2 Unique DIYS using Dollar Tree Pic Frame – Glam Decor – Wall Sconce – Flower Vase / Candle Holder

2 Unique DIYS using Dollar Tree Pic Frame – Glam Decor – Wall Sconce – Flower Vase / Candle Holder

I’m using the 5×7 picture frames from Dollar Tree and these are the ones that you see me use a lot with the easel In the back of them. These are actually a lot thicker than the 4×6 picture frames. I normally use After I remove the packaging the glass and I had them down to the bare frame I pulled the side tabs out with pliers Next I kind of twisted the frame very gently just to kind of loosen it as much as I could without breaking it I hold the frame with my dominant hand which is my right hand in each corner And then I’ll push down and you can see me. I’m trying to kind of Communicate that to you here during the recording but I push down with my index finger and push up with my thumb and you’ll see the frame kind of slide out just a little and Once you get it going you’re good just do the other side and just work it out If you’re pushing and you don’t see it kind of budge Then the clips were most likely inserted from the opposite direction So just flip your frame around where you’re pushing it up, for example And then start pushing that down and it should just pop or slide it right off The only reason I have a tiny flaw on the tip So maybe two my frames is because when I went to pull the bracket out with pliers I didn’t keep my index finger on the tip while I was pulling it out and you want to be sure to do that to clip straight out and hold the very tip of it with Your index finger and just kind of a apply little bit of pressure while you’re pulling it with your other hand So now that they’re all prepped. The first project is all made with the thick 5 inch frames I’ll lay two frames so the edges are facing each other with the smallest part of the frame The ends or making kind of this M shape I use a thin strip of hot glue. Which grabs really well to these frames and I repeat this three more times so that I have four sets total for this project Therefore I used eight frames So to create this round shape I could have just glued the frames and just kind of went around in a circle But I thought that this dynamic look would be really awesome. Once you have your four sets ready and glued, now start gluing those together side by side on the straight edge It all fits perfectly together like a puzzle So I was wondering how this was going to look with the gems in the center and I’ll talk more about the gems here in Just a moment. I used all Dollar Tree gems the acrylic ones, except for one row I glued the gem side by side using very little hot glue. This is to keep the gems as shiny and clean and neat as possible When the glue dried I glued the rows inside of the grooves in each of the two frames going around I had to add a little bit of hot glue to the tops and the bottoms of the gem gluing those to the backs of the frame About the acrylic gems. This is my first time to purchase gems from Amazon I’m getting low on my Dollar Tree gems, and I can’t find any right now So the seller sells these by the pound and I bought 1 &1/2 pounds for $10 and it came with this little carrying bag. That’s really cute. These are so much nicer. The quality is great These are not cloudy or hazy or anything These are just they’re the exact same is if you were to buy these from like Michael’s or Joanne’s now Dollar Tree gems They come in a 2.96 oz bag so after I broke everything down it comes to be $1.90 difference and that’s not Including the value of the carrying bag. So as overall I’m far away This is the best quality the best deal and the best value my Dollar Tree gem hunting are all over so long as they seller keeps these in stock I’m totally loving these so I’m going to link them in the description box if you want to check them out or buy them yourself I work my way around and I also add some mosaic mirrors to the seams where the two frames are touching and The mirrors came from Amazon and I’ll link those in the description box as well as the gems Only thing I didn’t like was the backs of the picture frames showing so I went over the backs With some Mod Podge and silver glitter just add another pop of glam. As it turns out You can’t even see the backs on the next project For the next DIY I use the large 7-inch frames and these are already prepped So I start gluing them the same way with two frames Facing each other just like before creating the M shape on each end Then I simply glue those two pieces together creating a double M pattern glued I glue gems in these grooves as well the same way as before and this is what it looks like Here is where things get a little bit different So I glued two frame pieces lined up the same way and facing the same way side by side so that my frame is doubled in thickness I repeat that another time giving me two of these just alike So these are going to be our side pieces and this is what makes our shape I add hot glue to the double stack frames on just the glitter side and I glue that to the straight Ends on either one of the ends. On what would be the front part of the frame if this were still actually being used as a picture frame that part should be towards the backside that part will be what touches the wall So this is what creates the depth and the curve Then I glue the other side or the other two the same way to the other side given us the u-shaped design Also add some mosaic mirrors to each of the seams on this piece as well These mirrors are so easy to work with they’re just a peal & stick with a great adhesive backing Here’s what it looks like so far I have a stack of 4 Jenga blocks that I had glued together From last week’s project to equally separate the frames on the wall decor project I made So I’m gonna take those wooden blocks and then I’m going to glue another wooden block at the top to create a ledge and I’m gonna glue that inside of the backing of this sconce The hanging gems these also came from Amazon These are just so beautiful and they reflect so much light. I’ll be using a dowel stick and I just had this One in my craft box I over cut the dowel with sod cutter pliers to get about the same Size as the inside of the sconce then I had held my dowel up to the back of the frame and I cut to fit This dowel to go inside Where the grooves are. I glued those into place making sure my dowel stick is straight across Next I take some hanging wire from the hardware section of Dollar Tree and I snip about 5 or 6 inches off and Then I strand each of the chandelier gems And run the wire through the jump ring and kind of do like a little twist like you would a bread tie so the gems are dangling on the ends and this will give you like a long stem that will reach up to your dowels. The take the other end of the wire & Wrap it around the dowel, but you want to make sure you line it Even with the bottom of your scones and you just keep going until you have a nice full set of gems hanging below your sconce Now spread the wire evenly across the dowel and kind of separate the gems then I add hot glue across the top of it to ensure that they don’t slide and glide it around out of the place as I move it and hang it on the wall and by the way you can add another picture frame piece on each end and make this come out a little further from the wall if you wanted to and create more depth That way you can have room for a small light if you wanted. There’s a lot of different things that you can do including Doing this one having like a front end back and the sides so you can make this like a vase or a flower box Both DIYs are so super easy & so super simple and they are very Inexpensive, and if you are inspired, or maybe you got an idea from one of these DIYs, please please take the time to slap a like on it I really appreciate you watching and I’ll see you again really soon with more new creative DIYs

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  1. Hey Creative Fam, I know the audio glitches or cuts off a lot of my sentences. I apologize for that. I processed it 5 or 6 times and it's still acting up. I'm gonna try to figure out why it's doing that.
    I get tons of questions every week about the Dollar Tree gems so I shared a little snippet in this video about the Dollar Tree gems and Amazon gems. I recently purchased my first order of the acrylic gems from Amazon & I'm hooked. You get a pound and 1/2 of gems for $10 so needless to say when I do run completely out of my DT gems I'll be using the ones from Amazon. It comes out to be $1.90 difference. The quality is so much better plus you get a little carrying bag with the ones from Amazon. You can check em out here https://amzn.to/2S6TlVg
    I left a poll question in this video @9:20 asking which type of diy you enjoy most. You know I appreciate you being here and watching. Thank you Creative Fam! I'll see you again this Saturday with another diy. Blessings to you!

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    Sissy I love both of these looks. If I make two of one, I must say I will have to make two of the other for the same room. I also wanted to tell you that I like how you prep line your gems in your projects lately. It makes it easier and gives a cleaner look. You have really been focused lately. I myself appreciate it dear. I hope you have a great day today. Until next time sissy๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’•……………….

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