Я НЕ ОЖИДАЛ!!! Купил старый СТАНОК!!! А ТАМ….

Я НЕ ОЖИДАЛ!!! Купил старый СТАНОК!!! А ТАМ….

Hello! February 2019 For over a year now, I have been monitoring offers on the market for used lathes. Based on their needs and the area of the workshop like many garage workers, a small machine tool was a priority. “What could be better than a popular TV-4 ; or simply “schoolboy” “? This model is almost always on sale, if not in proximity so in another area for sure. Sellers are not lazy, they even offer to send by mail respectively, on an advance payment: full or partial, as agreed. Prices vary decently and often a machine tool in a semi-dismantled state is more expensive than one that is seemingly ideal. And so, back to the machine tool, which I crush on seeing it in the ad, one ordinary morning. TV-4, complete, with a bunch of incisors and a center in addition, reverse cams, etc. The price against the rest of the trash was not high which puzzled me even more. But, as the saying goes: “Trust, but verify!” And oh, a wonderful coincidence, on AVITO the same machine tool is on sale. The price is 95000 rubles the photos are the same, an ad is posted one day earlier than in the OLX. As it turned out, this is a very popular divorce scheme, especially on machine tools. How many people do not teach life but the nature of man will still believe in some miracle of cheap acquisition or quick money. Alas, there’s nothing to be done. No one is safe from deception, but it will definitely not hurt to show extra vigilance. Save your nerves and family budget. Well, my search went on. From time to time, I still looked through the ads. July 2019 Yes, six months have passed and another student is on sale. I look at the price suspiciously. But nothing prevents calling the seller and asking what condition he is in. Hello! Good morning! Good morning! I’m interested in declaring a TV-4 machine tool. Are you selling? There is one. Can you call back in 5 minutes? I’m not comfortable talking .. Good! Yes, I’ll call you. Hello! Hello. Please tell us about the machine tool! He stood .. Grandfather worked on it! that is, it is fully, that is, it is, in principle, complete. On the backlash on the screws, well, yes, because on all machines tool. if you do them – they are .. On the beat, honestly I can not say anything. It was ground. They did something on it. I can’t say anything about accuracy, I haven’t checked it. I understood. Where are you? From the conversation it’s clear that nothing is clear. Agreed for the evening, I’ll drive up to see. And it will be visible there. On the same day, I was going to a large enterprise to watch the TV-320P machine, which was completely unfamiliar to me. Examined the machine for completeness components that are subject to wear and mechanical damage The rack, screw and shaft are fine. Tank, with the coolant pump in place, the oil pump is also present. Engine native 2.2 kW. The cartridge lies on the frame there is no faceplate that they promised to find somewhere. I liked the machine, TV-4 was no longer an option. i give! They gathered workers from neighboring workshops for loading onto rokla and transportation to the exit. Men are such a people if a team of more than two people gathers, the entire thorny path turns into a continuous verbal skirmish. Such is nature, in each of us there is a commander, driver or constructor. I suggest trying all these skills in the original Cross Out action-packed designer in which you can create your own combat craft. Build a unique armored car from scratch: choose a frame, a cabin and wheels and then improve it with cannons, chainsaws, invisibility generators, powerful engines and much more! Do anything – here is a convenient constructor that does not limit your imagination in any way. Tanks with huge guns, battle robots with plasma guns, racing cars with explosive spears destroy enemies stylishly and brutally. Each craft can be decorated with stickers and decorators to stand out in battle. Fight with other players, destroy huge bosses take part in raids and collect resources to create new details! Crossout has an exhibition of the best crafts and unnecessary parts can be sold to other people in the game market. Download Crossout (crossAut) for free from the link in the description and get cool bonuses! The paperwork took several days and now I am accompanying the manipulator to my house. I went and was very pleased that I got 320 not a “schoolboy”, who, in my opinion, was ideal for a small workshop. But in the future, I think, over time, I would regret such a choice. So “What is not being done is being done for the better!” January 2020 For some time he stood on the street, some in the workshop. The day and time has come when I can finally deal with it tightly. Unpacking, and here it is in all its glory. Turning screw cutting machine TV-320P 1969 of release. Not killed in the trash, but it is clear that the old man worked hard for fame in his time. The lamp stand is rewound with electrical tape, but still in working condition, albeit dull. Coolant pipe in place. At the enterprise, the machine tool was connected to the network and they started it for me, it worked. I did not deal with machines before, so I could not verify it thoroughly. All the knobs were spinning, the levers were shifting. The presence of oil in the front headstock and feed box pleased this suggests that the machine tool after all watched. Also, some time after the purchase i took the promised faceplate with a mounting clamp. At the same time, I decided to replenish the workshop with a tool that is always lacking. Picked up combination keys, in a set of 25 pieces. Very impressive and weighty, in the photo in the store, it seemed much smaller. Petal circles of different gradations for №125 bulgarian tool. Also, a metal brush should be required. Cutting wheels, took a little sample, compare with those with which I usually work. Also a set of ring keys, I didn’t have them at all. Not often, but it is necessary. And the most used and useful one is this kit, where there is basically what I need to work, even with a car or, as today, I have to work with a machine tool. Ratchets, a small, large pile of heads, a screwdriver with interchangeable nozzles, in large numbers, extension cords, etc. The keys fit well on the wall of the workbench, the set is ready, you can get to work. First, I’ll free everything that lies in the pallet, these are the covers from the stands of the cabinets. This is something that is not clear from the production, you never know, come in handy. This thing, I don’t know yet why, if anyone is in the know, please write in the comments. In the right pedestal is full of all sorts of things, now I will take out .. These are gears from guitars of different sizes! Cartridge protection. A glass of salidol. A whole bottle of oil and some kind of hairpin. Again gear and something, until I know what. A piece of pipe and another gear. In addition to the gears, there were a lot of some pins. Everything will come in handy, I won’t throw it away. And then a certain surprise awaited me. In the farthest corner lay coins. Such moments are a little disturbing. They have not looked fresh for a long time, and are they of any value. It can be seen that all the coins of the Soviet era. Why they put them there will remain a mystery. Wipe I thoroughly with a rag to view. Denomination “one” 1989, “two” 1986, “five” 1990 and “twenty” 1961 years of release. It is unlikely that they carry any value in the current time. This and all that was in the cabinet can now be disassembled. First of all, I remove the tool holder, then proceed to the caliper. The whole disassembly process is intuitive, until no difficulties arise. I take off the carriage and see that the gears in the apron are in excellent condition. No tooth has mechanical damage. I dismantle the shaft and then the apron itself. After the chassis, screw and lower shaft. I quickly figured out the guitar and proceed to the front headstock of the machine tool. The gears are also in good condition without damage. After dismantling the heavy headstock of the machine, I proceed to remove the feed box. It remains to free the frame from the stands. The condition of the guides leaves much to be desired this is not a surprise – I saw all this when buying. It was decided to restore the geometry of the machine tool completely and give the frame with a carriage, a caliper and grinding adjustments. Phoned with specialists and explaining the situation I was offered the option of a complete overhaul. I doubted a little who would do this normally and the cost of just polishing and a complete overhaul differed by only a third. In addition, it required replacing the engine with an electrical panel overhaul, which I was not sure of, which I would pull. In general, plans changed, and common sense dictated that it was necessary to carry for major repairs. I asked my namesake Andrey to remove, if possible, the repair process in order to understand how this happens. And if possible, comment on what is happening. grinding bed guides .. turned the caliper, now they began to grind the working area ripped the whole machine tool Washed, degreased.. we paint! after grinding check paint caliper cleaned it with a scraper if any distortions – we finish make a breakdown here we have a caliper spotted a little bit beauty carriage grinding polished the carriage the carriage is polished from the apron base that’s why we are now perfectly parallel the difference was a millimeter between the rails between this one and this one Well, it was clearly under repair, just when they scrapped, I think, a little bit overwhelmed this guide, it always rots Well, now, by the support, we check our polished carriage also cleaned it and check the paint that’s what we got almost perfect fit, a little subtim and that’s it our support has shifted after grinding для того, чтобы возвратить его в заводскую ось винта we put here zedex grind the wedge on a sine plate we add the front headstock new bed guides she rocked slightly the second time worked out, better! Spindle modernization. Put the lock ring which will be the focus of the outer race of the bearing 3182109 grind the tailstock downturn grandma swinging .. well, really .. ruined the inheritance now nothing sways with us.. really a couple of millimeters “slandered” inheritance that’s what we show when the tailstock will be bored, the peaks are still rub we grind a spindle cone under the bearing we have an old clip we check the landing on it instead of a bronze plain bearing, there will now be a Roller Radial Double-row bearing 1GPZ 3182109 grind the wedges of the transverse caliper The time has come to the tailstock really it is below at least 2mm despite the fact that we planted the front headstock at 1mm A tremendous amount of work was done, as you can see, on the overhaul of the machine tool. Trying to do all this yourself, the task is technically not surmountable, and economically not justified. Exactly a week later, I took the already repaired and assembled machine tool. Emotions overwhelm, outwardly magnificent!!! At will, green predominates with yellow color of mounted elements. The guides are perfect, as if only from the factory. Absolutely no backlash on the transverse feed of the carriage, the spindle was replaced with a new one. All parts are tiled and fitted clearly. Replaced native tablets, which have become unusable with new ones. TV-320 differs from TV-320P in the number of high revolutions. In TV-320P there are no revolutions in 1340 and 2000. A 3.3kW frequency converter is also installed. For comparison – this is an old electrical panel and now it looks like this. The engine was supplied with a 3-phase 3kW power. 1.5 thousand revolutions per minute. I have not yet figured out how the machine tool works but in my opinion there is nothing complicated. A three-position handle on the right starts the engine in two directions. The apron has a handle for switching the longitudinal and transverse feeds. The inclusion of the fallopian nut and the falling worm. I can’t wait to grind something. In the cartridge is the first blank. I bought the cutters out of ignorance, it was already clear that something was wrong. There was one more in stock and then I realized that the height of the cutter on the first is 25 and on this 20 and everything is fine now. The last experience of working on a turning tool was … Yes, I don’t even remember when he was! Was he at all? In short, the skills are zero, we will study again. Time outside the window later, I catch myself thinking that it’s not time to go home at all, so I’ll spend a little more and go.. As a result, a little more, and then a little more and I stayed until 10 pm.. I’d only sharpen it without a specific task. Therefore, there is no applicability in this detail. Just a training segment. The first shavings on the bed after repair. I am pleased with what is happening and am very glad that I got to the experts in my field. In the description below the video, I’ll leave a link to Andrei’s channel, maybe someone will come in handy. Now it’s already clear that on my own I could only paint it otherwise the result would be sad. I hope that this machine is not the last purchase in the workshop and now the milling is next in line with the plan. I would be grateful if you help determine the choice of model for a small workshop. Well, that will be a completely different story. I say goodbye to you, see you soon videos. Bye everyone!

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  1. Видео хорошее, а вот название как всегда нелепое. проще было назвать покупка и восстановление. с учетом находка советских монет, сможет удивить где то лет через 100-150. А вот восстановление зачетное, за что огромный лайк

  2. Класный станок хорошо что не взял тв 4 у меня был точить только что то не серьезное я его сразу продал взял подобный от5 вобще рад! Индекс п на станке вроде означает прецензионный повышеной точности они отличаются подшипниками в передней бабке !

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  5. Я лет 30 назад работал на 1 К62.
    LIKE 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Да тебе повезло что ты выбрал именно Андрюху, таких мастеров своего дела не так много, да и его отношение к ремонту очень щепетильное, в общем и ты молодец что отдал на ремонт к Андрею и он как всегда красавчик. Я хоть и живу в Запорожье но ближе к весне обязательно повезу станочек к нему на капиталочку. А то что ты нашёл в тумбе задней бабки это хорошая вещь, называется упор для продольной подачи, выставляешь нужный размер и можно менять заготовки протачивать их на одну и ту же длинну, ну или когда растачиваешь внутреннее отверстие то сразу выставил упор по глубине растачиваемого отверстия и точишь себе в удовольствие)) 👌👍

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  9. Мальчики , любят игратся с машинками. Хоть в 8 хоть в 50 только машинки побольше. Поздравляю с покупкой. Надеюсь пригодится.

  10. Я не знаю сколько вы отдали за капиталку но думаю это стоило каждой копейки! Невероятно хорошо сделано и главное что качественно, люди знают что делают

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  22. станок ТВ320п очень хороший
    у меня такой станок стоит в гараже
    вы молодцы что купили такой станок.

  23. Такое впечатление как будто каждый день занимаетесь восстановлением ?))

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    ПыСы завидую!

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  26. Даешь проверку на биение и точность, а то товарищи, которые вещают уменьшительно-ласкательным способом как-то не внушают доверия -))

  27. Очень рад за тебя, мечта сбылась! Прям крышу срывает как хочеться станок! 😉

  28. Что тут сказать? Поздравляю! Да за такую сумму, включая капиталку, наверное и не найти больше.

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  30. Андрюха, поздравляю с приобретением. Правильно сделал что не пожалел денег и отдал в ремонт специалистам. Супер станочек. Удачи 👍👍👍

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  34. Поздравляю, посмотрел как из убитого станка сделали конфетку, аж настроение поднялось)
    Молодец что дал жизнь старому станку, ведь его бы ждала металоприемка скорее всего, а так ещё лет 30 прослужит)

  35. Здравствуйте. Отличный станок. Капремонт получился очень дешево, я думал не меньше 30 к будет. Какой камерой снимаете?

  36. по поводу авито, у меня знакомый продавал на olx сумку-портфель, в этот же день появилось объявление на аавито с его фотками и по низкой цене. Увидел он это случайно, по поиску приблизительного текста. Так вот, если бы он не увидел этого объявления, и просто обновил свое объявление через пару дней, то получилась бы точно такая ситуация, как у вас с понравившемся первым станком. Он просто пожаловался на поддельное объявление, которое быстро удалили.
    Вот такой странный опыт )

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  40. Не большой фрезер для мастерской 675п чуть больше 676п если ещё чуть больше и дороже то 6т80ш а если нужен совсем мелки то это школьный нгф 110 но они совсем не удобные и не функциональные бывают с вфг но стоят не адекватно дорого

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