Chaeng’s Tour This is awesome!! #realadventure
#everyoneshout Did you think it
would only be fun? We’re trekking! #totallyextreme
#hopeursafe I didn’t think it would be
so extreme. I’m tired. (The skies may be grey
but the girls are still pink) -It’s raining a lot.
-I can’t see. Let’s go! The arms are kind of weird. Yeah, you’re right. (This girl stands frozen among the
busy members.) (Serious) #dizzying #heights #scary I think this will… It looks difficult… You don’t think you can do it? I’m scared of heights so I don’t
like looking down from high places. (Chaeng’s Tour is scary…) (This is completely different
from parasailing) (Jisoo, come on!) (Safety lessons are a must
before ziplining) The equipment makes it look… even more daunting. (can’t hear anything) He said not to worry and that
he’ll make sure we are safe. (How can you NOT worry?) (Jisoo tries to be brave
for Chaeyoung) (I’ll survive, right?) Rosé is ready! Lisa is ready! Jennie is ready! (I’m not ready yet…) It’s scary!
(Fear is taking over Jisoo) Let’s go! (The rain has ceased
at the perfect timing.) (The girls arrive at the
starting point) (There are 10 different
courses by difficulty) It’s going to be awesome. I thought of this idea! (Someone disagrees)
-I’m scared. I don’t know when to go.
When will it be the least scary? The order doesn’t matter. (Who wants to go first?) (I do!) (Slightly nervous) (I’m more nervous…) I’m off! Bye! Bye!! Bye!! (The easiest course) It wasn’t scary at all. It’s scarier watching. (The tour organizer is ready!) (Her posture looks steady) (This is so much fun!) (A safe landing) (Complete satisfaction!) Let’s go, Lisa!! (Flying like a bird…) (Hello? Are you there?) (As Lisa took off) (Gasp!) They pushed her off!! (You’re next) (She can’t move…) It’s scary… I’m short.
My feet barely reach the floor… What am I going to do? (You can do it!) (She stepped off the platform!) (Horror) (Delight) (Peace) How was it? (It wasn’t that bad afterall) Let’s go!
(Moving to the next course) Wow this is a complete forest. What? (The girls have to enter the forest
to get to the next course.) I wore the wrong shoes… (This is almost like
mountain climbing) (The rain starts falling again) I was never good at
this sort of thing. It’s hard! I wore the wrong shoes… (When you go ziplining
make sure to wear sneakers) (Are you sure? You don’t
seem to be okay.) Those aren’t monkeys, are they? I think they’re people screaming.
(Now they’re hearing things) (They still have a long way
to go) I didn’t think it would
be so extreme! That’s what I’m saying! I thought it would be over after
one slide down. (The 2nd course is 20 minutes
away by foot.) (What did we just hear?) (Our Jisoo has changed!) (Out of breath) Aww, your shoes… (Rosé’s sandals look
especially uncomfortable) I don’t expect to keep
these sandals. My feet…
Why did my feet turn blue? It’s okay…
(She said it was okay but…) What about my foot? (After ziplining) (Her feet had turned
completely blue) It’s the same color as her toenails! (Ziplining memories dyed into Rosé’s foot) What are we going to do? Fighting! ( Higher and longer Course 2) What am I going to do? I’m getting goosebumps! (The most excited) Safety first! Safety first! (Looking at the scenery
while flying through the sky) (Breathing in fresh air
as an added bonus) Wow!! I’m living out my fantasy. (The girls are already at Course 4) (This girl sounds like she’s in pain…) (Mommy T.T) (With more speed comes more thrills) Wow this is amazing! It’s so fast!! (Going together makes
it less scary, right?) (The girls have entered Course 9) (Wo…….w) (I’m Tarzan!!) I was really scared at first. But, I really love the mountains. It felt great to be hiking again and it felt great to be like Tarzan. (Overcame her fear!) Look at that! It’s so pretty! (From the summit, the girls notice
something) That’s really amazing.
The scenery is beautiful. It looks completely different from
a sunny day. The fog is making it look
even more spectacular. I think the rain is making
the atmosphere special. (The girls are suddenly
one with the rain) Koh Samui, are you
taking a shower? Look at those trees.
They look amazing. (Yes, the rain is helping get rid of all
the dirt that’s piled up lately) -It’s like a palm tree.
-It’s really pretty. They’re all coconut trees. (All smiles) This is not the end! The last course
=goes straight down (The girls are dizzy
from the height) We have to go
straight down that hole? Right now?? No one said anything
about this! This is scary
(Even brave Jennie is scared) (But, she still goes first!) Fighting!! Bye!! I’m scared! (Going straight down!) Ah! That was really scary! If I felt this scared,
Jisoo could cry. (No need to worry about tears here.
Lisa goes next) Let her go slow…
That’s good. I think I’ll be okay at
this speed. A strong but short
scream! WOW! Isn’t it thrilling? Can you tell him to
let me down slowly? How do you sit down? This is really scary! This is far scaried than
I had imagined! Bye!! Isn’t it thrilling? This is no joke!
Full of thrills! They said you could choose… You can choose the speed
(Only Jisoo didn’t know) Not…okay. (The other members are
just laughing) I’ll get my revenge! He said he was going
to let me down slowly! Chaeng’s Tour
The End! (The organizer seems the most pleased.)
-It was really fun! It was really thrilling! It was beyond what I had
imagined! I think everyone was pleased
which is a relief. I think it would have been a shame
if we didn’t get to go ziplining. The experience raised the
bar for this trip as a whole. (A touching feeling felt towards
the end of the girls trip together) I was only able to do it because
we were together. It feels like it’s something
I’ll never be able to experience again. It was a wonderful experience. (We’ll remember this
because we are together.)

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  2. 5:37
    i’m Jisoo I’m ok
    so slowly, please
    i’m so scary
    scary scary slowly
    my heart so bounce
    scared noises
    i know your fa- screams
    i know his face! growls

    i love Jisoo so much

  3. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖💓💓💓💓💋

  4. Jennie:you are one of my best girls on the team. Rose: I love how t you look your hair and everything. Lisa:you are just having fun. Jisoo: you are cute and beautiful

  5. Me when I first tried zip lining I was scared to death but pretended to hide it I had the same reaction as Jisoo

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