Bella Hadid | House Tour 2019 | Upscale New York Penthouse

Bella Hadid | House Tour 2019 | Upscale New York Penthouse

genius Bella Hadid has been a little
quiet lately aside from some rumors she was feuding with Selena Gomez nothing
was really confirmed with that though but we do know the girls share an
ex-boyfriend hip-hop artist the weekend in fact Bella and the weekend have been
on and off quite a few times so it’s been pretty hard to keep up at least for
me as far as I know they’re off at the moment and they called it quits again
around the time the weekend started sporting that stash but Bella was living
with him in NYC so I wonder how that’s all going down
Bella is best known for being a famous model and having a really fit figure
that almost makes her look superhuman at the time of this recording she’s only 23
years old and has 26 point seven million followers on Instagram she was
introduced to Hollywood when she was featured on the Real Housewives of
Beverly Hills so I guess that makes her a reality star too her parents are the
well-known Muhammad Yolanda Hadid and Bella and her siblings were on the show
because her father is one extremely rich and successful real estate developer
considering what he’s known for of course mr. Hadid had to go above and
beyond to design the family home if you thought you knew how wealthy Bella and
her family is think again wait until you see this home she grew up in I would
have to say it’s more of a palace than a house so Bella has been living in luxury
since the beginning just the master suite in her childhood home was
apparently double the size of the average american’s house but of course
at her age she also had to break out on her own and moved out some years ago
they say Bella’s net worth is around 25 million already and I’m not surprised so
it’s no doubt she has called some beautiful places home so far look around
me what a dream this is anyways I think that I’m absolutely living my dream hey
guys it’s Kara and today we’re doing another house to her here on famous
entertainment we’re gonna look at Bella’s living situation both the
mansion she grew up in and where she lives now in New York City if you like
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now let’s get into this video we’ll start with the palace that Bella grew up
in the Hadid family home like I mentioned this homeless designed by her
dad Mohamed Hadid and he definitely didn’t want to skimp out on his vision
for the fam Bela lived here throughout her childhood and although her parents
divorced some years back of course she would still stay here while visiting her
dad and we know Bella and her pops are close this mega mansion was located in
Beverly Hills of course which you may be familiar with from Real Housewives it’s
35,000 square feet has six bedrooms and sits on 2.2 acres of land the vibe in
this place was definitely royal which is obvious from the pictures there was a
massive dining room fit for a king with multiple chandeliers hanging overhead a
Frisian style sitting room and plenty of other places to relax you can see the
spacious kitchen which had two attached family room so you could have your pick
following the palace theme of course a Bella’s family home included a grand
ballroom for 200 people the bedrooms were upstairs and of course Belle and
her siblings each had their own space none of the rooms compared to dad’s
bedroom though the master suite was 5000 square feet and his walk-in closet had
room for a thousand pairs of shoes moving to the basement or lowest level
where the ballroom was there was also a walk-in wine cellar card room and a
movie theater fit 60 guests not to mention Bella’s dad had a favorite room
the Moroccan style room it was a hidden space and apparently everything was sent
straight from Morocco to be assembled there inside the Moroccan room they also
built an underground Turkish bath and a wall that slides away to a soundproof
bedroom outside the home there was an infinity pool that overlooks Beverly
Hills and had plenty of space to tan the property also had a swan filled pond and
gorgeous gardens all over but I wonder what happened to the swans and the rest
of the place because recently Bella’s family home was starting to get
demolished oh no although it was featured on the
secret lives of the super-rich mr. Hadid hasn’t been living as lavish recently the hideous neighbors basically sued
sometime ago because apparently the third floor and pool deck at this
massive property was unstable and illegally built and a judge agreed
guilty or not guilty what do you say guilty last year the Hadid estate was
sold for 56 million which was much lower than the original asking price of 85 mil you serious I’m not sure exactly what
the plans are for the property Bella spent her childhood at but I do know her
dad moved to a more modest home mr. head EADS new house is still in Beverly Hills
but it’s under five thousand square feet so technically the whole home is smaller
than his old master bedroom he seems happy though who needs that
much space anyways but enough of Oh fellas family home now we’ll look at
where she’s been living since she moved to NYC which was a while back I have an
incredible candle section in my room of course Bella lived in her own
apartment when she first moved to the Big Apple and it looked like it was
enough for just her also real estate in NYC is extremely expensive and even for
a small space you’re looking at spending a lot even in Brooklyn homes are usually
listed at over a million these days Bella had an apartment in the East
Village area of New York City when she was 20 years old and even a one-bedroom
apartment in her building would cost around 1 million or more at the time a
Bella called her plays her humble little apartment fast forward a little and last
year Bella moved in with her then-boyfriend the weekend she
definitely said goodbye to Humble apartment living if she hadn’t already
because the place they shared was insane my god I have stalkers no condo the
couple was renting for a while was in the Tribeca neighborhood
apparently rent for this condo was about 60 K a month
Bella’s apartment with the weekend was 5000 square feet and had four beds of
four baths in a powder room which and over three levels there was also a
thousand square feet of outdoor space which was in the form of a big private
Terrace there was even an elevator inside the apartment that brought you up
to the foyer the ceilings were double height and all
of the rooms were spacious the master bedroom had more than one walk-in closet
and obviously an ensuite bathroom Bella’s penthouse was located in what
they called a paparazzi proof building so I guess that was a bonus for the
couple Bella wasn’t the only celebrity R either some famous neighbors in the
building were Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Harry Styles a Jennifer
Lawrence Jake Gyllenhaal and Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
I’m sure the couple enjoyed their time in this fancy New York condo but I guess
what the breakup Bella has been looking for a new place to call home
done the best I can also would you guys want to see a house tour of the weekends
homes let me know in the comments Bella has been spotted house hunting pretty
recently and by the looks of it she has no intention of leaving New York I’m
really happy in my life right now Bella looked at a half floor condo unit in a
new building that’s located in the Nolita area of the city and it’s listed
for just under six mil it’s a modern concrete and glass tile condo designed
by Japanese architect today oh and oh and there are only seven apartments in
the whole building five of which are already taken so one Bella seems to be
interested in is just over 2,000 square feet and has two beds and 2.5 baths
sounds like it has the potential to be the perfect bachelorette pad for the
newly single Bella and if she decides to get back together with the weekend again
she’ll still be close enough to the area they used to live in NYC so now we’ve
seen Bella’s childhood dream home she grew up in which her dad Mohamed Hadid
made into a palace as well as the condo she’s lived in since moving to New York
City although Bella and her man the weekend
apparently called it quits once again who knows if they’ll get back together
they did share a pretty epic penthouse together though
so if Ella does get a new place in the city I wonder if it’ll be half as nice
please dig it all we know is that Bella has been looking for a new spot to live
but aside from what I mentioned we don’t know much
about the potential places I’m sure with her net worth of over 20 mil Bella will
be able to afford another gorgeous place in the overly expensive city of New York
which one is Bella’s homes who do you like best I would usually choose the
Beverly Hills mansion but I think this the Hadid house was a little too
over-the-top even for me okay guys now I’ll be reading out some comments from
past videos on her ariana grande before-and-after video from a while back
seoyoung commented saying I don’t know if she got plastic surgery but she
ruined herself anyways she was much more beautiful before and she even looked
older than now nowadays she looks like a completely different person
I still think ariana is drop-dead gorgeous but I agree that she was pretty
before and looks like a completely different person I don’t think she
should get any more work done she definitely doesn’t need it on our
Britney Atwood before-and-after vid China lo PETA said I love Roman Atwood
and family and she said she doesn’t like the ACE fam no more I also have to admit
that I like the Atwoods better they just seem more relatable and they’re super
cute I also got some comments requesting a Tyler Perry house tour and a lady Gaga
one so let me know if those are some houses you’d like to see alright guys
that’s all I could find on Bella Hadid homes which one of fellas homes was your
fav and what did you think about that crazy Hadid Palace be sure to let me
know in the comments and let me know some other celebrity houses you’d like
to see if Bella’s sister gigi hadid house would be a good one let me know to
follow me on instagram if you want to chat more and I’ll see you next time
with some more videos bye

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  2. 1:34 ok. pause. PIZZAAAA!!!🍕😝🍕😍🍕
    i wonder did Yolanda feel like she was slumming in her house w/D. Foster? Lol 🏰

  3. You know Kara, even if I was filthy rich, I couldn’t live in the house that she was raised in, it was definitely NOT my style, it looked way to cramped, gloomy and dead looking and the styling (furniture, pictures, flooring even the drapes look crappy), I like open living, natural light shining through and BRIGHT colourful pictures … but that just my opinion. 🏘

  4. She didn’t grow up in the mansion shown, he built that mansion not that long ago. Her mom helped her dad with the interior decorating of it, she still worked for him then, some of her working there was showed on RHOBH. It was built way after her parents got divorced, Yolanda was married to David Foster and I think Mohammed at the time had Shiva as his girlfriend (good for her that she dumped him and has a hot, young boyfriend now! Hope she gets a baby soon, she really deserve it! Not fair how Mohammed kept her waiting like he did!)…

  5. She definitely got a nose job, an eye lift, and maybe lip injections. Hard to tell with that much lip liner and lip gloss!

  6. The first house wasnt bella and gigi's childhood house
    You showed pictures of the house called palazzo di amore

  7. I feel like rich people waste their money 60k a month rent what the actual fkkk ? That’s dumb af even if u have the money.

  8. Sorry but 60,000 a month just for renting is absolutely excessive. It's such a waste of money no matter how rich someone is.

  9. This has nothing to do with this, but billionaires don’t need that much money like share the wealth. With us normal folk.


  11. bella and her siblings weren’t on the real housewives of beverly hills because of their dad, they were on it because their mom yolanda was a housewife…

  12. That’s all incorrect: that’s the wrong house that she is talking about. The house that was ordered to be part demolished is a project he was working on

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