass the interview?) Now then… I have to announce the results. (Time to announce results) It’s not easy to say this. That’s unusual. Gathering them to hear the results. (Who is the new employee?) Eunju, I’ve known you for a long time. You’ve been working out for a while, you’ve entered competitions, and have many qualities we need. Having someone like you here is the most ideal situation. We’re hiring you, Eunju. (Kim Eunju passes the interview) Thank you. She’s happy. Good for her. (Disappointed) Thank you. You’ll work with us now. Congratulations. (Congratulations and?) What’s next? (Will he hire another person?) They’re all good applicants. I’d like Yoon Jun to work with us too. (Yoon Jun passes the test) Those two applicants are hired. (Congratulations) Thank you. There are many actors like him at our gym. – Yes. / – I don’t know all their names. People like Kim Woobin and Sunghoon all started out as struggling actors who are now successful. Seeing someone like Yoon Jun working so hard like that to achieve his dreams is a touching sight. (Boss Yang and muscle crew in the car) Since we have new employees, let’s go eat something tasty. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (First meal with new employees) Eunju, what do you want to eat? (Holding tight) She’s holding the trophy. (Hot Issue Celebrity Award trophy) Is it the Hot Issue Celebrity Award trophy? Why is she holding that? To show off? We carry it around in crowded places. (Carrying the trophy among crowds) That’s embarrassing. (Self-promotion) Eunju, what do you want to eat? I want spicy rice cakes. – Spicy rice cakes? / – Yes. (Today’s meal won’t cost much) There’s a tasty eatery I like, so I wanted Boss Yang and the others to visit the place too. (Spicy rice cakes don’t sound good) (It’s not meat) (It’s not sushi) (It’s not red snow crab) (Just ordinary spicy rice cakes) It’ll be an affordable meal. Why do you want spicy rice cakes? You can have good Korean food. Spicy rice cakes are my favorite food. – Really? / – It’s all I need. It’s good she told us what she wanted. (Going to the spicy rice cake shop) Spicy rice cakes are tasty, and they’re also very filling. – They’re cheap. / – Economical. For me, it’s perfect. Since it’s not beef… Since it’s spicy rice cakes, can we have more than ten servings? Shouldn’t you have at least 30 servings? – Really? / – Sure. – Pretending to be generous. / – That’s nothing. I wanted to eat beef. I was a bit disappointed to have spicy rice cakes. But that meant I could eat all I want, so that was nice. I’ll eat with gusto. I can’t wait to see the restaurant. (Arriving at the spicy rice cake restaurant) This is a spacious parking lot. It’s a parking lot? – Gosh. / – I thought it was a tunnel. They have an amazing parking lot. It’s so luxurious. How much spicy rice cakes did they sell? What is this place? Where is it? It’s an incredible building. Here it is. Why is it so fancy? It looks great. It’s not the spicy rice cake we know. Spicy rice cakes with gold? Or royal rice cakes? The kind with meat? I thought it was a cafe, not a spicy rice cake restaurant. It was such a fancy place. It made me nervous. It felt like an upscale restaurant. It made me wonder, “Do I have to eat with a fork and knife?” Like this? The air felt different inside. It made me think I should be good friends with Eunju. Even the spoons look nice. (Looking fancy) He’s looking at the spoon. The perfect size for me. We need a menu. Menu, please. (Curious about their menu) Thanks to Eunju, we’re eating… – At a nice place. / – Thank you. Thank you. – Thank you. / – The food is really tasty. – You serve spicy rice cakes, right? / – Yes. (Doubting) These aren’t spicy rice cakes. (At traditional markets, it’s $3 to $4 per serving) That’s what he expected. That’s the perfect price. (Mushroom cream rice cakes, $11) – It’s $12 per dish. / – $12. – It’s pricey. / – That’s the basic price. We have different tastes. For me, spicy rice cakes are bought at traditional markets. But Eunju has luxurious tastes. Luxury suits me as well. But my body rejects it. (Cells reject luxury) An egg costs $1 here. The mood is going downhill. It’s protein. We need eggs. We didn’t have protein today. We don’t need eggs. We can boil our own. (For protein intake) (Boss Yang always forced them to eat eggs) We don’t need eggs. We can boil our own. Why are you being a spoilsport? My spirits fell. (Typical Boss Yang) I ate a lot earlier today, so I don’t have an appetite. You guys order what you want. That’s the worst kind of boss. He shouldn’t have come. Sir? We’ll have two servings for each table. But… There are six people total. I’m not eating. Neither are you. (Tearing up) You’re eating? Yes. (Ordering three servings per table) Do you want instant noodles? – No. / – Please add two each. Also, two orders of carbonara rice cakes, and six eggs, please. – One order of rice balls, right? / – Enough. Two orders. Two? (I’m ruined) Here’s your water. It’s free, right? Yes. – Is water free? / – Yes. Thank you. Drink up. Can we have four more bottles? – Thank you. / – Take one each. – Oh, one bottle each. / – It’s bottled water. – A bottle per person. / – He thought he had to pay. (Used to it) The food is coming. (Spicy rice cakes appear) Here are your spicy rice cakes. (Spicy rice cakes with bulgogi and seafood) What is this place? – Bulgogi and seafood. / – What’s that? Seafood on this side, bulgogi on the other. It’s a proper dish. Are they really spicy rice cakes? Looks good. They have good ingredients. (Sweet carbonara rice cakes) (Rice balls with beef brisket) (Ten boiled eggs, $10) Those eggs cost $10. $10 for that bowl of eggs. It gave me an upset stomach. Eggs aren’t all the same. Depending on the chicken feed… I knew he’d be scolded. The eggs taste different. The quality is different. Let your employees eat high-quality food. He’s making such a fuss. Thanks to you, Instructor Yang, I get to try spicy rice cakes like this. Don’t thank me. It makes me feel pressured. But it’s thanks to you, Instructor Yang. No, it’s not. It’s been a while since we came to a restaurant that’s not all-you-can-eat. That’s good, but I prefer all-you-can-eat places. Rather than paying for extra orders? Not necessarily. – I’m not stingy. / – He doesn’t look happy. But places like this don’t have set prices. (It’s our first meal…) That makes it tough. I don’t see why I should eat so uncomfortably. We should stick to all-you-can-eat restaurants. (Wary) (Getting ready to eat with gloves) (Appetizer before spicy rice cakes) (That hits the spot) (Slurping up chewy noodles) We came here for spicy rice cakes, but I feel like I’m here to eat noodles. There aren’t any rice cakes. (No rice cakes…) (In the fancy spicy rice cakes?) (Where did the rice cakes go?) (Here they are) How many does she have there? Skewered rice cakes? (Amazing) It wasn’t served like that. She skewered it herself, right? (Skewered) (Dipped like fondue) It must be tasty dipped like that. (Eating elegantly) (They make good spicy rice cakes here) Big eaters get achy arms when they eat one by one. So they skewer a whole bunch at once. (Skewered rice cake show) Incredible. (Wiping her mouth elegantly) (Pouty) (Stirring without eating) They don’t have a lot of rice cakes. I only ate a few, but I don’t see any left. (Did I hear that correctly?) The new hires must’ve been surprised. That’s strange. She said there were no rice cakes after eating them all. I was taken aback. (But there weren’t any…) Maybe she loses her memory when she eats. I saw her eat them all. (Didn’t we see her eat?) It was really tasty. I wanted to eat rice with the sauce. It was so tasty. Director Dongeun, do you always eat so much? I only eat moderate portions. Only as much as I’d like to eat. – Moderate portions? / – Yes. (Strange sight for first-time witnesses) (Director Dongeun’s “moderate portion”) (I eat until I drop…) I don’t have an appetite. You guys order what you want. I don’t see why I should eat so uncomfortably. (Inner conflict) (Pretending to look elsewhere) You said you aren’t eating. – I’m not. / – You refused to eat. I’m just looking, not eating. I was passing it on. (It’s for you) It’s for you, not me. (Fiddling around) (What the heck) (Uncomfortable but unstoppable) I don’t have an appetite. You guys order what you want. He’s eating too much without an appetite. (Beggar mode switched on) He wanted to eat his fill. To eat his money’s worth. (Inhaling chewy noodles) Isn’t it tasty? (Cough) Isn’t it tasty? Of course, it must be tasty. I admit it’s tasty. (Happy) He ate well. I think he ate the most. He had a larger dish. (A super-sized dish) He ate like a beastly servant. Beastly? His real feelings are revealed. He said, “beastly.” You might be fired for that. Am I the only one who thinks that? (Guilty) Don’t you agree? Honestly. He has a beggarly way of eating. It’s unique. You have good social skills. (New hire has better social skills) (Pleasing superiors) They would’ve felt uncomfortable if I refused to eat at a place like that. How considerate. You said you had an upset stomach. That came later. You felt better after seeing the food? He was being considerate. Once I start eating, the food just slips down. It’s strange. Do you happen to know Instructor Yang’s nickname? I know. It’s Stingy Yang. – There’s one more. / – She saw the show. What is it? It’s Beggar Yang. Beggar Yang. (Beggar Yang, haha) He said it right next to him. With his regional accent. Beggar Yang. (Holding back laughter) When I’m out and about, people even toss me coins. (People’s beggar) (Unfolding before their eyes) See how he eats. Once you do, you’ll know why he’s Beggar Yang. Didn’t he say he dislikes spicy rice cakes? There’s no food he dislikes. He eats first and regrets later. He never refuses to eat. He’s an omnivore. – He eats everything. / – An omnivore. He inhales everything. He stuffs everything in. Gym members would be scolded for eating like that. He finishes everything, then says, “It’s not my type of food.” (Culture shock) Finish it clean. Did you ever have this before? Not this food. – No, right? / – No. Eat up. It’s not really my taste. It’s not your taste? – Not your taste? / – No. But he’s still eating. I’m craving a piece of kimchi. (Kimchi, best for balancing creamy sauce) Jeongtae, don’t act posh. You never had this before, right? I was trying not to let on, but it’s my first time too. No big deal. No need to act posh. (New experience thanks to Stingy Yang) I tend to eat salty food. I don’t like bland food. – Bland food? / – It was too creamy. (Typical Korean taste) I’m not sure why people eat it. Honestly, I craved kimchi. I’ve had cream pasta before. The white stuff. Isn’t it the same? (Cream pasta or rice cakes) Cream pasta or carbonara… Isn’t it similar? Aren’t they similar? He doesn’t know what it is. To him, it’s “white stuff.” He just ate what was served. (Adding chewy noodles and bulgogi) Wow, chewy noodles. Here are the mushroom cream rice cakes. Thank you. (Mushroom cream rice cakes too) (Inhaling chewy noodles, part two begins) It’s practically a noodle shop. (I won’t be outdone) The battle is on. The food fighters. (Magic show, vanishing at once) It’s not too creamy for her. (Finishing the whole dish) I’m told Director Dongeun really loves creamy food like that. (She eats so well) (A scary group) Aren’t you glad we came here? There are so many all-you-can-eat spicy rice cake restaurants. Oh… All-you-can-eat. Sure. For spicy rice cakes, unlimited refills are the best. (Time for the bill) The money you spent at the all-you-can-eat beef restaurant… It was $142. ($359.70 for sushi) The spicy stir-fried chicken cost $87. (Red snow crab, $198) They ate six servings of spicy rice cakes. – Yes. / – Two servings of carbonara rice cakes. Plus four servings of instant noodles. Ten eggs, two servings of rice balls with brisket. Two servings of mushroom cream rice cakes. Plus, they added several toppings. Six servings of instant spicy rice cakes. The servings are much larger. Much larger. Served in a pot. – What’s the total? / – What’s the cost? (What will it be?) How much is it? It must be a lot. It’s $170.60. (Total cost, $170.60) (We ate $170 worth of spicy rice cakes?) For spicy rice cakes? I’ve never paid $170 for spicy rice cakes. It’s best to eat boiled eggs on the rooftop… Along with some instant noodles. With store-bought spicy rice cakes. He hates spending money. It tastes better. It’s rare to see people eat $170 worth of spicy rice cakes. How many people were there? ($28.43 per person) For me, the best meal we had… Remember the unlimited spicy stir-fried chicken? Yes. That place was the best. Why? It was the cheapest. How much was it per person? It was $10.90. He remembers the exact cost. Yes, since I want to go again. It was $10.90. Price aside, the food was tasty, right? It was so fancy. Of course, it was tasty. Regardless of the price. Of course. It had meat with seafood on the side. How can it not be tasty? They used good ingredients. They did. Will you go there again or not? (I’ll return vs. I won’t return) Where? – That place. / – That place? – Yes. / – I’ll go to the spicy stir-fried chicken place. So you won’t return. Spicy stir-fried chicken for $10.90. That place is the best. Will you return if another person is paying? Sure, I’ll go. Sure, I’ll go. Can’t you pretend to think it over? – No, I’ll go. / – You will? What if Director Dongeun is paying? Sure, I’ll go. More readily if Dongeun is paying. She never paid for a meal yet. So I’d have to go. I’m getting worried. With two new employees, he has to cut down on spending. He might cut down too much. That worries me a bit. We’ll stop eating out. Instant noodles instead of eating out? It’s time to rethink all-you-can-eat restaurants too. Even those places are too much? Yes. We’ll only eat on the rooftop. Will you start a rooftop garden to grow your own vegetables? – Don’t do that. / – Alright. Keep going to all-you-can-eat places. Alright. The two new employees are bound to earn their keep. – Including meal expenses. / – Sure. – So keep going. / – You’re right. Don’t be so stingy. I will only go to all-you-can-eat restaurants. (Ms. Shim guaranteed unlimited refills) We’re volunteering to deliver coal briquettes. This is Junggye’s Baeksa Village. There are only 400 households left. Sadly, this might be the last year volunteers can deliver coal briquettes to the elders here. The singer Sean carried up to 15 briquettes at once when he volunteered. Will you carry three briquettes at a time? Instructor Yang will probably carry more. More? (I can only laugh) I look forward to it. We usually don’t load as many. (Growing short of breath…) Step aside, will you? Sure. How many are you carrying? I have 15. Wow, he’s strong. Aren’t you tired? I’m fine. I’m carrying nine. Wow. – Let’s finish fast and go eat. / – Okay. (Hellish fitness trainer and robot Dongeun) (How will their volunteer work end?) (Tune in next week)

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