BEST Icing EVER!!  How-to make the PERFECT Icing!

BEST Icing EVER!! How-to make the PERFECT Icing!

What’s up everybody? Today I’m gonna be showing you guys how to make my buttercream icing recipe I’m going to show you guys the full recipe how to make it also the do’s and don’ts of buttercream There’s so many things to know and I’m going to talk about it today. My name is Laurie, and you guys are watching the icing artist buttercream icing is Actually really simple to make and you can make in so many different ways you need 1 cup of fat to four cups of icing sugar For my fat. I’m using vegan butter and shortening I’m going to combine both of these together you guys can also use all butter or all shortening. It’s really up to you Whatever you guys prefer, and of course different combination will create different consistencies different densities and stuff This is the one that I like to use, and then we also have some clear vanilla extract again you guys can use the regular vanilla extract but clear is going to give that nice light white icing color and Because I’m using mainly shortening in my buttercream icing I am using a little bit of butter flavor and that’s going to bounce them and get a really nice Flavor A pinch of salt and of course my four cups of icing sugar now for people that always ask Can you make it with less icing sugar or can you use something else so it’s not as sweet? you can but it will of course change the consistency So if you guys want to use like 2 or 3 cups of icing sugar you can do that But it’s not going to be as dry, you are not going to be able to paper towel it Basically what’s going to be and to balance out the consistency of it I’m just using some water you guys can of course use milk or any other kind of liquid you want so first I’m going to Put my vegan butter in my Bowl Get all that in there, and then I put my shortening in as well And at this time, I always like to put in my flavors so I’m gonna be putting in my vanilla extract and My butter flavor as well as myself and terminix are on low efforts to start combining it now I’m going to speed it up a little bit just to get it nice and whipped and we’re gonna be whipping that for a couple minutes And that’s perfect. You just want to be like nice and whipped and all creamed together Now we start adding in our icing sugar into our mixture I’m going to add in two of the cups of my icing sugar and I’m using a stand mixer to do this because I find that it can really whip up my icing But of course you guys can do this handheld you just make sure like you’re enough to hold your hand there for a long time Because the more air that you whip into icing the lighter and fluffier it’s going to be That’s kind of the trick to making icing okay. I’m also going to add in my teaspoon of water I’m gonna add two in I always find it easier to use this to add water in I’ve got like better control and then turn it on low So that way, it doesn’t all like whip up in our face and puff up with all the icing sugar Once it’s lightly combined. You can start really whipping it up now and start turning it all the way up Ok. So I let that whip up for about two minutes And I’m going to add in the rest of my icing sugar and a bit more water dump dump dump dump dump It’s like icing sugar everywhere okay? I’m going to add in one more teaspoon of water back on for another two minutes Okay, I’m just going to check the consistency It seems a little bit thick on the mixer But we’re going to add in a little bit more water and thin it out And it’s also feeling very heavy and dense the more you whip it, the more air there’s going to be in there the lighter fluffier and less dense it’s going to be and that’s kind of what we’re going for with our icing, but it always depends on your Climate how much water you add in, what time of the year it is. In the summertime It’s very hot and humid so you guys want more of a stiffer consistency buttercream Then the winter time everything is very cold and hard you might need a little bit more water to make it thinner and re-whip it up All right, that should be good. Let’s just check this That is beautiful buttercream right there that is the perfect consistency it’s a nice and light white color But it’s not too thick or dense. It’s nice and light and fluffy so I’ve dyed my better pink paint I have the perfect consistency that we just made right here But I’ve also made a thicker and a thinner consistency to show you guys the difference and if you get to a point what to do to fix it and How you know that you have a thick or thin consistency buttercream?, so this one here is the thicker consistency buttercream I added more icing sugar into it so it’s very very stiff when you try to smooth it out You can see it struggling with a spatula more if you’re doing this to a cake What’s going to happen is this is going to actually rip the cake off of the cake you’re going to get like chunks coming out? lots of the Crumbs like in the buttercream And it’s just a little bit too thick to work with with a lot of my decorations I like to smooth out my cakes using a piece of paper towel I either like to smooth out the cake using a piece of paper towel I just rub it onto my icing and peel it off And you have a smooth finish With the thick one if this was cake it would be pushing the cake around a lot to try to smooth it out which again Can kind of struggle with the cake and if its smoothing it you can also see it like it’s so dry So you get these almost like cracks in it so with the perfect consistency buttercream you can see that I can scoop it together But it’s definitely a lot softer you can see here I can just smooth it out really nicely the spatula isn’t having a hard time at all is just kind of gliding through the icing You can get a nice and smooth. This is very nice to work with it You guys will be able to just smooth, smooth, smooth and rub it all around and peel it off And you’ll have a nice and smooth finish you don’t have to worry about any of those cracks or anything like that With a thinner consistency buttercream you can see it’s kind of like more of a glossy color my icing spatula just kind of goes Right through that you can definitely smooth it out But when you come back through it like your icing is going to get a lot more of those lines in it But where you’re going to find your issue with the thin consistency Is if you try to smooth it out with piece of paper towel This is where you guys are going to have the hardest time if you have to thin to the consistency This is what the main issue is if you go to smooth it out. You’re going to peel it up That’s exactly what you guys are going to get you’re going to get your icing sticking to your piece of paper towel Which is going to be part of your problem if you’re trying to pass something down? It’s just going to peel right off onto your icing of course. That’s the way I like to smooth out my cakes There are so many different ways you guys can do things if you guys like smoothing out your cake using an offset spatula And using a hot water method do that. If you guys like using the parchment Paper method Where you rub the parchment paper on and peel it off you guys can do that as well you can also get like a low Texture use paper towel, so doesn’t leave a lot of imprint It’s just completely up to you so basically It depends on what kind of icing you’re going. If you guys want to smooth out a cake or our pipe on little Animals or any kind of decorations onto a cake then that perfect? Consistency that’s right in the middle is the one you guys want to go if you can smooth it out You can also paper towel it you can work with it if you guys want to do fine lines and outline stuff or if you guys want to put it on the side of the cake and then Smooth it out with a spatula to kind of blend all the colors together you want this nice and tight lines Then you’re going to want to go with the thinner consistency Now if you guys have gone too far, and you have two of the finished consistency And it’s not what you’re looking for add some more icing sugar into it that will stiffen it back up And you’ll be able to pipe with it you guys can also if you wait a couple minutes they could– becomes like a little crusted layer that’s on top of the buttercream you can then paper towel it smooth and of course if It’s too thick and you can’t do anything with it Add some more water into it and just whip it up again, and that will thin it out if you’re all done with your icing for the day And you need to decorate the next date you guys can just put it in a ziploc bag make sure it’s airtight And you guys can store it for a couple days like that If you guys have it in a mixing bowl or container to put on some wrap film, make sure is airtight again and again you guys can store that for a couple days. You don’t want to leave your Icing out in the light because light can definitely change the color of your icing. I hope you guys really enjoyed this video today Thank you guys so much for everybody who requested learning how to make the buttercream icing recipe of course I will leave all the ingredients And all the stuff matte as well in the description box below you guys can check that out if you guys like this video give It a thumbs up and share it with your friends, and you guys aren’t currently subscribed to my channel Hit that floating head right there and subscribe to my channel I also leave some more of my videos that you guys might be interested in it will be here So you guys can check this out? And I will see you guys again back here next week because really turning something into cake Bye guys

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  1. The best tutorial video I've seen. I'm not a baker but my 6 year old son inspires to be one so we watched this together. We will definitely use this tutorial on the next baking/icing adventure. Thanks!

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