Boss in the Mirror | 사장님 귀는 당나귀 귀 EP.2 – Part.2 [SUB : ENG, THA/2019.05.19]

(Episode 2, Return of the Sweet and Sour Pork) (A team dinner for Chef Lee’s team) (They’re having a team dinner on their day off) (But the employees seem happy) They all look happy. We went all the way there on our day off because we missed him. Oh, really? (Are they being serious?) – I think they hated it. / – Did someone order them? Are they seriously saying that? (The employees find it hard to believe) He’s here. – Hello. / – Hello. – Good to see you. / – Good to see you. Oh, Hyeonggu. You’re here. Yes, hello. Sit. You called the whole team? I told them if they want to come, come. It’s my first time seeing you two. (He discovers new faces) It must’ve not been long since you started. – Yes. / – 1 month. It’s been 1 month? – Yes. / – I haven’t been here for over a month? Time flies. Did you know we were coming here? I had no idea. – No idea? / – Yes, I had no idea. The team dinner? At first, I hated it, because I was tired. I wanted to finish quickly and rest. I hated it. (Smiles) No one enjoys team dinners. Yes. (Look at this guy) We closed the restaurant only 2 days out of the year. – Only 2 days a year? / – 2 days a year? Seollal and Chuseok. Resting 1 day a month happened later. It happened much later but I was so thankful for it. We won’t need to go in the kitchen here, right? – What? / – We can just enjoy the meal, right? You won’t need to go into the kitchen. There’s no need. You just need to enjoy the meals. We won’t be making sweet and sour snow crabs or anything, right? Wow, that sounds good. You must only be thinking of sweet and sour pork. You must’ve pondered a lot about it. Sweet and sour pork. Things like sweet and sour snow crabs… You need to do something to the bitter end. (The preliminary table setting arrives) – This is our preliminary table setting. / – Alright. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (Only one employee is serving them) You’re serving us, manager? Should we help you? – No, it’s alright. / – We’re good at that. Just leave it there. If you leave it there, we’ll just pass it down. (We’re fast) (Fast and accurate) – It’s an occupational hazard. / – It seems like it. They can’t stay still. (Is this a team dinner or a serving event?) Pass it down. This one, too. (The preliminary table setting is complete!) Wow, that looks good. The snow crab you ordered is here. (The main characters, snow crabs, are here) They have good reactions. I’ve never seen people this happy at a team dinner. (Good thing I fed them good food) (Looking forward to the food) (They greet the brilliant figures of the snow crabs) Oh, my. Of course they had good reactions, look at the food. It’s completely different from our team dinner. Completely different. (This is a true display of class) Ta-da. There are a lot of snow crabs. Yes, there are. (The perfect menu for team dinners, snow crabs) It’s 1 crab per person. A whole crab? 1 crab per person. (Jaw-dropping) 1 crab per person? If it’s a team dinner like that, I want to go too. It’s not bad. (Gulps) – Lee Yeonbok! / – Lee Yeonbok! (These kids) I’ll teach you how to eat them deliciously. Please take a seat. (I’m truly envious) Does Coach Hyun not buy you crabs? No. It’s very expensive. If it’s a team dinner like this, on your days off… I’d go. – Would you go? / – I would. (No doubt about it) (Chuckles) Please take a seat and put on your seatbelts. (Chef Lee is the best) (Happy) Even jokes like that, he receives applause for, because it’s such a good atmosphere. I think that was the funniest joke I heard all year. (Sulks) You dip it into the yellow bean sauce. Yellow bean sauce? Yes. If you mix it with the yellow bean sauce, then it becomes irresistible. (Oh, my) (Shaking his head) That’s harsh. It becomes harder to laugh each time. It’s before the bill was paid, so they need to laugh. (It was funny for me) I’m going to go insane! I’ll go insane from this. I’ll go insane from this. This might not have any meat inside, but it’s good for picking teeth. (Forced laughter) Stop it. Stop laughing at his jokes. It’s evident that they’re laughing forcefully. If they laugh, he’ll keep making those jokes. It’s really good. (What is this intense response?) Take three of these… And you can use it as a backscratcher. (Nice shot, chef) They’re laughing without any soul. (King of team dinner jokes, Lee Yeonbok) (Finally, time to eat the snow crabs) (Sucking) (A big bite) This is amazing. He’s very slow. – Wow, that looks good. / – It looks delicious. (Yum) It’s really good. Thank you. If you go to a delicious team dinner, you say “thank you” automatically. Tomorrow is the first day of sweet and sour pork… – So be careful and detailed. / – Alright. – Don’t undercook it. / – They’re talking about work. It must be done. It’s okay to cook it for longer. – It’s suddenly very tense. / – The meat… Will become dry and hard. When you start tomorrow morning… – Decide the order well. / – Are you doing this… As they’re eating right now? It’ll get confusing if it gets busy. Didn’t you press the button earlier? I don’t talk for very long. – It was short? / – It’s short. You kept it brief, unlike someone else? Briefly. Alright, I understand. She’s making it scary for me to speak. She’s just laughing right now. (Just laugh it off) (Embarrassed) I think… You’re going to make them work a lot since you’re feeding them good food. (A satisfying shot) Eat. – Let’s talk while we eat. / – Alright. (Their chopsticks move very quickly) (Let’s get down to eating) Team leader Hongun must not buy meals like this for team dinners. (Frozen) That was a low blow. That was… A low blow. – Scolding your son. / – Was that necessary? Geez. He wants to look better than his son. He wants to get credit. – No. / – No… This is my first time eating snow crabs. (Nobody is on my side) You’re the best. Use your personal money. I’ll pay for this meal. (He’s talking big for now) He can’t get pushed back by his father there. I haven’t seen you guys for a while, so if there’s anything you want to say to me, then go ahead. Who will speak first? It’s been a while since I’ve seen you… – Yes. / – But I think… You got very handsome. I got handsome? – No. / – What was that? (Collective jeering) He’s working on his social skills. What is he doing? (I’m jealous of him) Even I didn’t do that to my bosses. – He’s highly skilled in social skills. / – That was bad. (Even passionate U-Know acknowledges) You completely… (I’m being very honest) His social skill is improving by the day. (This is what you call social skills) He’s good. You really are the best. (Sigh) Hwanhui, you get 10 points. Thank you. If that’s how it starts, no one can say anything else. – It becomes a burden for the next person. / – Right. I used to only see you on TV. This is my first time meeting you in real life. Seeing you in person makes me feel overwhelmed and makes me want to work harder. If you’re getting overwhelmed, go to the hospital! Isn’t there a button for employees? Employees? – Oh, really? / – Yes. (Chef Lee is moved by his words) I love you. Wow, he said “I love you.” (This is so cringing) This may lead to a new religion. The reason they can do that is because… They need to learn how to cook Chinese food. Right. They can do that because Chef Lee is the person who can teach them those skills. That’s right. They respect him. I bet you wish someone in your class said that to you as well. I hear those words every day, so… I hear those words every day. (I’m sick of hearing them) (Respect) Oh, my. Everyone here is problematic. Can we step out for a moment? No, we can’t. We would’ve run away already if that was the case. (Here is someone else who wants to escape) You lost. He’s good. (What a shame) See? He said he loves me. I love you more. Something is wrong here. (Who am I and where am I?) Don’t your parents worry because you’re doing such difficult work? Our restaurant is a very difficult place to work at. How is it for you, Jaemun? They worry a lot. About what? I lost a lot of weight, but they see me on TV sometimes and see that I’m getting along with the chef, so I think that helps reassure them. That’s a relief. What about you, Hyeongsik? My parents… Also worry a lot about me. (Suddenly tearing up) Is he crying? – His face got red. / – He’s about to cry. No. Really? If you don’t have passion, you can’t work at our restaurant. It’s too difficult. (The day goes without a moment of rest) It’s a very difficult job. (The reason they can’t give up…) My mindset changed. It’s different from before and after you get married. Before I got married, I wanted to quit. Yes, there are times like that. There were many times, so I wondered if I was going down the right path. Now… I have to do it. Because I have a family. – I have to provide for them. / – For his family. (Hongun, as a father) (Byunghyun, as a father, can relate) (For his personal dreams) (And for his family) – 1, 2, 3, let’s go! / – Let’s go! Jaemun, let’s work hard. – You, as well, alright? / – Yes. Thank you for buying us delicious snow crabs today. We’d be very thankful if you come again next time and buy us delicious food. We love you. – We love you. / – We love you. (We love you, chef) I’m sure you look forward to visiting again. I’ll buy snow crabs for them again next time. Next time, yes. You might not be able to often, but once in a while is great. (Scratching) It looks like he’s got something to say. (It seems nice in here, so about the Sichuan pork…) (No, wait. He might scold me) Tomorrow, you’ll be selling sweet and sour pork for the first time. I think 50 dishes should be enough. Set that as your goal tomorrow. – Alright. / – Alright. – Let’s do well! / – Let’s do well! (With the team dinner, they turned over a new leaf) (8:30 p.m. at Yeonbok and Hongun’s Busan house) I enjoyed the meal. Aren’t you full? I’m full. I’m so full because I ate so much. (I enjoyed the meal but…) Why aren’t they speaking? That’s how fathers and sons are like. It’s like that. It’s awkward with sons for some reason. Right. The kids are doing well, right? Yes, they are. Call them on a video chat. I was going to go see them today since it was my day off. I couldn’t because you didn’t let me. He’s hitting him where it hurts. – Oh… / – Yes. Because of sweet and sour pork? Yes, because of sweet and sour pork. I came here from Seoul today as well for sweet and sour pork. Oh, that’s right. So, why are you… (Moody) On my day off… Why… Their personalities are the same. They are. (Even their moodiness is the same) (He attempts to call them on a video chat) (Waiting for his grandchildren) They’re not picking up? (Here I am!) – Oh, my. / – How cute. Dad! – Hi. / – Grandpa! Hi. Oh, all your teeth fell out? (Second child, Taehan also enters the scene) (The smile of a grandfather) – Who am I? / – Dad. Dad and who else? Say “grandpa.” Grand… What did you say? The kids must only see their father. I think they’ll call him Chef Lee Yeonbok. (No way) What did you say? Dad. – Dad. / – Yes. He’s getting upset. – It’s hectic. / – It’s too hectic. Hey. Hold the cellphone… Yes. What’s the youngest one’s name? Taejun. What’s the youngest one’s name? Taejun. – Youngest? / – You don’t know his name? “What’s the youngest one’s name?” It was too hectic. There are times when you suddenly forget. It’s so hectic. You children, for sure, are hectic. Do you want to eat grandpa’s sweet and sour pork? Ouch! You… Kids are usually like that when on the phone. They don’t care at all, right now. Do you want to eat the pork or not? (It doesn’t matter) (There’s no stopping these kids) I’ll see you back in Seoul. – They’re… / – They don’t care at all. They don’t care. I’ll see you later, it’s too hectic right now. Alright. Times like that drain all your strength. Yes, when the kids are very hectic… (Even he finds it hard to manage his grandchildren) (After the video call ends…) It’s awkward again. – It’s awkward after the phone call. / – That… Sweet and sour pork you tested. – Yes. / – That’s all they’re talking about. They keep… Won’t be problematic, right? Sweet and sour pork. I gained confidence, so I want to cook it faster. He must’ve really liked… – The sweet and sour pork. / – Yes. He’s gained a lot of confidence. I want our customers to quickly taste it. Too much confidence can lead to problems. Be more composed. (Getting worried for some reason) The thing you need to be the most careful of is… – When you slice the meat. / – Yes. You might put new meat on top of the meat you already cut before. Oh, first in, first out? That’s right. If the dish comes back with lots of leftovers… – You need to taste it. / – Alright. (Even advice regarding the taste) (It feels like it’ll end soon) (But the lecture continues) Later, your neck ends up hurting because you keep looking in one direction. They’ve been talking for an hour. – An hour. / – One by one. It’s too long. It might actually be better to play on their phones instead of talking. No, he likes listening to my voice. Who? My son. (Here, have some of this button) (A fast touch, as expected from a basketball player) Oh, that was fast. (He really did like my voice) (The next day) The morning came. Oh, you finally went back. – Did you take the first plane back? / – Yes. (Chef Lee heads back towards Seoul) Peace has returned to Busan. I feel peaceful. (Peace has finally returned to Busan) (9 a.m. at the Busan branch restaurant) (The anticipated first day of sweet and sour pork) The first day of sweet and sour pork. I’m nervous. Chef Lee, this is also your first time seeing the first day of sweet and sour pork, right? Yes, it is. – I’m curious about your response. / – It’s my first time. (The light comes on in the hall) (Changing the menus for the customers) Customers will know after coming today that they’ll be serving sweet and sour pork. Are lines that long every day? It seems like it. – It always starts with a line. / – Really? – Hello. / – Hello. The people that can’t come in have to wait. That’s amazing. As soon as they open the doors, the place gets filled to capacity. (The kitchen has also become busy) (Chopping scallions) (Chopping eggplants) (Also beating the meringue) (The ingredients are being prepared quickly) Alright, everyone. Today is the first day of sweet and sour pork… Yes. So let’s make sure we don’t have any problems. – Alright. / – Let’s do well. – Let’s do well! / – Let’s do well! During the team dinner, you said they should start by trying to sell 50 dishes, right? (Nervous) How many people will order sweet and sour pork? (Receiving orders at the hall) One sweet and sour pork. – The first order is in. / – Oh, my. Sweet and sour pork. (The first table orders the sweet and sour pork) Yes, tell the hall to seat the reservations over there. Alright, the first order of sweet and sour pork. – Alright. / – He must be happy. It’s a good thing he listened to his dad. The basics of a Chinese restaurant, it may not be much, but black bean noodles, spicy seafood noodles and sweet and sour pork are a must. (The team leader fries them himself) (Intensely focused) (Sizzling) Wow, that looks good. (A sound which stimulates the appetite) – You fry it more than once, right? / – Yes. If we have time, we fry it at least 3 times. (Another oil shower) (Beep) The next order is in. Another order of sweet and sour pork. 2 orders of sweet and sour pork in total. We still don’t have sauce. Alright. This is the sauce for the sweet and sour pork, right? (He makes the sauce himself as well) (As if his teacher is watching) (He likes seeing his edited eyebrows) Angry… I thought it was his real eyebrows. (That caught me by surprise) (One by one) The first sweet and sour pork! Wow, it looks good. It looks really good. First sweet and sour pork is going out. – Yes. / – Alright. (The first sweet and sour pork is ready) That looks really good. (I’m hungry) The sweet and sour pork is here. Thank you. Their new product for today must be the pork. – You need to see their reactions. / – Right. That’s important. It looks good. (I need to take a photo of this) Moms are very accurate. They’re very objective. They are. That’s because they’ve eaten a lot. Moms are the scariest. (How does it taste?) You can tell the taste by the first bite. (Nodding) It’s good. It has a good texture. It’s good. They must use tender meat. It tastes good. It’s not gamey, which is nice. Oh, the reviews are good. The results are in. – They are. / – The results are in. (The first sweet and sour pork starts as a success!) (The sweet and sour pork orders continue) – One sweet and sour pork. / – Alright. One sweet and sour pork! (Team leader Hongun is overflowing with energy) Sweet and sour pork! They keep ordering sweet and sour pork. (The orders keep flooding in) (In order to add the essential taste of fire) (They toss the wok endlessly) (This is very mouthwatering) (Black bean noodles and spicy seafood noodles) I want to eat all of them. (Main Chinese menus are here) This is too much to watch right now. (The dishes continue to pour out) (The kitchen has no time to rest) Sweet and sour pork for your next team dinner? I think we’ll have to. Oh, come. He always tells people to come but once you go, you’ll have to wait in line for a long time. (31 groups of customers currently waiting) – That’s amazing. / – It’s an endless stream of people. Oh, my. People line up like that for big sales, don’t they? – Jaemun. / – Yes. Why aren’t we getting any pork orders? We just received an order. Oh, we did? Is he going to put the other dishes aside because of sweet and sour pork? The orders for the pork need to keep coming. (The person who’s having it the hardest…) (Is the one in charge of the sweet and sour pork) Oh, hey. To separate the porks apart… – Jeongyeon. / – Yes. Don’t put too much sauce. – Alright. / – Good. (Even as he’s cooking other dishes) Today is the day of sweet and sour pork. (His eyes go to the sweet and sour pork) It’s sticking because you’re frying it like that. (Why is he being like that?) If you do that, the batter… I’ll talk to you about it later. He should’ve told her precisely how to do it. (Hongun, who was the employee yesterday) (Has returned as the boss) He suddenly became the boss again. – Right… / – It feels like he’s a boss. (Oh, son) He suddenly changed. His expression completely changed, right? For certain, in a kitchen without Chef Lee, the team leader is the boss. (Hongun is king of the kitchen without Chef Lee) Most bosses tend to be a bit frustrating. (Ms. Shim is the only one on Hongun’s side) They’re a bit frustrating. Yes. One sweet and sour pork. Alright. One more sweet and sour pork. – Alright. / – Alright. – There are a lot of orders. / – One order of pork. What would they have done without it? It’s 9 orders, including the last one that came in. – 9 in a row? / – Let’s go. We need to serve 9 more? 9 sweet and sour pork? 9? We need to make 9 more. It needs to be served? Let me ask if we should serve the stir-fried crab first… Team leader, should we serve the stir-fried crab before serving the 9 orders of sweet and sour pork? Or…? Sweet and sour pork? Serve it right away. – All of it, right now? / – Yes. (Why is he acting like this?) How much sweet and sour pork sauce is left? We currently have just enough for 1 more serving of the sweet and sour pork. Just one? What’s going on? There are 9 orders, but only enough sauce for 1? There’s no sauce? There must be no sauce. (There’s no sauce?) (Were you flustered due to the lack of sauce?) It wasn’t very hectic. What? He looked very hectic. It wasn’t very hectic because we sold sweet and sour pork in the past. He had a blank face for a while. Yes. He looked the most hectic out of everyone else. Times like that, it’s not just important to cook well. – What should be made first… / – The solution… – Is important. / – He needs to calculate it well… So that it can be served quickly. (Their solution is?) Can you hurry and put the pork in the fryer? (Team leader Hongun takes the lead) Hold on. (He first helps with frying the necessary amount) (He then immediately starts on the sauce) They’re very busy. (When it’s too much to do for one person) The orders for the sweet and sour pork are massive. Right. There are too many. Okay. I think the person who’s cooked it before should help her. (The employees help each other effortlessly) (They were flustered for a moment) (But regained their composure very quickly) Wow, that’s fried nicely. Let’s go. (The sweet and sour pork stacks up like a mountain) Kitchens really are very hectic. (Fast and accurate) (The highlight of sweet and sour pork…) Okay. (The sauce is complete) (With love and care for each and every one) (The sweet and sour pork is prepared) Your sweet and sour pork is served. It’s hot. (The food is served within 8 minutes of ordering) (Proud) I came here last time because it looked good, but they didn’t have sweet and sour pork then. Korean people really like sweet and sour pork. They really do. (Give me sweet and sour pork, please) (Yum) Oh, my. He wants to eat it. (Oh, this restaurant is good) (They manage to pass the flood of orders) I’m going to step out for a second. (Where is he suddenly going?) When you start selling the sweet and sour pork… – They’ll all get served, right? / – Yes. Take a lap around the hall and look… – At their expressions. / – Oh, that’s right. – You must see their expressions. / – Alright. Not just for the sweet and sour pork, but all the food. (Hongun has come outside to follow the order) He can go outside because it’s a bit slow now. We supplemented it with what we needed. I was curious about how it tasted. It’s not greasy at all and it doesn’t taste like it’s fried in oil. It’s very light and clean. You didn’t cast those people in secret, did you, Chef Lee? Oh, no. (No way) Does it taste alright? It doesn’t smell. It’ll be good if we can dip it as well. We can always make that possible if you tell us when you order it. Yes. Your sweet and sour pork is here. (They sold 75 orders of sweet and sour pork that day) It’s very hot, please be careful. (The sweet and sour pork returned as a big success) I think if we continue like this, it’ll work. My confidence has become firm. I’m more confident. Thank you. He acknowledged his father. Time to eat. Let’s eat. Come eat. (Rice served with clear seafood soup) What is that? Clear seafood soup? (And it’s sweet and sour pork, but…) Oh, that. There are peppers in that. Oh, there are. The son must really like… Spicy, sweet and sour pork. When you eat lunch with the employees tomorrow, cook sweet and sour pork for them. They need to taste it and like it so they can confidently tell the customers that it’s a good dish. In one way, it might just be me being stubborn… (Hongun doesn’t know how to give up) I want to add another dish that has a spicy element to it. Sichuan sweet and sour pork? (Attempting to make Sichuan sweet and sour pork) This needs work. It needs work? (He was told it needed work yesterday) He’s very persistent. (He tries again immediately the next day) That’s the stubbornness of a chef. The Sichuan has been prepared for lunch? (He’s something else) All he did was add a bit of spiciness. It needs work. It requires a lot of work to be good. (I told him it wasn’t ready yet) – Thank you for the meal. / – Thank you for the meal. (Yeonbok is more curious) (Crunchy) Spicy sweet and sour pork. Yes, the Sichuan sweet and sour pork are served. (Everyone is enjoying the meal) Yum. Yum? Yum. This is good. It’s good. (Itching to hear their reactions) This is Sichuan sweet and sour pork. (Oh, alright) – He said it himself. / – He did. There needs to be something after “oh.” Something was a bit lacking before, so I fixed it and cooked it again. (The Sichuan sweet and sour pork has been fixed) The meat is very tender. Yes, it is. This may surpass the fried shrimp sandwich. What? Fried shrimp sandwiches are really good. It can beat fried shrimp sandwiches? (No way) – Is it good? / – Yes, it is. Can we put it on the menu? The Sichuan sweet and sour pork? Yes. I think the sweet and sour pork itself… – Sells well, right? / – Is it a success? Does it taste alright? I don’t think it’s ready yet. – Oh, good. / – There needs to be someone like him. (A refreshing voicing of one’s conviction) Speaking to his convictions. Hwanhui, I like you. (I like your bravery) What about you guys, over there? Tell me. It’s good. – Oh. / – It’s sufficiently spicy. They didn’t tell him. Do you have enough? The fact that you need seconds is proof that it tastes good. We’re savoring each bite. It’s not enough for us. They were probably hungry. So these are social skills. They must’ve taken a dish with a big serving. (Looking around) He keeps checking as he’s eating. (Checking to see if they’re eating well) Oh. That’s very burdensome. – It is. / – He’s checking as he eats. This is burdensome. Seeing who eats more. It’s slightly burdensome. He’s being too forceful. This… Who did you press this for? What? For your son. – Your son. / – You pressed it for him, right? Yes. Oh, you thought it was for you? I got very surprised. It’s okay if we pressed it for your son? What? He deserves to get yelled at. (No exceptions, even if it’s his son) He keeps doing it even though I said no. You need to watch this show later, son. (A human’s greed knows no end) (He keeps repeating his mistake) That… Between the sweet and sour pork made by Chef Lee and the one made by me, which one tastes better? (Difficult situation) It’s a very difficult situation to be in. (Is it Yeonbok’s sweet and sour pork?) You need to ask this when no one is there, not when you’re sitting right in front of them. It’s hard to speak to this objectively. It’s like asking to pick your favorite parent. (Coughing, wary) He’s getting indigestion. (Pretending not to hear) (Suddenly the atmosphere is tense) Is he usually that persistent? – Why is he like that? / – He… He took my recipe and just added a little spiciness. But he’s asking which one tastes better. – He’s very cute. / – It makes no sense. (Embarrassed) They both taste good. (The table filled with social skill experts) “They both taste good.” I know as well, obviously, that you can’t answer that question. How could you? (Disappointed) Which one tastes better? – That persistence. / – He’s too direct. She’s sitting right next to him. Stop it. – He’s too direct. / – She’s right next to him. (Gosh) Which one tastes better? There’s a lot of food in my mouth right now. It’s okay, I’ll wait. I’ll wait for you. (I think I’m going to choke) – It’s good. / – It’s good? – Which one tastes better? / – Unbelievable. He’s the worst out of everyone this week. He’s the worst out of everyone this week. How is it, Yunji? Which one tastes better between the one made by Chef Lee and the one made by me? (Hurry up and say mine) They both taste good. They both taste good. (He seems satisfied for now) See, she said they both taste good. He looks like he’s having fun. I feel like he might be joking around. Hwanhui. – Oh, no. / – Yes. Hwanhui. – This person is very… / – Yes. He’s very honest. (Question he can’t avoid) When the chef cooked it, that was good. This one… No, you have to pick one. Don’t be like that. (The boss of persistence) Right now, for me, this one tastes good. Chef Lee isn’t here. That’s right. You know that Chef Lee really likes you, right? You’re finished. Hand in your resignation. (Oh, right) Oh, actually, I think Chef Lee’s tasted a bit better. (Having fun teasing him) (Chef, you know what I mean, right?) I feel pretty good. Of course, Chef Lee’s tastes better. That’s obvious. I think I need to work hard so I can come closer to his cooking abilities, right? (When are you planning to sell the Sichuan pork?) With Sichuan pork, when the restaurant is busy, it becomes difficult to add something to the menu. (But) Within a fast time period, when it becomes stable… – I want to sell it. / – Oh, no. Oh, no. He hasn’t given up yet. He’s worse than I am. Is there something that you think you’re better at than your son? I think I have a better personality. (Chef Lee, why are you being like this?) Seriously, this guy. This is slightly… Finally, Jongkyu. Which boss was the most frustrating for you? For me… It was Chef Hongun. – A vote for Chef Hongun. / – He said it was you. What about you, Chef Lee? (Who does Yeonbok pick?) – Me, too. / – Who was the most frustrating? I think Lee Hongun as well. You’re going places, son. You got picked for 1st place. (He ascended as the most frustrating boss) – Hurry up. / – Alright. Mother, we’re here. (The heirs are called to Ms. Shim’s roof) I think if anyone else saw us, they’d think you are our stepmom. Sometimes, my in-laws are… – More comfortable. / – You’re like a stepmom. Look at Jongkyu. Oh, no. (Coach Hyun is unusually sensitive today) The best award for today, the award for the best coach. (What award will Coach Hyun receive?) (A new boss enters the scene) (Hip hop legend, Tiger JK) (Let’s meet Tiger JK as the boss) What should we do now? It’s a good thing this happened. Really? There’s no such thing as “impossible” to me.

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