The weekend is here! We have to go up quietly. (Where are you guys
going?) I’m going to scream while
going up. You can’t! Shhh We’ll get caught! (Get caught?
What are you guys up to?) This is…the taping site for a music show
featuring emcee Jisoo! It’s been nearly a year
since Jisoo became emcee. Already! And she will be hosting
her last show as emcee… So we wanted to go and show our
support to make her proud. (The girls are making
gifts by hand) I think I’m pretty
good at this. Who, you?
-Me. Look how fast I am! I’m like a mini
factory. I’m like a little
self-running farm. Farm? Is that right? Factory? (They can’t tell what’s
right or wrong ^^;;) (Lisa gets it right!) Are you sure you’re Korean?? You should stick some on here. We leave Jisoo in your care! Let me put this on your back. (Putting the sickers all over Lisa) You want it on your forehead?
Really? (Do you really want
to do that…?) She’ll like it, right? (You guys….^^;;;;) Ah! We need this! (Li & Chaeng: Jisoo’s official
managers for a day) They need the stickers to
enter the waiting area. If people ask who you are
you can show them this. How does Jisoo like to be treated? 1. A manager has to have a blanket ready. Because it’s cold. So she doesn’t catch a cold. A blanket. 2. You also have to monitor her well. Make sure to film that well. Can you film her well? You don’t know when she will need you. 3. So you need to stay close by. (Manager training THE END!)
-We leave Jisoo in your care! -We leave Jisoo in your care!
(Too much enthusiasm ^^;;) -We leave Jisoo in your care!! So, what is Jisoo doing
right now? Checking her hair
and makeup (Jisoo thinks she is taping
on her own) Ouch! I think it’s blocked
again… (The girls sneak in unnoticed…) (5 seconds before
meeting Jisoo) (4 seconds before
meeting Jisoo) (1 second before
meeting Jisoo) 1, 2, 3! (Bursts out laughing) Hello!! I’m 22-year-old Rosé Park. I’m 22-year-old Lalisa. We look forward to working for you! What’s this??
Is it a health drink? Do you want a vitamin drink? Oh, a massage! You’re hired! You should give the drinks
to people around us. Hello! We put Jisoo in your care! (I’ll take credit for the drinks ^^) Please look after Jisoo! Oh! This is a good idea. I like it. Go and do some business! You have to make me
look good! Please take care of Jisoo! Manager’s duty 2: Remembering work colleagues (Jisoo worked with
Do-young the longest) (Three make a lot of noise ^^;;;) Hello! (It’s the heroine of “Heroine”!) Manager’s job 3:
greeting older colleagues Please take care of Jisoo! You’re so beautiful. #Sunmi
#ThankYou I have to go to rehearsal now.
Don’t bother me. I’ll hold your blanket. I’ll drink your coffee. 10 minutes until live! Hurry!! Manager’s job 4. monitoring
(almost forgot ^^;;) (My long legs serve as a tripod
my fingers are the shutter) While faithfully carrying out
a manager’s duties… The girls run into labelmates, iKON! I was a little upset because
we’re neighbors… but we didn’t get any macarons.
(refer to ep. 1) Why are you bringing that up now? It can happen!
(Everyone ignores him…) I was upset! We hope Blackpink House
reaches 1 million views!! Blackpink House Fighting!! Going live soon! This is fun! I always
wanted to watch like this. Me, too. (Today the girls are
just BLINK) Emcees greet audience
before starting the show Jisoo Kim!
-Jisoo!! (Why are you guys
still here!) She hates it!
I knew it ^^ (Then we’ll cheer for you even
more passionately ^^) Please…keep it down guys ^^;;; Oh yeah, we’re supposed
to be managers ^^;; (Jisoo Fighting!
We’re sending you support!!) (The girls actually watch
Jisoo emceeing) (This is fun!!
This is exciting!!) Cue~
(Copying Jisoo ^^) (Cheering on their labelmates) Lisa’s cover(?) dance (Haha what are they doing??) (The girls keep dancing
from their seats) (They know all the moves) Sunmi steals the stage but
Lisa is the “heroine” of the audience I waved at them but they were
too busy dancing! (Gave up on trying to
get their attention ^^;;) The excitement grows (Should we tell them
to calm down ^^;;;) It’s already time to
announce the rankings Good job Jisoo!!! The one-day managers
return to the waiting room It’s almost your one-year
anniversary as emcee! That’s right.
(Bursting into tears) You worked hard over the past year. You represent us! Emcee Chu~! Good job, good job! Monster Lisa! You all did a great job today! You were great today!
(Rediscovering Jisoo’s talent) You guys came before my last show! Receiving hugs and kisses
from the younger members I felt confident because
you guys were here. Really??
-Really? I always go there alone but I always feel more reassured when
I go as Black Pink. It felt reassuring knowing they were there. I was thankful. You did a great job over the past year. You guys are fired
as of today ^^ You can’t even drive! The girls experience their
first and last day of work ^^
Good night!! BLINK! Pay attention! Black Pink’s promise (What promise??) 88 million views=surprise event!! Aren’t you curious? If you are… then click, click, click!! Wait right here!! The words Black Pink
members say all the time! Do you know who I am? (So this is what we
prepared for you!) In-depth coverage of what these girls
usually do… The girls are usually full
of cheer and good fun! There’s nothing these
girls can’t do! But… 0??? You’re really bad… Hey!
(Lisa’s humiliation) The most hardcore… (Hardcore?) Fire show, sawing, hammering… (What combination is this?) Lisa=in charge of slapstick comedy She’s doing a comic skit
with her body! I’m so dizzy. You’ll see a new side
of these girls next week!

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    There was a time….where I was scared of losing blackpink.
    I got into BTS and was only talking about them. Now I know why. I just got into them, of course I was interested! I already knew almost everything about Blackpink! But did I change my profile picture? No. Jennie was still on it. Did I stop stanning those Queens!? OF COURSE NOT!!!!! Did I watch more BTS videos? Tbh yes. I already know all BP videos. Did I change my channel theme? No. It was still Blackpink ❤ Maybe I'll add BTS. I realized, I'm not loving blackpink any less. I'm just becoming a multi fandom. BTS and Blackpink are my bias groups. But if I could only see one of them in a concert….. It would be Blackpink 💕
    I was scared of not being a loyal Blink, but I was 💜
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