【SUB】 E05 iPartment5 爱情公寓5 | iQIYI

【SUB】 E05 iPartment5 爱情公寓5 | iQIYI

[English subtitles are available.] Love is a great gift for life. And wine connects our hearts. And wine connects our hearts. I ordered this red wine for us. Meijia, you beverage is the special red nutritious soup for pregnant women. Please enjoy it. He must be up to no good. That was too much. Curry Chan, what do you think about “the delicate piggy girls in mud”? The roasted suckling pig in sauce? Dali, what does “the real frozen capital” remind you of? Yesterday the central bank raised the deposit reserve ratio by 0.5%, equivalent to freezing 180 billion yuan of bank liquidity so as to control the excess liquidity. No, thank you. I’ve reached my optimal intake of alcohol. What intake? One shouldn’t take in more than four units of alcohol. A unit is 12 ml. A 750 ml bottle of wine with 15% of alcohol content is 9.375 units, so I shouldn’t take in more than 320 ml of wine. OK, I’ve got it and I’ll deal with it later. Yifei, if you drink like this, you will drink too much. I’ve drunk too much and I want to have a cow. The Director of iPartment Tenant Committee stepped on a banana peel in the morning run and is now in hospital, so I’m the new director. That’s good. You can look after me more from now on. I don’t have time for that. I’ve been taking care of those quarrelling lovers this whole afternoon. Is the director obliged to do that? There’re so many quarrelling couples in the iPartment lately. When they quarrel, they want to cancel the lease. So reckless! The young people fall in love and break up so quickly these days. It was like riding a bike and now it’s like driving a car. One mistake, and that’s it. I watched some news the other day that a rich guy dumped by his girlfriend was injured by the latter. And do you know what she used? Cash! Yifei, please be careful when you resolve their conflicts. It’s dangerous and troublesome to mediate emotional issues and it should be left to someone idle and resilient with a good temper. Why are you looking at me? I’m busy. You told me that you were idle these days and asked me to give out more leaflets in the iPartment. And you sent me links to pull up just for five yuan of take-away coupon. And you asked me to recommend some soap operas to kill time with. I’m a professional lawyer, and mediating emotional issues is not my specialty. The landlord said that there would be a reward for resolving a couple’s emotional issues and if you do a good job, I can make you the hired legal advisor for the Tenant Committee. What are we waiting for? Yifei, please rest assured. I’ll take care of it. Dali, when he does it, please be there and collect some case material for me, so I can use it in my paper. Great! Dali, we can study together again! Stop it! Don’t try to fool us! Yifei, What do you think about “to be with the doom button”? Yu Mo? To be with who? “To be with the doom button”. I say, why are you asking some strange questions? We… We’re crazy about puzzles lately which are good for the baby. We’re really crazy about puzzles lately, but I’m forced and it’s all because of Meijia. It started from that night when she sent me the suit not long ago. (Several days ago) So it’s all because of Curry Chan. So it’s all because of Curry Chan. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? It’s no big deal. And if I had told you earlier, wouldn’t you have misunderstood it? Misunderstood it? Would I? Curry Chan is younger, cuter and even stupider. Of course I would have misunderstood it. Curry Chan was being kind. I helped her and she sent me a suit. We’re even. The gift should be trifling and the feeling should be profound. How could she send a married man a suit? So… I’ll return it? No! Curry Chan will think I’m petty. Then I’ll keep it! No! How could she send a married man a suit? Meijia, are you a repeater? How about this? Ask Hei to bring the compressor here and let’s destroy this suit together? I don’t care. I’m upset now. There, there. Curry Chan’s suit is no match for yours. Men’s words. Can a suit worth 600 yuan be a match for one worth 2,000 yuan? Look! It’s too baggy. It seems in Curry Chan’s mind, you’re just a fat man. She thinks I’m tall and strong. You said you bought this suit with your money, so you have some private savings? The belly of my doll was broken and I found some cash in it when I was trying to sew it up. Is your doll a money box? We’re married now. Can’t you be honest with me? OK. I’ll tell you a secret. In fact, I’ve hidden money in many places at home. Why? I was forgetful and I always lost my purse. I was in need of money after I lost my purse, so after thinking about it, I decided not to put all my eggs in one basket. So you put your eggs in the belly of the doll? Not only the belly of my doll, and the pockets, the corners of drawer and many secret corners where I could hide some cash. So I won’t starve even when I lose my purse. I can understand that you hid cash in pockets and corners of drawer, but was it necessary to hide cash in the belly of a doll? It’s all your fault. You used to steal from me all the time back then. If I hadn’t hidden it well, it would have been all taken by you. Alright. It has passed. Do you remember where you hid the cash? Maybe we can make a fortune after finding it all. Of course I don’t remember. I have a poor memory and it’s poorer after I got pregnant. Since you know you have a poor memory, have you made any marks? I’ve written down all the places where I’ve hidden money. “The delicate piggy girls in mud”. Pikachu’s three ears. To be with the doom button. What do they mean? The code word for the places. I’m not a fool. If I had written down the places directly, anyone who got this book would have taken all my money away. Do you know what they stand for? I made them up on the spur of the moment and I don’t remember what they stand for. Yifei and Dali are clever. Maybe we could ask for their help. No. There’re no names on the cash and there might be some misunderstandings. This is a secret mission and the code name is My Treasure. iPartment 5 Episode 5 My Treasure. Check, please. I’m a new comer. Thank you for coming. And it’s on me. You’re new here. And we should welcome you, so it’s on me. What’s going on here? Zhang Wei has never tried to pay the bill before. I was keeping a low profile. Now I’m a successful man. I have my career and a beautiful girlfriend. Besides, I’m the sub-landlord. So it’s my treat today… What? The wine is so expensive! How could I treat you with some normal wine? Zhao Haitang, I’ve got bitten by a venomous snake and I can’t walk for long. So what? Let’s talk in private. It’s confirmed. He is still as usual. Long story short. I don’t have that much money on me right now. Would you pay me three months’ rent in advance? But I’ve just paid three months’ rent. I won’t take advantage of you. I’ll give you one percent discount. OK. In order not to embarrass Dali. After all, having chosen such a loser boyfriend over such a great man like me must have been hard for her. Zhang Wei, we thought you had left. How would I do that? Check, please. Sir, would you like some free dessert? Get me ten helpings. (Five minutes later) By the way, I’ll be dealing with the chores left by the former director, so I need you to help me with the decoration. I’m not asking you to do the heavy work. Can’t you be more positive? Ms. Hu, we’ve been quite positive. You held the Corridor Design Competition some days ago and we all took part in it. After seeing your works, I was stunned! To install a conveyer belt, to make it a golf course, a go-kart track and a glider track. Yifei, we’ve tried our best. I don’t think any professional designers can have any better ideas. It was my fault that I didn’t give you a topic. This time, I will make it easier by giving you a topic. I’ve decided to make it a cultural corridor. You can paint on the wall on any subject. The content should reflect our great country, our precious friendship and mainly my great image. Cultural corridor? I’m of no culture. I can’t even paint matchstick men well. The one who takes an active part in it would win the privilege to hold party in my house. Party! Don’t be silly. How to hold a party in their house? People can’t even get together in it. Are they supposed to stand in a line? It suddenly occurs to me that I’ve hidden some cash in Yifei’s new apartment. Are you a squirrel? Yifei just bought that apartment not long ago and you’ve already hidden some cash over there? I’ve told you that I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket. So of course I would want to try it when there’s some new basket. We’re busy and we don’t have time for that. Right? But I think we should take this chance to cultivate our taste and to show our talents. Yifei has been so kind to us and we’re willing to do it for her. What are you talking about? Ziqiao, you’re such a great friend. The middle position is yours. Since Attorney Zhang goes against it, I’m in! Me too. Please paint with your wisdom and love. This week I’ll focus on the iPartment issues and I won’t disturb you. I’m looking forward to your works! Meijia, I’ve got you some color pens especially for pregnant women. Thank you. You’re welcome. You sleep in different beds? Yeah. Ziqiao hates the heat and I the cold. So we decide to sleep in different beds. This doll is so ugly. I think so too. But Ziqiao thinks it’s pretty. Look at the bright side. He sent you this, which means he’s straightforward. After moving in with him, I found it’s so different and awkward to live with a straightforward man. You’ll get used to it. These colors are so pretty. If only I can paint it on my face. You can use some makeup. I have none right now. (Last night) Meijia, would you lend me a cucumber? Help yourself. I want to make a cucumber mask. The last one has been for half a month and it has become dry like chips. You can just use some facial mask. It costs several yuan each and I’m too poor. I didn’t bring my makeup with me when I was driven out. Now I have no income and no makeup. I have to save every penny I have. It’s exhausting. Wait for a while. So many makeups! The small green bottle, the sexiest-color lipstick and caviar extract. And this bottle, 24k pure gold condensed essence, I bought it half a month ago. And now I can’t use it for being pregnant. Promise me to take good care of them. You want me to have them? Not only them, not one of them were easily obtained. I will make good use of them on my face. You gave them all to Curry Chan? Why didn’t you save some for me? I feel sorry for her. Yifei, after getting pregnant, I can’t eat nor sleep well. Someone even wants to share my bed. Now I can’t even use makeups. I’m so anxious! Not only you, Ziqiao is anxious too. I’ve noticed him doing something strange lately. I’ve noticed him doing something strange lately. (Yesterday) Pikachu’s three ears. Three ears. Lü Ziqiao, you’re willingly doing some cleaning. This is strange. It’s to improve our living environment. What’s “Pikachu’s three ears”? Pikachu? Will four ears do? It’s not here. What’s not here? Rubbish is not here. The anxiety to support a family makes a man a neat freak. That was not anxiety at all. He was trying to relieve his anxiety. You should find a right way to relieve your anxiety, like to go painting upstairs. Yifei, do you think I can be a good mother and raise my child? I’ve never given birth to a child, but I raised Zhanbo. There might have been some mistakes, but he is still alive. But I don’t know if I like children. Don’t make any judgment when you’re anxious. Just solve the emotional problems first. When I was anxious, the shrimp advised me to keep a pet. Did it work? Of course. I bought a large fish tank and then smashed it, which made me feel so good. What does it have to do with keeping a pet? Besides, I can’t hug a fish. I want to keep a dog, a fluffy and cute dog. You’re pregnant. Ziqiao won’t allow you. I knew it! Being pregnant is so lame. Would you like to go and ask Hei downstairs? Maybe he has some odd while great idea. Him? He ruined Ziqiao’s suit some days ago. I’d better go upstairs and paint. So anxious. (Zhang Wei’s Great Law Firm) (Brilliance) Zhang Wei. How is everything going? I’ve watched ten emotional mediation programs in fast-forward mode and summarized three moves: to smile, to nod and to sympathize. Well done. I’ll go and get you some tea. Dali. Have you started it? Have I missed anything? Go away. I’m on business here. I’ve come here to study with Dali. Cut it out! You’re not even in the same grade. You’re just using it as an excuse. That’s right. So I’ve set a new learning goal. You! Me? What do you want to learn from me? I just want to learn all your weak and strong points. And I’ll learn your strong points and avoid your weak points, so when you break up with Dali, I’ll be her next boyfriend instantly. In your dreams! You’re just a spare wheel. Get out! I want you to pay the three months’ rent that I paid you in advance back. Go out and come back with a chair for yourself. OK. So let’s talk about it. There’s nothing to talk about. Ask her how many male roles she has played. This is so sensational! That was too offensive. Do you want me to name them? Lu Ban, Liu Shan, Ju Youjing and Miyamoto Musashi. Can you deny any of them? There’s even a foreigner? He is talking about the roles in a game. She plays the roles that I want every time so I can’t upgrade my ranks. Bro, I play that game too. Let’s be friends. Don’t interrupt. Please have some tea. I don’t want it. You’re a girl. Say something. Is the game more important or am I? Generally speaking, the development cost of a 3A game is more than 100 million dollars, with several years’ hard work of the development team of more than a thousand people, consisting of innumerous engineers and story designers. While an ordinary female in her twenties might have her dream, vitality and youth, but compared with a large game, the outcome might not be in your favor. What are you doing? Please go on with your business and don’t be interrupted by me. Where is mud? Mud? There’re several pots of plant in the living room. “The delicate piggy girls in mud”. The succulent plants! How could I miss that? He is…? Our gardener. Please go on. She always takes my roles. He doesn’t cherish me. Of course I cherish you. Is the game more important or am I? I just like playing games. Do you love me or not? Stop it! One of you wants to play games and the other wants to be loved. Play the game with me and I’ll show you how to play together. In the next following hour, Dali leads them to defeat the enemies for six times. My girlfriend is beautiful and smart with high education level, and she’s also good at playing games. Well, shouldn’t I be the one to mediate? We won! So awesome! We’re invincible! This is so wonderful! I admire you! Is there any other problems? No. We’re going back home to play games. Thank you so much! Thank you, Attorney Zhuge. Bye! I’m the attorney. Mr. Li, I’ve investigated it. The car owner next to your parking space did nothing wrong. He’s not good at parking, so he bought two parking spaces. Yes, he is rich. But he doesn’t mean to humiliate you. Let’s talk later. Coming. Where does this little one come from? Meijia, Hei said this is your pet dog. This is so adorable. Didn’t you say you wouldn’t go to Hei? What happened? I went upstairs to relieve my anxiety yesterday and then… Painting really helps reduce pressure. I’ll paint on the left, on the right, on the top and on the bottom. How anxious I am! Then I went to Hei. So you painted a ball on my wall? I’ll improve it. This is awesome! Hei is really awesome! I asked him to give me a dog like machine cat, but I didn’t expect it to be so good. Hei said that due to the lack of time, he just modified a second-hand toy dog and upgraded it with AI. He asked you to make do with it. Meijia, your thinking mode is really strange. Pikachu’s three ears is the 3-hole yellow power strip next door. I found it! What did you find? I found some rubbish and I plan to throw it away. Whose toy is it? This is the pet dog that Hei especially invented for the pregnant Meijia. You want to take care of a pet? You can’t even take care of yourself! Just give it back. Why should I listen to you? I’m its keeper and I’ve already named it. When? Just now. Its name is No.1. If I give it back now, it’s abandoning! It’s just an electronic toy. It’s different. Hei made it. It’s different from other home appliances. If it can do anything that a normal pet can, I’ll let it stay. How about it? No.1, sit down. Roll on the ground. Turn around. Wag your tail. Jump. Hei’s invention is always lame. Let’s give it back. It can pee. I won! He can do nothing but pee? Hei is insane. What’s that smell? It’s peeing engine oil. This is so odd. The yellow power strip next door has been cut into halves. You wear some makeup today. You look good. You look great. You look much prettier than usual. I put on makeup for an interview. You can even teach courses on how to put on makeup. Meijia, learn from her. Learn if you want. I’m doing to walk the dog. No.1, let’s go. You want to break up, because…? -I want to keep a dog. -I want to keep a cat. People break up just for this nowadays? The young people these days break up quickly for different reasons. They just break up if there’s some disagreement. The pets are getting more and more important and the consumption on pets are increasing greatly. The average annual cost of keeping a pet in this city reaches 7,580 yuan, and if it’s a destroyer like husky, you might triple that. So you have a disagreement on the cost to keep a pet? No. Just because I’m a dog person and she’s a cat person. Keeping a dog is great. They’re docile doorkeepers and they can walk with you. When you get back home, they’ll try to please you. You’re doing all those things already. Why do I still need a dog? I want a cat. Keeping a cat is like adding another burden. I’m busy with pleasing you already. You can have both a cat and a dog. No! I don’t mind what we keep. I’ve been putting up with her the whole time and I’ve been taking care of her, but now I can’t even keep a dog. What do you mean? Haven’t I taken care of you? I want a dog! I want a cat! I won’t let you have a cat! I want a dog! Stop it! If you really like her, you should take care of her without asking for anything back. Look at me. I’m intelligent and handsome, kind and chivalrous. I love Dali, but I just try my best to be kind to her without asking any reward. Even if she has chosen this mediocre man, I won’t give up. Man up and don’t think about gain or loss. What happened among you three? It all started from several weeks ago. In the next following hour, Zhao Haitang exaggerates what happened recently. If he hadn’t talked that couple over, I would have killed him! Baby, I was wrong. No, I was wrong. You’re right. True love doesn’t require any reward. We’ve decided to keep three cats. Thank you. I hope you’ll find your happiness sooner, Attorney Zhao. Stay strong. No.1, come on. Don’t let Lü Ziqiao look down on you. Let’s go. Why did you stop? Are you being naughty? How could you do that? No.1, you saved me just now, right? You’re truly my No.1. I heard that you solved two conflicts successfully. I knew I was right about you. Thanks to Attorney Zhuge and Attorney Zhao. I was just an onlooker. Yifei, do you think I’m cut out for an attorney. In my mind, you’ve always been a good attorney with a great sense of justice. Don’t be so anxious. By the way, I want to recommend a good method. To go painting upstairs. Have you made up your mind on it? Don’t tell me now. Surprise me! Actually I haven’t made up my mind on it. You’re tight-lipped and I admire it. Go for it! The real frozen capital, what exactly is it? Do you have frozen capital? I’m pregnant. How am I supposed to remember that? What are you doing? I’m lowering my IQ to see if I can understand it. Your forehead is bruised. I’ll go and get some ice for you. Wait. The ice. Frozen. Did you hide it in the fridge? Here. It’s not here. Wait. It’s red. The cash. Let’s go. Meijia, can’t you find some better tools? Yifei has all the powerful tools. I can only found this. What are you doing in the middle of night? We’re too hungry to sleep, so… Roasted mutton. Roasted sheep kidney is delicious and it can cure you of your injuries. You’re so anxious, so anxious. Relax. Don’t worry. Yes, Zhang. Attorney Zhuge and I will help you. Tell us about your problem. Attorney Zhang, I don’t believe anything that Jian said. Trust issue? There’s finally a reasonable problem. You caught him lying to you? No. But he’s really good at playing the werewolves with a 83% win rate. He lies without blushing in the games. I can’t tell if he’s telling the truth. The werewolves? A good game? It’s a game for the young people like me and Dali. It’s normal that an old man like you doesn’t know it. I want to say something. Xing, I’ve never lied to you and I love you. You can test me. Test him. Please say something, player. I’m a honest man in real life. Have a look at this. I’ve never retouched my photos on my moments, no mosaic or changing the colors. The content is visible to everyone. All my contacts are real names. My credit history is perfect and my sesame credit is high. All those can prove my integrity. Why do you speak with the same expression and in the same tone? People good at playing the werewolves are just like this. Attorney Zhang, you’re professional. Don’t be disturbed by my expression and tone. Just tell Xing that I’m a good man. It’s hard not to be disturbed by his expression and tone. I accept any test. I accept the lie detector. No. Let a seer to test me. A seer? What’s his phone number? You’ve walked No.1? I’m so exhausted. On the half way, it became burning hot and broken down. What? Calm down. I’ve used to ultimate method to deal with it. To reset it and then it’s done. Have you found the doom button? Don’t mention it. I’ve tried every button here, including the button for the flush toilet and the kitchen sink. If we go on like this, we can’t find it forever. Why are you here? Yifei said that you had been painting here a whole day and I don’t want to be left behind. What to do? To do it in secret. What were you doing? We were… My back itches and I’m scratching it against the wall. What is this white cloth for? That’s Zhao Haitang’s painting. He doesn’t want anyone to see it before it’s finished. Or it might affect its spirit and energy. So mysterious. Ziqiao, is this your painting? You painted a corpse? Of course not. It’s not finished yet. It’s even worse than my messy ball. I’m busy with looking for the cash and I don’t have time for it. I’m poor at painting. I’m still not confident about it even though I’ve practiced several times at home. What did you paint? Landscape painting. Look! This is a mountain and this is some water. It’s fine. I can make it look more high-end and classic Look. Isn’t it better with a frame? That’s the power of packaging. Really. Thanks, Ziqiao. Does the suit fit? Yes, it does. Thank you. Good. It’s done now. Then I’m leaving now. Then I’m leaving now. Alright. Let’s go now. Go and pull down the electric brake. Why me? How do I know where it is? It’s of course in the switch box. The switch box. How did I miss that? Found it! Why does the doom button stand for the switch box? It’s a doom if the electricity is cut off these days. So the doom button refers to the switch box. Isn’t it your code word? Why did you ask me? Count it. We’re rich now! I’ll explain it again. In the game of the werewolves, players are divided into werewolves and villagers. When it begins, every player gets an identity card. The werewolves work together to kill all the villagers while the villagers work together to find out the hidden werewolves. According to different identities, their ways of speaking are different. Got it? OK. Now get an identity card. Please describe your identity. I, I’m a villager. No. I’m a villager. A… I’m a… OK, I’m a werewolf. Zhang Wei, you’re not good at playing this game. Would you like to give this case up? No! I know how it feels like to be misunderstood. I want to help him. But we can’t see how he feels when he talks. Unless we learn the micro-expression analysis, we can’t tell if he’s telling the truth. Yeah. The micro-expression analysis. What are you doing? To see where I can learn the micro-expression analysis. After I learn it, I can help you analyze it. And I can get a certificate in the meantime. That would be too late for them. Can you tell it simply and quickly? The simplest method in the game is to see his identity card. But there’s no such thing in the real life. The identity card… No.1, what’s 580 and 370? Come on. It’s just a moron. I’ve counted it. It’s 2,400 yuan in total. The brain work is so hard. I’m better at manual work. But there’re still many places that we haven’t looked for yet. Meijia, come on. I’ve tried my best. Don’t be so anxious. Have a smell of the pineapple doll to calm yourself down. And give No.1 some engine oil. Again? It’ll pee and it stinks. Do you think it has the sense of smell? No.1, go for it and I’ll buy you some best engine oil. It’s moving. Where is it going? Let’s go and follow it. No.1, is it here? They’re not here. No.1, I’ll leave it to you. Go for it! I haven’t searched it here and it might be here. It’s here. It’s really here! I knew they wouldn’t read English books, so I chose a book with English cover. Baby, you’re so awesome! Love you! I found it too! That’s a lot! Why did I put two boxes in one place? You said it that you wouldn’t put all the eggs in one basket. Take it away. Let’s take it and go. Xing, if he shows you his identity card, will you trust him? But there’s no identity card in real life. Yes, there is. His diary. Diary is only for ourselves which shows our true selves. You keep a diary? You never told me about it. I told you once, but you don’t believe it. Zhao Haitang, what are you doing? I just want to see if he can keep the same expression all the time. You’re more terrifying without the mask. Don’t interrupt us. Jian, would you read your diary to Xing? February 3, 2017. Today I played a game called the werewolves with my classmates. It’s so interesting and it reveals the human nature that I got addicted to it instantly. Not that part. Read something related with your girlfriend. May 2, 2017. Today, I met the predestined girl for me. In a floral dress, she walked to me and said hi. Her smile was so warm. My heart was pounding heavily. Why did you stop? When I was playing the werewolves, I was thinking about her all the time and then I failed. So I summarized the first key of the werewolves: one should be unpredictable when he speaks and to get better at being poker-faced by watching those lame actors’ performance. Wait. Slower. December 3, 2017. I’ve been with Xing for half a year and she learned and cooked all my favorite dishes, but they were awful. In order not to hurt Xing’s feelings, I ate them all. Sorry, my toilet, I’m going to see you a lot recently. Why didn’t you tell me? I’m pretty satisfied since my girlfriend is willing to cook for me and I do have some gains. When I ate, in order to reduce the pain, I was thinking hard about the key to the werewolves, and then I got the ultimate winning keys. Oh, no! My stomach hurts so much. I’ll write about it another day. I’ve taken my notebook out and that’s it? April 6, 2018. Xing said she wanted to play the werewolves too, but she was so lame that I had to eliminate her. May 2, 2018. So Xing wanted to play the werewolves because she wanted to know more about me. It’s our one year anniversary today and I’ve made up my mind that I will protect Xing in the game of the werewolves, no matter of the winning rate, no matter how hard it is, I will protect her forever. I will make Xing the happiest female player in the werewolves. And I want you to know that your lover is a great werewolf. One day, under the disguise of a seer, he will come to you and protect you no matter the cost, just for you. Honey, sorry. Zhang Wei, well done! Thank you for letting me believe in love again. Thank you, Attorney Zhang. You’re welcome. Send me a silk banner when you’re free. It’s what we should do, but I have a better gift for you. The ultimate keys of the werewolves. I don’t need that. I think a silk banner is better. OK. So be the silk banner. Take care. You’re such a fool! Jian, I want it! Jian! Meijia, have you given No.1 the engine oil? Let’s take it to look for more cash. It looks odd. It doesn’t move a lot. It’s fine. I’ll just reset it. No.1! What’s wrong? Don’t touch it! It overused its brain and broke down. You’re just unbelievable! Your machine dog is dead. Can you save it? No, I can’t. This is just the first version which is flawed, but the second version is about to be done. And I’ll send it to you in several days. The second version wouldn’t be No.1. I can’t even take good care of a machine dog. How can I take care of a baby? There, there. Don’t be sad. We can set up a childcare fund with the cash we found and name it No.1. When the baby is born, we can keep a dog that doesn’t need engine oil. Really? Then I want two dogs. OK. And, I’ve put the money into a bank. Take the card. Do you still remember the password? Of course. Eight numbers. No, six numbers. Yifei, have you finished the iPartment issues? I appointed a deputy director and asked him to deal with them. Now it’s much better. Yifei, would you like to rest several days before coming to see the paintings? I don’t need to rest. I want to see it this whole week and I’m so excited. You’ll be surprised! What does it mean? I’ve thought about it for a long time. After comparing the theory of evolution, the theory of relativity and the theory of the Big Bang, I think this picture of human evolutionary history is the most scientifically charming. Not bad. Good idea! The perfect combination between science and art. Splendid! Who is the next? Me! Ziqiao, you’re in the middle. This is my painting. I painted the portrait of you and Mr. Zeng. Is this when we’re alive or when we die? Isn’t that obvious? I’ll add something. Is it better? Let’s see the next one. It’s mine. I painted it together with Curry Chan. Its name is “How Many Strokes a Crayon Can Paint.” The next. It’s mine. You painted just a line? No, you misunderstood it. Please take a closer look. What I painted is Pinocchio. I painted this after deeply understanding the relationship between reality and lies by mediating several disputes between couples. The lying Pinocchio. Isn’t it interesting and unpredictable? You’re welcome. Ms. Hu, thank you for giving me this chance which helps me realize that I’m so talented at painting, which is also expected. Cut it out! Uncover it! Please enjoy my first painting. The New Home Painting. I’ve seen it in movies. This is the red paint splashed by those debt-collectors. I think you should add something like “Pay the money back!” This is the Chinese Splash Painting, which requires exquisite planning in the earlier stage and the wholehearted passion in the splashing stage. Not everyone can do that. What’s it about? It’s in the painting. A warbler and a swallow are here to bring you the best wishes for your new home. Where is the warbler and swallow? This is the warbler and this is the swallow. After seeing your paintings, I’m so deeply inspired. I might not be able to design the best house, but I can design a most special one. I’ll treat you all to celebrate the official beginning of the decoration. No one is reliable except me. What crappy paintings! I can’t let Zeng Xiaoxian see it, for I know what he would be like. What crappy paintings! Hu Yifei, I don’t think you can mock at my taste from now on. Bounce… Off… What are we waiting for? Let’s go now! Hurry! Sorry. I dropped something. Thank you. I didn’t expect the landlord to be so generous. Congratulations for officially joining Zhang Yida’s housing fund. No! Take it more. Love is colorful. It’s up to your attitude. For those humble, it’s all grey. Love is bitter. It upsets people. Just ask those arrogant people to leave. Take it take it more. Take it take it a little more. Take it more. Take it take it a little more. Take it more. Love is free. Ah, the rhythm of the heartbeat! Ah, let’s follow the happiness. No more excuses to prove what he is. At this moment, you’ll see he is right there. Tonight, let the stars light the whole world!

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  1. 别说什么长大了就觉得爱情公寓5不好看了。说真的 爱情公寓前四季到现在看我还是会笑,爱5真的笑不起来。

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